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Published: Monday 13th of March 2017; Words Count: 850

SEM Advice

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) professionals help improve a company website’s visibility through advertising and other means. The SEM resume examples below are designed to help SEM professionals find a job. Use them as a guide to what employers are looking for in an SEM resume, then create your own resume and apply for jobs with added confidence. Choose any of the resume examples below to get started.


Resume Tips for SEM

Finding jobs as a SEM Associate and the rest of the country can be a challenge. Follow these tips to take the right actions and make your search easier:

1. Do research along the way. It’s important that you start off your search with research, so you can figure out what type of position you are looking for. Throughout the process you should continue doing research on different companies, so you can figure out which companies would be a good fit for you and wow the hiring managers during the interview.

2. Promote yourself. You can use the way you dress and talk in an interview as a way of positive self-promotion. You can also use your social media to showcase your knowledge and skills related to the career you are in.

3. Use your network. The people you know can help you find job opportunities, but they can even help get you in touch with potential employers. Use your network to find jobs, get interviews and learn more about the job market.

4. Focus on more than the end goal. Because of the current job market, many jobseekers end up looking for a while. It can be helpful to focus on more than the end goal of getting a job. You should make daily or weekly goals in order to foster a sense of accomplishment throughout the process.

5. Keep a lookout for opportunities. One of the most important things you can do is keep looking for opportunities. You have to look everywhere. Talk to your network, look in the newspaper or on online job posting sites, check out company’s social media pages, visit a the website of different companies, go to job fairs and talk to local career centers.

SEM Job Seeking Tips

One of the most critical tools you can use as you look for jobs as a SEM Associate is your resume. Use these five tips to create a highly usable document:

1. Focus on the reader by thinking about your information, the order of your content and the format of your sections.

2. Avoid sharing false information on your resume.

3. Think about your experience in terms of accomplishments rather than daily duties.

4. Avoid irrelevant information, such as your hobbies, details about your family, your political or religious views, controversial activities or a description of your physical appearance.

5. Build a resume that is one page, unless you have a lot of experience in which case you can go to two pages.

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