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Published: Wednesday 4th of January 2017; Words Count: 1950

Sales Consultant Advice

Get a job as an automotive sales consultant faster with the right resume. Our specialized resume examples will help you get started. Just click on any of the resume examples below to choose a template, and then personalize your automotive sales consultant resume to suit your needs. A great resume can make all the difference–get started on yours now.


Resume Tips for Sales Consultant

When it comes to finding jobs as a Sales Consultant, the key is achieving the right balance of patience and perseverance. Take a cue from the following tips to facilitate your job search.

1. Hope for a swift search, but expect to be in it for the long-haul. Being mentally prepared for a job hunt of a few months or more can ensure that you aren’t too disappointed if the job you’re looking for isn’t right around the corner.

2. One ˜must’ of job hunting in the new economy is creating and maintaining a professional online identity. This might mean creating your own website, using Twitter to send out your resume to hiring managers, and cleaning up your social media profiles.

3. Since many job recruiters are using a combination of online and offline methods to find new hires, make sure to balance your virtual job hunt with your in-person search. Follow leads from bulletin board postings and local businesses as well as website job postings.

4. Let everyone in your circle of influence know of your job search. Chances are that one connection may lead to a job lead or two, and it’s a good habit for a job seeker to talk to people about their job hunt daily.

5. If you’re on the brink of a career switch or a department cross-over, you are expanding your horizons for an increased span of job opportunities. Consider your transferable skills to see if a change in career path might be right for you.

Sales Consultant Job Seeking Tips

Sales Consultant jobseekers won’t get very far without a resume, no matter what industry they are targeting or how much experience they do or don’t have. Keep these pieces of advice in mind when in the midst of resume building or editing.

1. Understand that resumes are generally structured chronologically by time, but may also be organized functionally. Use reverse chronology, placing most recent items before least recent.

2. Don’t use personal pronouns “ I, me, my “ in your resume.

3. Use numbers as much as possible in your description of your employment. Quantifying your achievements is a good way to appeal to future employers.

4. Use accomplishments-oriented language that sells your skills in a powerful, yet succinct, way. Use action verbs as much as possible.

5. Skip over inconsequential information like job experience from more than 15-20 years ago, or skills you have that you don’t want to use in the future.

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