Best Legal Billing Clerk Resume Example

Published: Saturday 27th of May 2017; Words Count: 900

Technology disruption is affecting different fields, and the role of legal billing clerk is one of them. Government projections show the job market will decline 8 percent in the lead up to 2022. Having an awe-inspiring resume is a huge must. Start by ensuring that any postsecondary training that you have is clearly listed on your resume. Specific computer and accounting certifications should be added as well. Experience setting up new accounting or billing programs and any tangible results attached to them is also important to mention. See our legal billing clerk resume example for more ideas.

Working in a law office, a legal billing clerk tracks costs and billable hours for busy law firms. To land a job as a legal billing clerk, you’ll need a good resume and the resume examples below are designed to help you write one. Just click on any of the resume examples shown here to take the next step toward a better resume and more opportunities to land the job you want.


If you are looking for jobs as a legal billing clerk, then it is a good idea to develop your job seeking skills. These skills can help you maximize your opportunities and land a job. To help you as your search, use the following tips.

1. Take advantage of opportunities to network. You can attend in-person events, including career fairs and luncheons. You should also strive to maintain an active presence on social media sites like LinkedIn. These efforts can help you connect with others and discover new jobs.

2. Remain positive. Although there are many people unemployed, there are still jobs available. A positive attitude can help you during networking opportunities and interviews.

3. Follow up regularly. This is one of the best ways to communicate your interest in a job. Consistent follow up also ensures that you are on the mind of a prospective employer. You can follow up about a job until you receive a no.

4. Plan for success. Determine what you need to do each day in order to find a job. Set goals and think outside of the box. Then, make sure to stick to your plan.

5. Understand your opportunities and qualifications. Your previous work experience, education, and background are all factors that influence the type of jobs you qualify for. There are most likely jobs available in the same field where you previously worked. There may also be jobs in a different field.

In order to find jobs as a legal billing clerk, it is important to create an appealing resume. This resume should identify your accomplishments and skills, so a prospective employer easily understands why you are a great fit for the job. To help you with your resume, use the following tips.

1. Create a resume that is easy to scan and read. Avoid lengthy paragraphs and large clumps of text. Instead, use sections, lists, bullet points, and bold tittles.

2. List your work experience in chronological order. The most previous job should be listed at the top. Any relevant volunteer work can be included in this section.

3. Avoid phrases like duties included. The text of a resume should be action-oriented with words such as developed, collaborated, and researched.

4. Always be honest on your resume. It can be tempting to lie in hopes of securing an interview, but the truth usually comes out.

5. Resumes can be more than one page, especially if you have a lot of work experience. It is best to limit the resume to two pages, unless you work in academics or are a doctor.

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