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Published: Thursday 15th of June 2017; Words Count: 1400

As a financial sales representative, you’ll rely on your financial savvy to climb the ladder, but you’ll rely even more on your strengths as a salesperson. Your clients — and your potential employers — will come to you with a variety of backgrounds and different needs. You’ll need to use your intuition and experience to provide the best care. Your very first step will involve creating a strong, convincing resume that can help you sell your most important product: you. Make the right language and formatting decisions and shine a bright spotlight on your most valuable assets. Use this sales representative resume example as you draft your own document.

Sales Representative Advice

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, growth for sales representative positions is expected to grow 8.9 percent between 2012 and 2022. If you’re looking to become a sales representative, the right resume is essential. That why we’ve developed these resume examples. They’re specifically designed for sales representative positions. Choose from multiple template options and designs, use the resume examples below to create your own job-winning resume in just minutes.


Resume Tips for Sales Representative

By taking the right actions, you can easily find jobs as a sales representative, or any part of the country for that matter. Before embarking on your search, it is imperative that you understand the right and wrong way to find a job. Try utilizing these tips the next time you look for jobs as a sales representative.

1. Self-employment can be a daunting prospect for many unemployed workers, but if you have the drive and skills, it can be a viable option. Consider what you have to offer, and whether or not you would be able to run your own business.

2. It is never too late to improve your interview skills, and the better that you get at interviewing, the higher your chances of getting hired will be. Practice responding to commonly asked questions in a professional and calm manner.

3. Pessimism and negativity can make an unpleasant situation even worse. This is why it is necessary that you remain positive during your hunt for a new job.

4. You should never begin your search without a concrete, tangible plan. Consult a career coach or job search site if you need help doing this.

5. Use your free time to consider whether or not you really want to apply to the same position. This may be a good time to pursue the job that you’ve always wanted.

Sales Representative Job Seeking Tips

Whether you live as a sales representative or another part of the country, you will need to have a professionally written resume in order to get hired. Regardless of the industry that you work in, having a great resume can only boost your chances of success. Consider these simple, yet effective tips the next time you write your resume.

1. When writing a resume, always try to remain focused. Bombarding the reader with irrelevant or excessive information can actually decrease your chances of finding employment. Stick to only the most important facts.

2. If you really want to convince employers to hire you, consider adding a career summary. This section will give hiring managers an in-depth overview of your abilities and talents.

3. Simply put, lying can doom your chances of finding a job. Never include exaggerated or false information on your resume ““ it will only be uncovered later on.

4. Try to limit the length of your resume to less than two pages in length. This is not an ironclad rule, and there will be times where it is acceptable to write more, especially if you need to include pertinent information.

5. Please avoid employing trite or overused expressions such as “duties included” or “responsible for. ” This will only make your resume seem boring and uncreative.

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