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A Personal Narrative on Experiencing a Car Crash (744 words, 2 pages)
Teacher's comments A very well told story-that the reader shares with you! 1920 "Crash" The sky was as clear as a calm sea, not a trace of disturbance in the distance. It was a beautiful day to be outside. "Hey kids! Grab your bikes and let's go for a ride!" ... Read More
A Survey of Works from the Art Institute of Chicago (4914 words, 10 pages)
Thursday, June 26 was a very beautiful day to visit the Art Institute of Chicago. Because I was not willing to take the train to Union Station alone, I brought a friend and fellow art enthusiast with me. I was surprised to see that the museum had attracted so many ... Read More
Creative Short Story about Wolf (3311 words, 11 pages)
It was an amazingly beautiful day for a run, but then again, the weather never mattered much to Wolf. He stared wistfully out of the window in his mothers breakfast nook and sipped on his coffee. A list of things to do spun around in the hamster-wheel of his mind.His ... Read More
A Strange Car Accident That Injured My Mom’s Leg (762 words, 2 pages)
Life is very precious. It is a beautiful thing that can be taken away in the blink of an eye. Nobody ever wants to think of their loved ones dying, but in just less than a second, a person can go from alive to dead. The accident had happened so ... Read More
The Influences of my Life (869 words, 2 pages)
A gush of tears at grandparents' farewell kiss, a touch in my throatwhen the pilot started the plane, and the bright, curious, and eagergirl boarded on the plane on January 18, 2010, leaving to the landfilled with the promise of endless possibilities--the United States.Growing up in an urban city, I ... Read More
A Tragic Experience (295 words, 1 pages)
It was the summer of 95 a beautiful day, the sky was blue with not a cloud in sight. The aroma of barbeque filled the air. As I sat under the towering tree playing with my friends, I heard ear-splitting sound of my brother screaming my name as he approached ... Read More
The Tragedy: My Worst Life Experience (375 words, 1 pages)
Have you ever experienced an event where you almost died? I haveexperienced three of them but the most haunting one occurred when I wasjust seven. I almost drowned which was frightening. It happened duringspring break.My mom woke me up at 900 a.m. I got up from bed, and I went ... Read More
A Review of The Sorrows of Young Werther, a Novel by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (383 words, 3 pages)
In the form of an epistolary novel, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 1832) wrote the semi-autobiographical The Sorrows of Young Werther within a matter of weeks. The novel is a compilation of letters from Werther to his friend, Wilhelm, and is assembled by an unknown third narrator. This anonymous narrator ... Read More
Cameron Park Zoo: The Perfect Place to Relax and Enjoy the Beautiful Day Outdoor (904 words, 3 pages)
Wacos Hidden GemLocated in Cameron Park at the intersection of the Brazos and Bosque Rivers, the Cameron Park Zoo is a great way for Wacoans to pass the time outdoors. The zoo is nestled deep in Cameron Park, one of Texas largest municipal parks. The zoo overlooks both rivers and ... Read More
Diversity in Personality and Experience in Lifeguard’s Dream, a Photograph by Joseph Szabo (1080 words, 4 pages)
Lifeguard's Dream, by Joseph Szabo, is, superficially, a playful photograph. Taken on Jones Beach in 1972, the photograph depicts a humorous contrast between the young and the aging. It is a beautiful day at the beach. Fresh-faced teenage girls are giggling, gasping, and relaxing in each others company. Meanwhile, a ... Read More
An Outline of a Speech on the Effects of No Wi-Fi in Colleges on Student Health (939 words, 4 pages)
Introduction(Attention Getter) Who here would rather sit in a library on a sunny day then outside? Well what about when you have school work that requires Wi-Fi? If you are at Midlands Tech then you have no choice except to sit inside to do your work and miss the beautiful ... Read More
A Summary and Analysis of The Lottery by Shirley Jackson (1368 words, 4 pages)
The lottery, written by Shirley Jackson is a short story with an unexpected ending. It started out as a beautiful day in a town of New England, when all families were in the mood for festivity. It was lottery day, which does not seem as a negative notion or tradition ... Read More
The Conflict of Man vs. Self Depicted through the Character of Meursalt in The Stranger, a Novel by Albert Camus (1044 words, 4 pages)
Monsieur Meursalt Against HimselfIn the book The Stranger by Albert Camus, the main character, Monsieur Meursalt, suffers the loss of his mother in the very beginning. This throws Meursalt in a downward spiral. He commits several crimes and has no emotions throughout a majority of the book. No matter what ... Read More
Children Today Would Rather Stay In and Play Video Games Than Go Outside (1370 words, 6 pages)
