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Published: Tuesday 9th of May 2017; Words Count: 1850

A well-written resume is critical to landing the job you want as a cleaning professional, and putting together a winning job application is easier than you think. Dependability and thoroughness are the attributes that employers value most when it comes to janitorial and maintenance professionals. Make sure these are included as highlights and conveyed in the bullets in your experience section. Formal education doesn’t matter; thus, including your high school diploma isn’t a necessity. Rather, emphasize your past experience and your physical stamina, which is key to succeeding on the job. See our cleaning professionals resume example for more tips.

Cleaning Professionals Advice

There are lots of jobs out there for dependable and thorough cleaning professionals. The right resume will go a long way to helping you get hired, and the resume examples below are an excellent place to begin. Just click on any of of the templates below, and use them as a foundation for your own cleaning professionals resume. With our resume examples, it’s easier than ever to build a resume that will get noticed!


Resume Tips for Cleaning Professionals

Finding jobs as a cleaning professionals requires savvy job search skills and a go-getter mindset. These pointers can help you successfully meet your job-hunting objectives in the post-Recession economy.

1. Step up your networking activities. Don’t be shy about the fact you’re seeking employment. Join as many groups as you, such as online job boards, professional associations and job-hunter organizations.

2. Maximize your LinkedIn profile. Make sure it is filled out completely and obtain recommendations from peers that potential hiring manager’s respect. Showcase the quality of work by uploading a PowerPoint presentation to your profile.

3. Remain optimistic about your prospects. Don’t focus on doom and gloom because it can curtail your momentum. Surround yourself with someone who is positive and can help you discover jobs as a cleaning professionals.

4. Take short-term, freelance projects. There are many small and medium-sized companies that outsource various projects. Join a freelance websites. These sites post contract-based jobs for a wide range of career fields and skills. As long as you have a computer, Internet access and specialized skill set, you can get work.

5. Boost your online presence. Identify relevant industry blogs. Read them and submit your comments. If you’re a good writer, start your own authority blog that positions you as expert in your field or on a specific subject.

Cleaning Professionals Job Seeking Tips

When it comes to seeking out jobs as a cleaning professionals, your resume will always open doors for you. Make sure it has a unique design and highlights your career goals and qualifications with the following do’s and don’ts tips.

1. Do create a reader-friendly layout by listing every section using bullets. Also flush all the text to the left so there are no extra gaps between the words.

2. Do add a section that makes it easy for prospective employers to get a quick glimpse of your skill set. This segment of the resume is generally labeled as Summary of Qualifications or Profile section.

3. Do list your employment experience using the standard format. The typical order is as follows: position or title, name of the employer, employer’s city and state, and dates of employment.

4. Don’t design a resume that is longer than two pages, even if you’re a business executive seeking jobs as a cleaning professionals. However, there is an exception as it relates to those in the medical and academic fields, such as doctors and professors. Instead of a resume, they can prepare a curricula vitae (CVs) highlighting their honors, awards, publications, presentations as well as professional and scholarly memberships.

5. Don’t use the phrase responsible for when describing your job duties and responsibilities. Replace it with action verbs like prepared, supervised and trained.

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