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Published: Saturday 8th of July 2017; Words Count: 950

To stand out, your warehouse associate resume needs to highlight the credentials your employers value the most. In this business, employers want to see evidence of neatness and attention to detail, and they also want to see signs of professionalism and reliability. They may also be searching for specific education and training credentials, so you’ll want to feature these in a prominent position high on the page. As you list your previous positions and accomplishments, showcase the most relevant details and the accomplishments that are likely to impress your target employers and meet their needs. Use this warehouse associate resume example as a model.

Warehouse Associate Advice

Looking for a job as a warehouse associate in the agriculture industry? Make sure you have a solid resume to apply with. The resume examples we’ve compiled below will help you create a resume that gets the results you want. Click on any of the resume examples to get an idea of what you’ll need to include in terms of both content and formatting. Then, go on to build your own warehouse associate resume so you can get the job and start working!


Resume Tips for Warehouse Associate

Finding the best jobs as a warehouse associate requires a strategy. Here are a few ways to help you stand out in this colonial town.

1. Talk to everyone you know. A referral is gold, especially in a small market. Talk to friends, family members and former colleagues, and try to get in touch with area recruiters. The more face-to-face interaction you have, the more likely you are to get your foot in the door.

2. Don’t apply right away. Even if you find the perfect job, you’ve got to do your research first. Study the company’s career page and mission statement. Get a feel for the culture and work environment to determine if it’s a good fit.

3. Download a mobile app. Many companies and headhunters are going mobile, and candidates have a wide variety of user-friendly apps. You can browse for open jobs as a warehouse associate and upload your resume right to your phone.

4. Don’t miss career fairs. These events are great for networking. Make sure you have a good elevator speech before you arrive.

5. Be patient. If looking for work seems like a full-time job, you’re probably on the right track. The process takes time, but it’s important to remain active and persistent.

Warehouse Associate Job Seeking Tips

Nearly all jobs as a warehouse associate will require a resume. Unlike an online application, your resume format is all up to you. Keep it professional with the following tips.

1. Avoid clutter. Use bullets to categorize your job duties, but stay away from frilly fonts and extravagant themes. Opt for clean, black type and a plain white background.

2. Be descriptive. Phrases like “responsibilities included” carry little, if any weight. Employers want to know how you solved problems and what you accomplished. Look around online for ways to use action verbs to describe your achievements.

3. Include all your contact information. Some hiring managers prefer email, while others like to call. You should always provide both options.

4. Understand file types. You will probably electronically submit your resume for most jobs as a warehouse associate. Be sure you know how to create a word document, a PDF and a plain text file.

5. Leave out the unnecessary. This includes all personal information, such as gender, marital status and age. Furthermore, “references available upon request” is very outdated. If HR needs a reference or your salary range, they will ask you.

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