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Published: Friday 24th of February 2017; Words Count: 1500

Interested in becoming a franchise owner of a store or restaurant chain? A great resume can be your link to the future. After listing your bar and restaurant experience, craft a summary statement that offers a snappy description of your talents and experience. In the highlights section, showcase your valuable skills, such as a background in marketing or finance, experience with employee training and development, and a proven sales record. If you have a current food handler certificate, be sure to mention it. Look at our franchise owner resume example for more inspiration.

Franchise Owner Advice

Interested in becoming a franchise owner of a store or restaurant chain? The resume examples below are designed to help you become a franchise owner. Use these resume examples as a guide in writing and formatting your own resume, then choose from our design options, and create your franchise owner resume with confidence. Click on any of the sample resumes below to get started!


Resume Tips for Franchise Owner

When you create an effective resume, it can help you to overcome any number of things that might have stopped you in the past. No matter whether it was a lack of education or not enough experience or whatever it might have been, you can develop a well-written resume that gets the employers attention and looks past those things that have stopped you. In this article you will find details that will help you create an effective resume. A great resume can help you get the interview. Here are five tips to help you design an effective resume that gets noticed:

1. Make your Strengths Stand OutEmployers will ask you what your good points are and how you can help their business. Use your resume to answer that question right from the start. By letting the employer know what your strong points are, it can help them to determine whether they should call you for an interview. Employers don’t have time to waste.

2. Know what makes a great ResumeTaking time to learn how to create an effective resume is well worth the time you will spend learning.

3. Why are you special?Your resume should be able to explain to the employer why they should choose you over someone else. What abilities or skills do you have that make you different and worth calling for an interview? If you can persuade the employer that you are different than the others, you improve your chances.

4. Imagine you’re the boss. Create a resume that would be effective enough to persuade you to call the person for an interview if it were you looking at it like the boss.

5. Simple yet organizedBe careful that you do not pack too much information into your resume. Just give the employer enough details so they will become interested in calling you in for an interview.

Franchise Owner Job Seeking Tips

When you are trying to find work as a franchise owner or any other place, learn how to develop a job search that uses effective methods. Here are five tools that can help you conduct a job search that gets employer to notice you.

1. Know how to NetworkOne of the best tools you have available is knowing how to network. Tell your friends and family what you are looking for as well as friends on social networks. The more people you have helping you, the better your chances of finding the job you are looking for. The more people you involve, the better your chances.

2. Positive AttitudePresenting a positive attitude always helps to get attention. Employers respect people who have a can do attitude and can help overcome problems.

3. Improve YourselfAlways strive to better yourself and improve your job skills for more opportunities.

4. Dress ProfessionallyIt doesn’t matter what type of job you are applying for or what the employees wear every day at work, when you go for an interview always dress professionally. Your first impression can go a long way.

5. Be ReadyWhen you walk into the interview, be prepared. Have an extra copy of your resume for the employers convenience.

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