Best Legal Receptionist Resume Example

Published: Thursday 5th of January 2017; Words Count: 1500

Very often the first point of contact for clients who call or visit the office, legal receptionists play an important role in attorney-client communications, new business development, and client relations. Additionally, your administrative support helps keep the office efficient and attorneys and legal assistants focused on billable client work. Your resume is a chance to showcase your experience in making this a reality at the firms where you’ve worked. These competencies need to be expressed through the accomplishments you spell out in the experiences section of your resume. Your customer service skillsets need to be conveyed in the highlights and experience sections of the resume. See our legal receptionist resume example for more ideas.

Legal receptionist jobs are available in law offices for conscientious people with excellent typing, communication, and organizational skills. The right resume is also important. That’s why our resume examples can really help. Use these resume examples as a guide in building your legal receptionist resume, and get into the job you’re looking for, sooner.


Finding jobs as a legal receptionist takes a positive attitude and some great job-seeking skills, but employers sometimes check candidates’ social media profiles to find the best match for their needs. These social media tips can help you reach your employment goals in any market.

1. Be sure to update all of your professional social media accounts with an accurate profile of your qualifications. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, create one. Link to as many people as possible in your field.

2. Make use of social media posts on Twitter and LinkedIn to network as much as possible. Use creative hashtags like resume and the hashtag jobopportunity. These could also be helpful in your search.

3. Join professional groups on LinkedIn. These groups can sometimes help with job hunting, resume creation and tips on how to ace interviews. These tactics can be invaluable help because you’ll build skills as well as connections with qualified people.

4. Always remember that it is possible that your potential or current employer can and will read your comments on social media, so post appropriately. Make your personal profiles on social media private.

5. Make sure to include a link to your resume and mention some of your best qualifications when you discuss finding jobs on social media. This can lead potential employers to you and help you get that important interview.

When it comes to hunting for jobs as a legal receptionist, you will need a spectacular resume that makes it stand out from the rest. Be sure to create a resume that highlights your qualifications instead of your past job duties. Show them you’re the best candidate and land that job with these helpful tips.

1. Try to find a resume layout that suits the job you want and tailor your resume to that particular job. If you can, create a layout of your own.

2. In your resume, tell your potential employer why you would be the best candidate for the job compared to the rest of the applicants.

3. Make sure to highlight your skills that work in almost every job setting. These would be skills like communication, self-management, critical thinking and interpersonal relationships.

4. Always try to bring a hard copy of your resume with you. This makes you look more professional than the candidates who do not bring a copy.

5. Tell the employer about your accomplishments in school as well as on past jobs. Be sure to mention any volunteer opportunities in which you’ve participated. Did you serve on any non-profit boards? Did you save a past company money or labor costs?

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