Best Apprentice Concrete Form Setter And Finisher Resume Example

Published: Friday 30th of March 2018; Words Count: 1000

As an apprentice in the construction industry, you won’t have a long track record of independent on-the-job experience, so your resume will need to focus on your training and education instead. Use this apprentice concrete form setter and finisher resume example to outline your training program at this stage of your career, and make sure each section highlights your flexibility, your willingness to learn, and your ambitious plans for the future. Use your summary to show the alignment between your skills and the job you’re targeting. Then create a section for the skill sets and talents that your employers are likely to find most valuable.

Apprentice Concrete Form Setter And Finisher Advice

Looking for apprentice concrete form setter and finisher jobs? The resume examples below can help. Apprentice concrete form setters and finishers are needed for a variety of construction projects. These resume examples will help you build the winning resume you’ll need to help get your apprentice concrete form setter and finisher career going. Click on any of the pre-written examples below to get started.


Resume Tips for Apprentice Concrete Form Setter And Finisher

Job-hunting requires a bit of knowledge and diligence. To be competitive for more jobs as a apprentice concrete form setter and finisher, it’s wise to follow a few simple rules:

1. Network. When two job candidates are equally qualified, the position will likely go to the person who has an inside referral. Whether it’s through an alumni association, family gatherings or a community event, go out and meet as many people as you can.

2. Study the job description. Don’t just glance over the job title and experience requirements. Also, don’t let the phrase preferred requirements fool you. In most cases, you’ll need to meet these optional criteria if you want a decent shot at the position.

3. Don’t limit yourself to the Internet. Just because most companies require an online application, that doesn’t mean you can’t submit resumes by hand. Some businesses, particularly those in the food service, are more than happy to address walk-in inquires.

4. Tailor your bullet points. Each job description will highlight its most important criteria. Likewise, you should format your resume to include the most relevant skills and accomplishments at the top of your bullet lists.

5. Be memorable. You don’t have to be the cookie-cutter job applicant who uses all the perfect phrases. Don’t be afraid to be a little candid in your cover letter or in your actual interview. In most cases, transparency is appreciated and taken as a sign of loyalty ad confidence.

Apprentice Concrete Form Setter And Finisher Job Seeking Tips

Most jobs as a apprentice concrete form setter and finisher will require a professional resume. Here are some ways you can make yours more powerful.

1. Avoid I and my. You don’t need to confirm that you’re referring to yourself. Save space and avoid personal pronouns.

2. Use bullets for job duties. You want your resume to be an easy read for someone who is in a hurry. Bullets categorize your information and highlight your accomplishments.

3. Quantify your accomplishments. Numbers carry weight, especially ones that indicate any money you might have saved. Include sales percentages, numerical benchmarks and the number of people you supervised.

4. Use your own format. There are no set guidelines for font or white space. Look to the example templates online for suggestions, and then tailor your resume to your specific information.

5. Consider a Qualifications Summary. The idea behind a resume is to draw attention up front. A brief introductory summary of your qualifications might convince a screener to proceed through the whole story. Remember though that it’s only a summary and should be kept to a few sentences max.

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