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Published: Monday 22nd of May 2017; Words Count: 1400

SEO Advice

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an internet marketing strategy designed to help improve a website’s search results, and drive more traffic to the site. The SEO resume examples below have been developed to assist SEO professionals in crafting their own resumes. Using these resume examples, you’ll be better positioned to land more interviews, and give yourself a better chance to land the job sooner.


Resume Tips for SEO

Finding jobs as a SEO Associate and the rest of the country can be a difficult and long process. Follow these job search tips to make the process easier:

1. Get organized. You can get ready for this search by creating a filing system that will help you keep track of the employers you have heard back from and those that haven’t gotten back to you yet.

2. Make goals. Because the process can be long, it’s easy to get negative and feel unproductive. By making daily or weekly goals you will be able to combat that. The goals can be as simple as sending out so many resumes in a week or calling a certain number of potential employers.

3. Own your search, but don’t be afraid to ask for help. You should be in charge of your own job search by actively looking and doing what you can, but you won’t be able to hear about that many opportunities on your own. Use your network too, so that you can find a wider range of job possibilities.

4. Do some self-promotion. You can use your resume and social media as a platform to promote yourself professionally. Both should include a short synopsis of your skills and enough information to show that you are capable in your field. You should also avoid controversial information on both.

5. Be realistic about your options. As you search for jobs, consider whether you want to stick in the same occupation and industry, get a similar occupation in a different industry or get a different occupation in a different industry. Figure out what you want and what is realistic, and go from there.

SEO Job Seeking Tips

Your resume is a critical tool for finding jobs as a SEO Associate. Use these do and don’t tips to create a usable document:

1. Do think about formatting. This means that you should create a header that stands out, use bulleted lists, employ the table tool, keep your paragraphs short and keep all of your text left flushed.

2. Don’t include information that could be considered irrelevant. This can include personal information, such as your height, hobbies, religion, political view or marital status, or controversial information.

3. Do consider the reader. You want all of the information to be important to the reader and in an order that highlights that importance. This will mean that your resume will have to be tweaked each time you apply for a job.

4. Don’t create a resume that is too long. Many experts suggest that your resume should not exceed two pages.

5. Do create an engaging resume. You can do this by focusing on your accomplishments rather than simply your daily activities. You can also try to include metrics.

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