Best Lead Massage Therapist Resume Example

Published: Thursday 18th of January 2018; Words Count: 800

Rub a hiring manager the right way with a great lead massage therapist resume. Massage therapists use touch and manipulation of the muscles and other soft tissues of the body to relieve pain, relieve stress, and boost the general wellness of clients. Also, a lead massage therapist interviews, hires, and manages staff and their schedules. Highlight all massage and management experience, as well as any specialized training you’ve completed, such as deep tissue or hot stone massage. Also, be sure to include your licensing information and any applicable certifications. Use our lead massage therapist resume example to get the job you want.

Lead Massage Therapist Advice

Do you have the magic touch with massage clients? Become a lead massage therapist with the right resume. The resume examples here are the perfect way to get started. Choose from multiple designs and templates, and model your resume after these resume examples to give yourself the best possible chance of getting hired. Don’t wait any longer to get started–begin building your job-winning resume right away.


Resume Tips for Lead Massage Therapist

If you’re on the hunt for jobs as a lead massage therapist, it’s important not to let the trends and principles of the post-recession economy discourage you. Keeping a positive attitude is the first step to a successful job search, along with the following few tips.

1. Don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal of your job search, whether it is to switch careers, stay in the same industry or move up within your field. Make a job hunting plan that includes the practical steps you will take to achieve your goal.

2. Notice and use the resources that your local community and the online world offer, because attending events like career fairs and networking groups is one of the best job hunting strategies out there for making real connections with recruiters.

3. More than ever, recruiters want to feel comfortable that employees will be able to save them time or money or make them time or money. Emphasize your abilities to accomplish these things during your interview.

4. Are you an expert in your field, or aiming to become one? Start a blog about it, attract a following and engage industry leaders and professionals who you admire in your discussions.

5. Don’t underestimate the value of face-to-face contact in this virtual world. Hiring managers still want to meet, talk with and shake hands with potential employees, so make sure to pursue in-person networking as much as online.

Lead Massage Therapist Job Seeking Tips

Updating and maintaining your resume is a critical aspect of being a relevant and desirable employee, and therefore landing jobs as a lead massage therapist. Follow these principles of resume building to make yours a winner.

1. The order of the sections on your resume is all-important. Remember that readers aren’t likely to spend more than a few seconds glancing over your resume initially, so put the most critical information first.

2. For the sake of professionalism, don’t use personal pronouns like I, me or my in your resume.

3. Why describe skills on your resume that you have no intention of doing in the future? If a skill is not applicable to the job you’re applying for, leave it out.

4. When listing your educational experience, make sure to list your year of graduation, even if it’s in the future. You may use the word “˜expected’ to emphasize that it is a future date.

5. Never fold your resume if sending it through the mail; instead, send it flat. Use Priority Mail if you want to really impress your recipient.

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