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An Analysis of Gentlemen (1718 words, 2 pages)
Do Gentlemen Prefer Mildred? The male- female dynamic permeates nearly all examples of classical Hollywood cinema. The goal of the protagonist, who is most often a man, is to conquer both his private and personal objectives, in order to achieve his ultimate goal, which is to get the girl in ... Read More
Picture Analysis: Migrant Mother’s Photograph (328 words, 1 pages)
Dorothea Lange took the photograph of Migrant Mother in 1936. It is a black and white photograph and shows a family that is poor and suffering. The family is poor, but the photograph shows that the mother is strong and is trying to take care of her children. The family ... Read More
An Analysis of Gender Roles in History Relating to Work and Home (1425 words, 5 pages)
A risk of stereotypical portrayals is that they may socialize parents to identify their role in the spectrum from affectionate caregiver to deadbeat absentee. Many researchers may agree that attitudes towards gender roles have become more egalitarian over time, however the evidence of this trend towards equality, such as the ... Read More
An Analysis of Gender Roles in Fairy Tales (1636 words, 5 pages)
Who Has The Power Males or Females?In the 21st century, feminism is an emerging topic, which can be seen through various artists works. When examining fairy tales, one can see that gender roles are different. For example, Cinderella has been considered too passive as a heroine, Little Red Riding Hood ... Read More
An Analysis of Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Vietnam (3666 words, 7 pages)
Was Johnsons foreign war in Vietnam doomed because of his domestic war on poverty? There were many issues of Lyndon B Johnsons presidency term from 1963 to 1969 which played a significant role in dooming his foreign war in Vietnam. The Vietnam war which unofficially began in 1955 lasted until ... Read More
A Comparative Analysis of a Credit Line and a Revolving Credit (896 words, 4 pages)
A line of credit and a revolving credit agreement are similar and related finance terms. They are at times used interchangeably since only a slight difference exists between them. The lack of a clear distinction between these two terms has led to their abuse by many people. This paper elaborates ... Read More
An Ethical Analysis of a Case Involving the Assault on a Student by a Teacher (899 words, 4 pages)
IntroductionThe internship is a temporary and carefully monitored work experience designed for interns to acquire skills and qualifications in their field of study. The internship is also necessary for training learners for white collar jobs and professional careers. It involves the exchange of service for experience between the student and ... Read More
An Analysis of Whether or Not the Opposition to Apartheid was Successful in 1948 to 1959 (821 words, 2 pages)
How accurate is it to say that opposition to apartheid in the years 1948-59 was largely unsuccessful? There was much opposition to Apartheid up to 1959 from when it was first implemented in 1948 by the National Party. The National Party introduced Apartheid into legislation as a system of racial ... Read More
An Analysis of a Retelling of William Shakespeare for Children (594 words, 2 pages)
We live in a society plagued with the issue of prestige. Someone is seen as a higher class member if they own expensive and rare items or lives in a mansion. However, for someone who cannot afford those frivolous purchases, there is a different route to the upper class education. ... Read More
An Analysis of the Security System Implemented in Healtheon (1146 words, 4 pages)
From what I researched and studied, Healtheons security system implemented protocols, designs, and technologies still widely used today. They definitely made their security a priority. Their use of technologies such as two factor authentication, RSA key pairs, and SSL sessions demonstrate their want to make their security system as future-proof ... Read More
A Comparative Analysis of Mozart’s Sonata for Piano No. 16 and Abendempfindung (1205 words, 5 pages)
Mozart, musical manifestoMozarts Sonata for Piano No. 16 in C major, K. 545 'Sonata semplice' I. Allegro, and Abendempfindung are two of his somewhat well-known pieces. In Piano Sonata No. 16, the first movement is written in classic sonata form and is in the key of C major. It is ... Read More
A Critical Analysis of Three Policing Strategies That Have Been Implemented in Australia (702 words, 3 pages)
White, R 2009, Ethnic diversity and differential policing in Australia the good, the bad and the ugly, Journal of International Migration and Integration, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 359-375. Summary of key pointsThis paper critically analyses three contrasting policing strategies that have been implemented in recent times throughout Australia. White ... Read More
A Movie Analysis of Tambien La Lluvia (358 words, 2 pages)
Tambien la lluvia is a film essentially about the 2000 Cochabamba protests. Two characters, Sebastian and Costa, are shooting a film in Bolivia about the conquest of Christopher Columbus. One of their main actors ends up being involved in the protests, leaving the two directors in a moral dilemma. The ... Read More
A Lab Report on the Analysis of the Flow Coefficient of a Valve, the Centrifugal Pump, and the Net Positive Suction Head (2732 words, 24 pages)
SummaryThe objective of this experiment was to determine the flow coefficient of a valve, and analyze the major components of a centrifugal pump, pump characteristic curves and efficiencies compared to manufacturers data, and study NPSH (net positive suction head). This experiment was done with an experimental apparatus composed of a ... Read More
An Analysis of the Book of Judith as a Fiction (1461 words, 6 pages)
The Book of Judith Fiction or Scripture?The Book of Judith is included among the Bibles apocryphal texts. Although its excluded from the Hebrew Bible, the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches include it as part of their Old Testament. The text features several themes and motifs of the Old Testament, ... Read More
