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Published: Friday 2nd of June 2017; Words Count: 1450

In a competitive industry, it’s difficult to get your foot in the door. You need an impressive occupational therapist resume to get ahead. To do this, you must emphasize your superb patient care and technical skills. Also, it’s a good idea to place your licensing and education information in a prominent position for your reader’s convenience. Mention your excellent patient care and at least two technical talents in your summary statement. Don’t worry about detailing them there. Instead, use your work history field to discuss your skills and how they benefitted your previous employers. For more ideas, take a peek at our occupational therapist resume example.

Occupational Therapist Advice

An occupational therapist works with clients with a variety of disabilities to help them perform day-to-day tasks, and improve their health. An occupational therapist is a licensed professional who needs plenty of specialized training. Our resume examples can help you in constructing your resume for these important healthcare positions. Choose from multiple design options, and customize these resume examples to meet your needs. Click on any of the templates below to get started.


Resume Tips for Occupational Therapist

Finding jobs as a occupational therapist can be a challenge. Those who stay focused and have a positive mindset tend to have an easier time throughout the search. The following guidelines will help make the process a little easier.

1. If it has been awhile since you have searched for a job, take advantage of any job search training sessions that may be offered in your area. These are be up-to-date and will help you focus your time and energy.

2. Keep your options open. Don’t box yourself in by applying for the same types of jobs you have always worked in. Consider using your skills in a different industry and job, or build new skills to open up career opportunities in a brand new field.

3. Update your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool during your search if you use it correctly. Make sure it is updated with all pertinent information and skills, and ask current connections to introduce you to potential contacts in the industry you want a job in.

4. Research potential employers so that you have a better idea who you may want to work for. During interviews it is also helpful to talk about why you would be a good asset for that particular company.

5. If you are self-motivated and have a diverse set of skills, consider starting your own business, or be a consultant in your industry.

Occupational Therapist Job Seeking Tips

One of the most important parts of a triumphant job search is a top-notch resume. Whether this is your first job or you have years of experience, there are certain rules that should be followed when writing a resume. Follow these tips for a high-quality resume.

1. Although there are resume templates online, it is best to design your own resume so that it stands out.

2. Don’t worry if you are changing careers or don’t have much work experience. Focus on transferable skills that you have gained from other things such as volunteer work, school projects, summer jobs, sports, and extracurricular activities.

3. When listing jobs, focus on your specific accomplishments as opposed to job description phrases. Describe the skills you used and the initiatives you took.

4. When applying for jobs as a occupational therapist, make sure your resume lists a couple of different ways to reach you. Contact information should include your city and state, one phone number, and one email.

5. There are very few hard and fast rules to resume-writing, but one of them is no misspellings or grammar errors. Always proofread your work to make sure it is perfect.

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