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Published: Friday 26th of January 2018; Words Count: 1000

Education directors are more likely to run and maintain successful programs if they can demonstrate strong organizational and management skills. They also need to show proven expertise in planning, scheduling, coaching, and sometimes budgeting. If you’re looking for an education position at this level, you’ll need to show employers that you know how to run a complex operation, and you’ll have to make this case by creating a strong resume. Use this director resume example for formatting tips and guidelines, and create a document of your own that helps you stand out in a crowd of well qualified and experienced competitors.

Director Advice

We’ve compiled these director resume examples specifically for education professionals looking for a director position within an academic institution. Choose from any of the design options below, and use these resume examples as a template to craft your own job-winning resume in less time. Simply start with these examples, and adapt the text as needed to reflect your particular background and strengths as a school director. Start on your resume today and move closer to gettting hired tommorow!


Resume Tips for Director

No matter where you search for a job, the hunt is easier when you know which steps to take. Taking these actions can help you land the perfect job. 1 – Be careful about the information you share online and in person. Keep party pictures and potentially damaging comments off of social media rather than risk your professional reputation. 2 – Carry business cards. You never know when you are going to make a connection with somebody new while you’re out and about. 3 – Find new ways to stand out. This might be through social media or by making your skills prominent as a freelancer. Either way, you need to get your name out there during the hunt for a new job. 4 – Continue improving your skills and education however you can. Even a few community college courses can improve your skills, knowledge, resume and appeal to hiring managers. 5 – Stay focused on your goal: to find a job. While it may be hard to stay positive during the struggle, it is important that you do. A good attitude can help you maintain your composure when the job hunt gets hard.

Director Job Seeking Tips

As is the case anywhere in the United States, the key to landing a good job as a director is an effective resume. No matter your industry or years of experience, you won’t land the job unless you have a great document to show for it. Here are a few tips for writing your new resume:1 – You don’t need to include every single job you have ever worked in your resume. Only include experience and skills that are relevant to the job you are currently applying for. 2 – Your best experiences should be included in the top half of the first page of your resume. For most job-seekers, this is in the summary statement at the top of the document. 3 – Objective statements are no longer necessary, for the most part. Ditch your objective statement to instead include a summary statement. 4 – Reverse chronological resumes, with the most recent experience listed first, tend to be more successful than skill-based resumes. They also keep hiring managers from wondering if you are trying to hide any gaps in work history. 5 – Your resume should be as simple as possible to read. Your font should be 10 or 12-pt and in a clear format. Finally, make sure to keep your resume to just one page whenever possible.

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