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Published: Monday 19th of March 2018; Words Count: 1550

The job market for network systems manager is becoming constricted. Your resume stands between your application and an interview, and thus you need a resume that helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd. So, what can you do to ensure this is the case? As a starter, with educational degrees and certifications equating highly in the minds of employers, make sure those are clearly delineated and easy to find on your resume. Your experience and expertise with various WAN, LAN, and intranet technologies, including those that are new and disruptive, are also important to spell out. See our network systems manager resume example for other tips.

Network Systems Manager Advice

Network systems managers are responsible for operating and administering networked systems. The resume examples below are meant to help network system manager candidates develop a strong resume based on their experience and and background. Reference these resume examples when building your resume, and put yourself in a better position to get hired faster. Click on any of the resumes to get started.


Resume Tips for Network Systems Manager

Hunting for jobs as a network systems manager requires a special blend of develop job-seeking skills and an optimal mindset. Follow these tips to find success in your job hunt.

1. Connect online. The Internet is an essential networking tool. Begin to expand your social media circles and follow industry and company blogs and social media sites and actually engage with others on the sites. Post to boards and respond in the comments section, and begin to connect with individuals through the sites.

2. Clean up your online image. You will also want to make sure that your social media profiles and online presence are in tip-top shape. You want to make sure that you are someone that a company wants to hire. They will likely be checking out your profile.

3. Plan off-screen time. While connecting online is useful, you also want to make sure you are connecting with people off screen. You can get a lot more out of face-to-face interaction. Attend industry events and job fairs to meet people in person.

4. Stay relevant. You want to make sure that you are continuing to connect and meet with people on a regular basis. Follow up with individuals that you met on and off line. Follow up with applications. You want to make sure to maintain these connections, so that you are the first person to come to mind when an opportunity comes up.

5. Continue learning. Also take time to learn some new skills, take on online or classroom course, and attend a forum or workshop. This is not only a great way to further network, but you are adding to your skill set and ultimately your resume.

Network Systems Manager Job Seeking Tips

Your resume is the most essential piece of finding jobs as a network systems manager, and you want to make sure it is in great shape. Follow these do’s and don’ts to resume writing to ensure you have a strong resume.

1. )Do use the summary to show a little personality. Add some details on important personality traits that set you apart from others. You want to show you are unique.

2. )Do use some creative formatting and avoid following templates. Add a touch of personal flair to the format with some color lines.

3. )Don’t make the resume unreadable. You don’t want to let your creativity run too wild make sure you are following industry standards expectations and basic orders.

4. )Do list your work experiences in order starting with your most recent position. You want to highlight your recent jobs and experiences and show the skills you can employ immediately.

5. )Don’t list work experiences over 10-15 years old. These experiences are no longer relevant and are outdated, so hirers don’t care.

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