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Published: Monday 11th of December 2017; Words Count: 800

Office Administrator Advice

A law office administrator provides administrative support by managing schedules, coordinating meetings, communicating with clients, and more. The office administrator resume examples below are a great place to start in creating your own resume. Click on any of the resume examples shown to get started. Choose your template and design, and start building your own job-winning resume now.


Resume Tips for Office Administrator

Searching for a job can be complicated in any location or career field. However, learning to make good choices can help simplify the process of finding jobs as a Office Administrator. Here are a few helpful tips.

1. Take assessments to help focus your search on your interests and strengths while avoiding or addressing your weaknesses. Having a firm understanding of your talents and how you could use them helps you identify the best targets in your job hunt.

2. Mentally prepare to endure a protracted job search. You may get lucky and find a job relatively quickly, but it’s psychologically valuable to remember that looking for jobs as a Office Administrator may not garner immediate results. Accepting that your efforts may take time to bear fruit could help keep you motivated to move forward, even if your search begins to drag on.

3. Make full use of your connections. Don’t be too shy to ask colleagues, family and friends to assist you. People in your network may have information or contacts that could open doors for you.

4. Follow up. Until you hear a firm no, commit to contacting companies to which you’ve applied every few days to a week. Don’t go overboard and start calling every day, though.

5. Schedule your employment search. It’s important to stay organized when looking for work, as managing multiple applications over time can become confusing. Making daily or weekly agendas helps keep you pushing forward.

Office Administrator Job Seeking Tips

The quality of your resume is an important determinant of success when looking for a job. Regardless of the field or position you’re interested in, there are some basic rules to making good resumes. As you look for jobs as a Office Administrator, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Stress transferable skills you bring from prior career experience. These are things you’ve learned that are applicable outside the jobs in which you learned them. For instance, if you’re applying to a courier service, and you have experience driving a taxi, that experience is a transferable skill relevant to being a courier.

2. Don’t put controversial information such as your religious affiliation on your resume. Also be careful not to include details that could inadvertently reveal such information.

3. Shape the content of your resume to produce a focused document. You want to quickly convey what you bring to the table that makes you perfect for the job. Hiring managers get a lot of applications, so it’s important that yours grabs their attention.

4. Use parallel structure to present information of the same type consistently. For example, if you say, Responsibilities included, in a job entry, don’t switch to Responsible for in another entry.

5. Proofread to catch grammar and spelling errors so you don’t create a negative impression. You don’t want decision makers thinking you’ll do sloppy, lazy work on the job.

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