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Published: Wednesday 21st of June 2017; Words Count: 1950

A commercial parts pro should have vast and in-depth knowledge of parts and inventory for a range of vehicle makes and models. But commercial experts should also be able to demonstrate people skills, including customer relationship management, teamwork, and leadership. As you search for work in this field, you’ll need a resume that can demonstrate your general competence in both areas. Create a document that hiring managers will find easy to read and remember. Start with a summary and then generate separate subheadings for your training and education, experience, and special skills. Use this commercial parts pro resume example to guide you through the process.

Commercial Parts Pro Advice

If you love working with cars and are knowledgeable about auto parts, consider a job as a commercial parts pro. Use the commercial parts pro resume examples below as a guide in creating your own professional resume. Choose from a range of templates and designs, and take your career to the next level with these resume examples. Get started today and get hired soon!


Resume Tips for Commercial Parts Pro

Finding jobs as a commercial parts pro requires a savvy blend of networking and old-fashioned grit. Follow a few tips to get on the right path and to stay there.

1. Be confident as you apply for jobs as a commercial parts pro. At least, fake confidence until you get there. Role play for interviews, and shop for professional outfits that represent you well. Wear them once in a while even when you are not interviewing so that you wear the clothes with confidence.

2. List your values and what you’re looking for in a position. That way, you know how to answer interview questions along the lines of, “How does this company line up with your values and goals?”

3. Develop your ideal position, from the hours worked to the work-life balance offered. Use the attributes you’ve identified to seek out companies and jobs in addition to fitting available job descriptions to your preferences.

4. Note the culture of the companies where you interview for jobs as a commercial parts pro. Does the culture come across as marketed on the company website? Do you see yourself as being a good fit? Identify why or why not, and use that information as you move forward.

5. Track your progression when applying to jobs as a commercial parts pro, including companies that never contacted you to those that called you in for first-round and second-round interviews. If you have a lot of data, see if you can identify patterns.

Commercial Parts Pro Job Seeking Tips

Your resume serves as a hook for hiring managers and interviewers when you apply for jobs as a commercial parts pro. Here are a few tips to ensure you put your best effort forward.

1. Make your resume mobile-friendly; many folks these days review application materials on their smartphones and tablets. For example, send a copy to yourself to see how your resume displays on a smaller screen.

2. Focus on the top third of the page. That’s where you should put your most important information and is why you should list education and experience in reverse chronological order.

3. Skip irrelevant and personal information such as your religion and marital status.

4. List any pertinent work experience. If you think you don’t have any, what about volunteer work or summer jobs?

5. Read job descriptions for relevant keywords, and apply them in your resume if possible. For example, if the description asks for proficiency in Microsoft Excel, you could add a bullet point like, “Led companywide workshop attended by 100 people on how to use Excel. “

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