Best Perioperative Nurse Resume Example

Published: Wednesday 19th of July 2017; Words Count: 1650

Perioperative nurses provide a special kind of care. To beat the competition, your resume must prove that you are fully capable of meeting the rigorous expectations. Start with a strong summary statement that focuses on your stellar technical talents. Because summary statements are short, include only the most important talents here. Use your skills section as an opportunity to share more. Avoid solely sharing your duties in your work history field. Instead, use this as a chance to share your proudest, most relevant professional accomplishments. Make sure that these achievements relate to your best skills. See the perioperative nurse resume example for more insights.

Perioperative Nurse Advice

A perioperative nurse works with patients who are having medical operations or procedures. To become a perioperative nurse, you’ll need a degree and specialized training, plus a well-crafted resume. We’ve created the resume examples below to help you in building your own resume. Choose from multiple templates, and find the resume examples that works best for you. Then edit and customize the text to fit your needs.


Resume Tips for Perioperative Nurse

Finding jobs as a perioperative nurse requires confidence, positivity and drive. Follow these tips to make your job search productive to obtain the next step in your career goals.

1. Own your job search and take responsibility for achieving your weekly goals. Whether you are networking at a business event or sending your resume to a new contact, be proactive and assertive to rise above the competition.

2. Get an entrepreneurial mindset. When you are in between jobs, you can do contract or consulting work to help cover financial needs. This will also fill red flag gaps in your resume.

3. Talk to someone about your job search every day. Leads for open positions can come from anywhere including family, friends, industry invitations or even social occasions.

4. Make sure to be active on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook in your job search. Your profiles should be professional and focused to make the right impression.

5. Don’t forget that networking is not a one-way street. If you refer someone for a job or provide a job lead, they will remember your actions when a potential opportunity arises that is a good fit for you.

Perioperative Nurse Job Seeking Tips

Jump ahead of the competition for jobs as a perioperative nurse with an excellent quality resume. Follow these do’s and don’ts for a resume that will highlight your talents the best during your job search.

1. Don’t use justified text blocks when you format your resume because they can create odd spaces between words. This can create an unprofessional look.

2. Don’t consider the one-page rule as set in stone. If you have a long list of experience that is relevant to your job search, you can utilize a two page resume.

3. Do sharpen the focus to highlight your talents the best. One technique can be to utilize a bulleted style for your format with an emphasis on industry-related keywords.

4. Don’t emphasize skills you do not want to use in the future, even if they represent major strengths. This sends the wrong signal to a potential employer and will not produce a lead that is a good fit for your search.

5. Do understand that placing References available upon request is very optional. Most job-seekers will keep references on a separate document and offer it when asked by a hiring manager.

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