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Published: Wednesday 2nd of August 2017; Words Count: 1350

Landscaping company employers search for three key traits as they review the resumes of potential employees: relevant experience, a strong work ethic, and reliability. They need workers and managers they can trust, and they also need employees who will make wise decisions in the absence of clear instructions. As you create your own document and launch your job search, use this landscaping resume example as a model and follow the formatting guidelines laid out here. Stay on track and organize each of your subheadings correctly and your employers will know where to look to find the information they need.

Landscaping Advice

Landscaping creates and maintains beautiful and functional outdoor spaces for businesses, public parks, and private homes. To get a job in the landscaping field, a resume that shows your professional background and accomplishments is important. That’s why we’ve developed these resume examples specifically for landscapers. They’ll show you what employers and clients are looking for in a landscaping resume, and will help you in building your own. Click on any of the resume examples below.


Resume Tips for Landscaping

Finding jobs in Medina Township can be made easier if you focus on planning and organization, while utilizing a wide range of job-seeking skill sets. Follow these tips to make your job search more efficient and to help you make that next step in your career.

1. Select weekly goals of job applications and networking opportunities. Keeping these recorded in a file folder on your computer or in a notebook will help you maintain timely follow up activities.

2. Communicate with someone every day about your job search. Whether online, on the phone, or in person, it is important to get the word out about your career aspirations to get as many job leads as possible.

3. Review the preferred qualifications for the jobs in Medina Township you are applying for. Sometimes, it just takes a little bit more training to rise above your competition. Online classes are convenient for many job seekers.

4. Polish your resume and make sure it shows that you are the right person for the job. Many individuals will tailor their resumes to emphasize talents for particular positions.

5. Stay positive by dealing with stress by getting enough rest, eating right, and exercising. This positivity will show through in your interviews and make you more attractive to potential employers.

Landscaping Job Seeking Tips

The resume continues to be the “go-to” document for hiring managers. That is why it is so important to make sure it is the best quality that it can be. Read these tips to help you find jobs as a landscaping by making your resume outshine your competition.

1. Include a succinct summary section near the top of your resume below your contact information. Use a short paragraph or single bullet point that shows potential employers exactly what you can contribute to their company.

2. Research industry specific keywords to include throughout your resume. Many companies utilize online software to sift through resumes by searching for desirable traits, certifications, and other targeted skills to select individuals for an interview.

3. If you have multiple degrees, list the most recent one first. Make sure to put the name of the degree first, then college name, city/state, and date of (or impending) graduation.

4. Use action verbs like “analyzed” or “boosted” or other appropriate terms that provide the most impact for hiring managers. These are much better choices than “worked” or “responsible for” that are vague and non-descriptive.

5. If it is appropriate for your situation, handle gaps in employment with any consulting or freelancing gigs you may have performed in between full time positions. Covering any gaps will help you find jobs as a landscaping in a more efficient manner.

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