Best Journeymen Drywallers Resume Example

Published: Thursday 23rd of February 2017; Words Count: 2000

Journeymen Drywallers Advice

Journeyman drywallers must have experience as a drywaller, good references, and an excellent resume. To create your journeyman drywaller resume, we recommend referring to the resume examples below. These resume examples have been created to help guide you in drafting your own resume, and can be used as a template you can modify to fit your needs. Ready to get the job? Click on any of the resume examples below to get started.


Resume Tips for Journeymen Drywallers

Across the country, job hunters employ many different methods to reach potential employers, and finding jobs as a Journeymen Drywallers can be simplified by the right combination of actions.

1. Take time to understand your personal strengths and weaknesses. Develop a concise statement selling these strengths within the context of your previous employment, career accomplishments and the job you hope to obtain.

2. Your resume is often responsible for opening doors to employment opportunities, as it represents you in digital job searches as well as to recruiters and to prospective employers. Once you’ve edited the resume, be sure to adjust it, adding specific phrases and words to your accomplishments, skills, and education, to make each pertinent to the desired position.

3. Many jobs are found because of successful networking. You may learn of job opportunities from an acquaintance with ties to a specific company. Those individuals may be willing to get your resume directly into the hands of hiring managers.

4. Learn to use social media and online job boards to get your name into the hands of employers. You might want to create your own job bio online or advertise yourself on other social media sites.

5. Follow up with potential employers if you haven’t heard from them. If you didn’t get the job, your efforts will allow you to learn from any mistakes you may have made during the application process. Ask why the company chose other candidates or how you could have better represented yourself.

Journeymen Drywallers Job Seeking Tips

As you look for jobs as a Journeymen Drywallers, you’ll find that the quality of your resume has a big impact on your opportunities. Learn how to make your resume stand apart from others, accurately reflecting your strengths and goals.

1. Start your resume with either your education or your experience, whichever is most relevant. If you’ve recently graduated, then list education first. If you’ve been employed for more than 18 months, list experience.

2. Use the heading Experience for the section, rather than Employment. This gives you the opportunity to list volunteer work, community participation and other pertinent accomplishments.

3. Within each section of the resume, list relevant and recent information first, then follow with the rest of the important details. In general, follow this outline: title, subheadings, dates, key accomplishments, company or school description, and direct supervisors.

4. Format your resume for quick and convenient viewing. Avoid using stock resume templates so that yours stands apart from others. Keep the information contained within just a page or two.

5. Consider including a summary of your qualifications at the beginning or end of your resume to help you keep the document focused and on point. Be sure to highlight those accomplishments of which you are most proud.

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