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Published: Friday 16th of March 2018; Words Count: 1450

Looking for a new role as a sales team member? This is a competitive field, and as team member, you’ll need excellent verbal communication skills, persistence, plus a great resume. LiveCareer can help. Start by outlining all of your past sales experience, including retail, telemarketing, or other types of sales. Be sure to use sales numbers or examples of sales successes that set you apart. Next, list all of your soft skills, such as stellar written and verbal communications, strong interpersonal skills, and your persuasive nature to impress recruiters and hiring managers. For additional keywords to use, check out our team member resume example.

Team Member Advice

Searching for a position as a sales team member? The resume examples below can help. As a sales team member, you’ll need excellent verbal communication skills, persistence, and experience and a great resume. Use our resume examples to build your own resume more quickly and easily, with sales-specific content and multiple design options to choose from. Click on any of the resume examples below to start building your resume today.


Resume Tips for Team Member

As you try to find jobs as a team member, you will notice that the steps necessary are similar to the rest of the country. While the search may be, on average, more difficult, it is still very doable. Use these tips to make the process a little more manageable:

1. Consider taking a temporary position. The job hunt can take a long time. You need to consider the right now. Temp jobs are a great way to get your foot in the door of a company, and it will help you make some money.

2. Be persistent without getting pesky. Once you make initial contact, you need to keep in communication with hiring managers. Send them thank you notes and follow up emails, so they will continue to think about you. However, you don’t want to waste their time or be annoying. You need to find the fine line between persistence and peskiness.

3. Figure out where you should look. Before you can really know where to look, you have to know what you’re looking for. Consider your skills, interests and experience. Do some research to find companies that would have jobs as a team member that you’re interested in having. Start communicating with someone on the inside and looking at job fairs, career centers, online job posting sites and the like for an opening.

4. Use your network. Your network can help you find inside connections. This system can also give you needed information on companies, careers, industries and job opportunities. Use this time to build up and maintain your network.

5. Beef up your social media. More and more employers are looking to social media to find their next candidate. Make sure your profiles are professional, so you will be able to catch the eye of a hiring manager.

Team Member Job Seeking Tips

You resume is an important tool you can use to help you find jobs as a team member. It is a document that will boast your skills and experience even when you’re not there. Consider these tips to ensure you have the right information and look for your resume:

1. Remember the two unbreakable rules of resume writing: never tell lies and keep it error-free.

2. Other common resume writing rules, like the one-page limit, can be broken if you have a good reason to not follow the rule.

3. Use an order that is important to the hiring manager. Most resumes end up being a combination of functional and reverse chronological orders.

4. Keep your color scheme simple. Stick to black, white and gray to make sure that your resume is professional and clear.

5. Make your document completely reader-friendly by incorporating headers, bullet points, small paragraphs, the table tool and white space throughout your resume.

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