Best Hvac And Refrigeration Resume Example

Published: Wednesday 12th of April 2017; Words Count: 1350

HVAC and refrigeration technicians who want to grab an employer’s attention and land an interview know that they need a strong resume that highlights their skills with a variety of tools and that ticks all the boxes in terms of certification. Regarding the former, consider including a separate tools entry in your skills section that lists your experience with things like carbon monoxide testers, voltmeters, acetylene torches, etc. Concerning the latter, don’t forget to mention your refrigerant handling certification in your education section, along with any apprenticeships or trade school training you’ve completed. Learn more about creating a standout job application by looking at HVAC and refrigeration resume example.

HVAC And Refrigeration Advice

HVAC & Refrigeration professionals are in charge of installing and maintaining systems that control air flow and temperature in a variety of of commercial buildings and homes. To get a job in HVAC & Refrigeration, you’ll need the right experience, the proper certifications, and a resume reflecting your qualifications. Use the resume examples below as a guide in creating your own HVAC & Refrigeration resume. Get started today with these resume examples, and you’ll be well on your way to a great career.


Resume Tips for HVAC And Refrigeration

Before you send your applications for jobs as a hvac and refrigeration, make a plan to ensure a productive job search. Your job hunt should include networking, managing your online profiles and building other career skills. Improve your chances to land a job with these helpful tips:

1. Take a self-assessment of your skills. Several websites offer free assessments of your interests, skills and work values. You may find another career that is a better fit for your personality and skill set.

2. Network, network, network. Let people know that you’re looking for a job. Meet people in your desired career field and let them know of your skills and value. Those contacts may help you with a job lead.

3. Improve your job skills. From your assessment or other career research, hone in on the top job skills in your desired career. Improve those skills through online courses or training workshops, and then add that training in your resume.

4. Curate a professional social media account. Put your best virtual foot forward with a professional-looking photo and your current CV posted on your social media account. Recruiters and hiring managers almost always check the social media profiles of potential candidates.

5. Keep a positive attitude. Your attitude will affect your job search, tone of your cover letter or your impression in an interview. The job hunt is often a long road, so keeping a positive attitude will help you make choices that support your end goal: landing a job.

HVAC And Refrigeration Job Seeking Tips

It’s one thing to apply for a job as a hvac and refrigeration; it’s another to secure an interview. A stellar resume is often the reason that gets your foot in the door. Hiring managers only glance at a resume for a few seconds before making a decision to interview a person. Make those seconds count with these resume tips.

1. Flush left alignment and appropriate fonts make your resume readable.

2. While you may want a distinctive resume design, make sure that it still highlights important data points, such as your name, job titles, company names and dates.

3. Numbers tell the story. Quantify your accomplishments, such as stating the amount of sales that you generated.

4. Make sure to include transferrable job skills, meaning skills that are applicable to any industry. These skills include project management skills or customer service skills.

5. Model your resume after ones in your desired career. Learning from the best can only help improve your prospects for a job.

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