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An Analysis of Characters in the Ladykillers by the Coen Brothers (524 words, 1 pages)
Tom Hanks and the Coen brothers take the title, the concept (sweet little old lady outwits criminals), the teeth, and the slightly sepulchral laugh from the 1955 English black comedy classic. They may miss the primary point (and joke) of the original, and they tone down their usual corkscrew dialogue ... Read More
A Review of O Brother, Where Art Thou, an Adventure Comedy Film by the Coen Brothers (451 words, 1 pages)
From Blood Simple to Barton Fink to Fargo and The Big Lebowski, Joel and Ethan Coen have been masters of eccentric storytelling and their latest -- O Brother, Where Art Thou? -- is no exception. Based on Homer's Odyssey, no less, it follows the bizarrely ragtag adventures of three escaped ... Read More
An Analysis of The Big Lebowski, a Film Noir by the Coen Brothers (963 words, 2 pages)
All the Dude wants is his rug back.When thinking about the film noir genre, ones thoughts usually turn to a private detective in a dark alley smoking a cigarette, wearing a trench coat and a fedora. What about a lazy bum in a bowling alley drinking a white russian and ... Read More
A Critical Review of the Elements in the Movie The Big Lebowski by the Coen brothers (563 words, 1 pages)
All of the relationships among the elements in the film the Big Lebowski may seem to be enigmatic with each other, but this style of film creates an integrated system of disunity. The Coen brothers demonstrate this style through various motifs through out the film, from the main character's name ... Read More
The Infamous Movie Fargo by Coen Brothers (768 words, 3 pages)
Feminist Theory towards FargoI was once told that the famous Coen brothers liked to make and direct movies in a seemingly ordinary setting, yet with a strange plot. A perfect example of this twist of events would be the infamous movie, Fargo. Fargo begins with a small town that we ... Read More
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