Best Apprentice Plumber Resume Example

Published: Thursday 25th of January 2018; Words Count: 1050

An apprentice plumber, you may not yet have a long track record of professional experience, but your training program is on track, and you have a clear vision for the future of your career. As you search for employers who can take you on and provide the hands-on exposure you need, you’ll start with a strong resume. Use this apprentice plumber resume example as a guide while you draft and format your own document. Create separate sections outlining your education, practical experience, and skill sets. Then draft a concise summary that highlights the most important aspects of your profile.

Apprentice Plumber Advice

An apprentice plumber needs the right training, a desire to learn, and a professional resume. Create your resume using the resume examples below, and take the next step toward a new job. These resume examples have been created as a guide to help you build your own apprentice plumber resume. Get started today and move your career forward!


Resume Tips for Apprentice Plumber

Jobseekers must do more than apply to jobs. They must also stand out among the competition of other qualified candidates. That requires jobseekers to utilize different tools and techniques. Here are a handful of tips to get noticed for jobs as a apprentice plumber and in the Riverside County area:

1. Market yourself through a personal website. You are your best your salesman. A personal website that showcases your work and conveys your value – also known as your brand – to potential employers.

2. Beef up your social media presence. Companies are using social media as an informal background check on applicants. Make sure that your social media profiles, especially LinkedIn, are current, accurate and professional.

3. Build relationships offline. In other words, get out and network. It’s natural to want to stay behind a computer and apply for jobs. However, your networking contacts may be in a position to get your resume in front of the hiring manager at a company.

4. Engage in conversations. Being ready with few conversational icebreakers help to make your networking event less intimidating and more productive. For example, an elevator speech – a short statement about your value and the type of work you’re looking for -makes you prepared for the question, what do you do?

5. Keep your head up. It’s possible for the search for jobs as a apprentice plumber to last several weeks or months. However, growing your network, social media presence and skills during your job hunt is just as valuable as landing a job.

Apprentice Plumber Job Seeking Tips

The resume plays an important role in your job search. A resume conveys your skills, strengths and value. Judging an applicant’s resume, companies determine whether to interview the candidate or move on. Here are a handful of tips that help get your resume noticed for jobs as a apprentice plumber:

1. Quantify you accomplishments. Numerical figures give concrete detail to your success stories. For example, include the number of people you supervised or the sales dollar amount you generated for your company.

2. Summarize your value with a skills summary or profile statement. Placing those sections at the top of your resume ensure that they are the first things that are read by the recruiter.

3. Incorporate reader-friendly elements, such as a bulleted list, strategic use of white space around sections, appropriate font sizes for headings and resume body copy.

4. Include keywords from the job description. Many companies are using database screening programs to search for keywords before a live person views a resume.

5. Focus on skills that are transferrable to jobs as a apprentice plumber. Companies always need employees who are able to meet deadlines, communicate clearly and learn quickly.

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