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Published: Wednesday 1st of March 2017; Words Count: 850

As a receptionist, you rely on both your administrative skills and your people skills to survive and thrive. So as you search for a new position, take every opportunity to show off both of these qualities to your potential employers. Create a strong resume that shows off your formal education, including your high school diploma and college degree if you have one. Then create distinct subsections that summarize your past positions, your valuable skill sets, and your areas of core competency. Examine this receptionist resume example and let it guide your steps as you choose your language and formatting style.

Receptionist Advice

Do you have a good phone manner? Consider applying for a position as a receptionist. You’ll need a good resume, and our receptionist resume examples are a great place to start. They’re filled with job-specific language and description you can use a guide to fill in your resume and make it better. Choose from multiple template options to customize your resume to your specific needs. Ready to win the job? Just click on any of the resume examples shown below to take the first step.


Resume Tips for Receptionist

Hunting for employment may seem like a daunting task, but there are jobs as a receptionist waiting for you if you know where, and more importantly how to look. See the tips below to start your job hunt off right.

1. Put together a plan of action. By planning out your job search strategy in advance, you’ll have a better chance of sticking to it through any challenging aspects.

2. Assess your skills. Taking assessment tests can help you zero in on your areas of expertise, and may point to abilities that could get you into careers you haven’t even thought of. Speaking of which. . .

3. Consider all your options. Expanding your parameters opens more opportunities for finding jobs as a receptionist. Think about how your skills and experience may transfer to other positions or industries.

4. Study up on any possible job leads. Don’t stop with an online search; look up businesses online or drop by your local library for more information on companies in the area that may be hiring.

5. Practice your interview skills. A successful application is just the first step. To make sure you ace the interview, study up on interview strategies and try a few dry runs with trusted acquaintances.

Receptionist Job Seeking Tips

No matter the industry or your level of experience, a well-made resume will help you apply for jobs as a receptionist or anywhere else in the country. Following these guidelines will help you build the resume you need to succeed.

1. Check out resume templates. Free resume templates are available online and in many word processing programs. Ideally pick out a template that’s designed for your industry.

2. Provide a professional email address. As many employers will be contacting you electronically, it’s important that your email address be straightforward and professional, not a casual handle. If necessary make a new email account on a free host.

3. Use bullet points with lists. By formatting lists of skills or work experience with bullet points, you impart a more professional appearance to your resume and make these important details stand out.

4. Break out your accomplishments. If your work history is getting overly long, make separate sections to draw particular attention to your achievements or skills.

5. Proofread for mistakes. Any errors of spelling or grammar may be caught by a sharp-eyed hiring manager. Before submitting your resume anywhere, always read it over one more time to catch any last-minute issues.

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