A Literary Analysis of Christine Hauser’s Argument on the Post of Kim Kardashian on Social Media (1076 words, 3 pages)
In F.D.A. Warns Company Over Kardashian Instagram Marketing Christine Hauser states the recent event of Kim Kardashians latest social media promotion on a morning sickness pill. The pill, called Diclegis, was brought to her attention by a company that reached out to her. Hauser then explain that the F.D.A. was ... Read More
An Analysis of Trade and Conquest in History (862 words, 4 pages)
Trade and conquest are vital factors in uniting people of diverse cultures together. While conquest brought the people together, trade allowed for them to stay together. Alexander the Great started using these factors and set an example for the next rulers to come. These two crucial factors were then utilized ... Read More
An Analysis of the Approaches to the Local Politics of Environmental Issues (3236 words, 11 pages)
Development is the strategy of evasion. When you cant give people land reform, give them hybrid cows. When you cant send children to school, try non-formal education. When you cant provide basic health to people, talk of health insurance. Cant give them jobs? Not to worry, just redefine the words ... Read More
An Analysis of the Jamaica Economy (644 words, 3 pages)
Life and Debt details the Jamaican struggle to develop a sufficient, independent economy as they forge the way in their attempt to recover from the globalization that has taken a hold on their markets. Globalization, as depicted by the producers of the movie, is the condition in which multinational countries ... Read More
An Analysis of the Inception, an Sci-Fi Triller Movie by Christoper Nolan (1493 words, 6 pages)
Awake but Dreaming The Creation of Worlds in Nolan's InceptionIn Christopher Nolan's 2010 sci-fi heist thriller Inception, the most dangerous thing you could be is asleep. Set in real time, professional thief Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his team of dream-stealers infiltrate and alter the subconscious minds of business professionals ... Read More
An Analysis of the Ebola (428 words, 2 pages)
Ebola Ebola, an infectious and generally fatal disease marked by fever and severe internal bleeding, has made international headlines as it has reached its largest epidemic in history. According to the New York Times, over 13,000 people in Africa have contracted the Ebola virus this year and approximately 5,000 have ... Read More
An Analysis of the G.I.Jane, a Fan-Favorite Film Directed by Ridley Scott (3880 words, 12 pages)
AbstractThe military has never looked too kindly on women wanting to work in combat related jobs. Throughout history, the military has proved to be somewhat sexist when it comes to women in the workplace in general. Over the years, more and more movies have come out representing women in roles ... Read More
A Comparative Analysis of Science and Pseudoscience (462 words, 2 pages)
Science vs PseudoscienceScience is a term that is used quite often, but what happens when the things one learns prove to be false? As a researcher, one has to be very aware and able to readily recognize the difference between fact and fiction. The term science can be defined as ... Read More
An Analysis of In the Rear-View Mirror by George Bernard Shaw (1346 words, 3 pages)
In the Rear-View Mirror Analysis IB November 2008 Paper 1Shaws poem In the Rear-View Mirror is of a man driving away from his loved ones into a new life, narrating the different stages in his journey as the distance grows and the changes in the relative sizes of the people ... Read More
An Analysis of the Relation between Gender and Health (697 words, 3 pages)
This weeks readings and lectures focused on gender and health. The connection between these two topics tends to be kept under wraps because they can have a controversial relationship. Procedures that are normalized in one culture may cause uproar in a cross cultural context. We see an example of this ... Read More
A Comparative Analysis of the Movie Amelie and Paris Je T’Aime (1590 words, 7 pages)
Despite the obvious mutual backgroundParis, Amlie (Jeunet, 2001) and Paris Je T'Aime(Various, 2006) are also similar to their expression between realism and surrealism. By exploring certain aspects in sound, cinematography, Mise-en-Scene and narration, we may gain a better understanding of the relationship between those symbolic elements and (sur)realism. Blending fantasy ... Read More
An Analysis of the Essay of Dubus (337 words, 2 pages)
I found Dubuss essay complicated yet oddly understandable. It was complicated because he included many intricate details, such as, I could move the turret in a circular way by pressing a button, and I looked through binoculars for planes or ships in the 180-degree arc of our port side. Dubus ... Read More
An Analysis of the Portrayal of Black Male Sexuality in Mass Media (1786 words, 4 pages)
Discovering Black Male SexualityAn Analysis of the Portrayal of Black Male Sexuality in Mass MediaIntroductionSexuality is a phenomenon that is elastic while being simultaneously stationary. Its definition has shifted and molded with the coming and going of each new era, adapting and adopting new stigmas and structure. However, in spite ... Read More
An Analysis of Female Circumcision in the Different Literary Works (1375 words, 5 pages)
Female CircumcisionThere is no question that when one crosses country borders, the culture changes. Along with cultural changes, the view of what is typically normal in everyday life changes, as well. Thats why when someone leaves the United States for an extended period of time, they experience what is known ... Read More
An Analysis of the Document The Spirit of ’45 (1704 words, 8 pages)
The Oxford dictionary defines a turning point as a time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs, a label which has been frequently applied to the year 1979. Certainly, when the Conservativescame to power under the premiership of Margaret Thatcher, Britain shifted considerably to the right on the ... Read More
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