A Huge Generation GapThe endless possibilities that sunny days bring used to be something that every child looked forward to. Whether it was racing down the street on bicycles or playing a never-ending football game with friends, there was always something to do on a beautiful day. Nowadays, rather than ... Read More
An Analysis of the Short Story The Lottery by Shirley Jackson (727 words, 1 pages)
The Lottery written by Shirley Jackson is a short story which takes place in a small village on the day of June 27th. The Villagers would come together on the beautiful day for the annual lottery the Lottery was an event which was held in once out of the year ... Read More
The Dangers of Using Cell Phones While Driving (1462 words, 4 pages)
Cell Phone Use and Driving Picture this, you are driving home on a beautiful day and you hear that familiar noise coming from your phone telling you have a new text message, you have your eyes off the road for just a few seconds and when you are least expecting ... Read More
The Benefits of Technology to Society (589 words, 1 pages)
Some one would say that technology would be men down fall. Some would say that technology is to blame for the evils in this world. That the Internet is a breeding ground for criminals. Cell phones cause accidents. Power ful weapons being made more and more by theological advances. Im ... Read More
A Lost and a Battered Spirit Is Enough for Today (1033 words, 3 pages)
My alarm rang extra loud that day. The combination of the excessively high decibel level and the constant repetition was enough to make me jump right out of bed and turn the damn thing off. I was not going to snooze today. Nope, not today, today was a big day. ... Read More
A Bright Sunny Day Turned Red (487 words, 1 pages)
The Man of my LifeOn January 16, 1994, something happened that changed my life forever. My parents and I were going to spend the day at the lake, because it was a beautiful day. My dad was happier than ever, but then two thieves came inside the house to kill ... Read More
A Summary of John Keats’ Life and Achievements (204 words, 1 pages)
-John Keats was born in 1795 and died in 1821-John Keats was born in Moorfield, England-John Keats had two brothers, George and Tom, and a sister Fanny-At the age of 23, John Keats saw his brother die of tuberculosis-John Keats was under five feet tall but he liked to fight, ... Read More
A Comparison of the Aquafina and Evian Brand Waters (958 words, 2 pages)
Parting The WatersThe majority of the planet is inundated with it. Without it our bodies would shrivel up like raisins and we would die. Sit down in any restaurant and almost instantly someone will pour you a glass, free of charge and without ordering a thing. Walk down most any ... Read More
Exercise and Health (416 words, 1 pages)
Exercise and HealthRegular exercise enhances a persons sense of mental well being along with their general physical health. Walking on a beautiful day will actually increase a persons heartbeat. That means that hisher pumps are being cleaned, running through persons body would be oxygenated blood, and the burning of calories. ... Read More
An Analysis of the Motives for the Killings of a Murderer Jeffrey Dahmer (975 words, 3 pages)
Its a beautiful day. The sun is out and the birds are chirping. Breakfast is ready and the kids are actually cooperating with their morning rituals preparing for school. You sit down at the kitchen table with a steaming cup of coffee, breathing in serenity, as you begin to indulge ... Read More
A Fictional Journal of an Old Woman Mourning Her Husband and Dealing with the Consequences of Old Age (3051 words, 9 pages)
May 1 Dear Diary, Today is the first day of the rest of my life. This is what my husband told me on our wedding day. That wonderful, beautiful day was the first day of the rest of my life too. God, how I miss him. I never expected life ... Read More
The Impact of the Woodstock Music Festival to the World (1534 words, 3 pages)
Woodstock, the Festival of the Flower Children, has had a huge impact upon the world that we live in now. Not only did it cause so much happiness and pain in 1969, but even in today's society, there are no signs of it fading away. The music of that generation ... Read More
A Short Story of Ireland, Creative Writing (2816 words, 4 pages)
It was a beautiful day on the open fields of Ireland. A comfortable cottage was the only item dotting the landscape for at least five miles. The door opened, and out stepped a young man. He was not too tall, his blonde hair gathered behind him in a ponytail. His ... Read More
The Possible Changes in the Catholic Church Presented in Joshua and the Shepherd by Joseph Girzone (1309 words, 5 pages)
Joshua and the Shepherd Copyright 1990 by Joseph GirzonePublished by Simon Schuster Inc. The book Joshua and The Shepherd is a novel, in which the author creates a model forthe Catholic Church. The author, Joseph Girzone, presents the reader with many changes thatcould be made to the Catholic Church. He ... Read More
The Creative Writing, The Ride to Sacramento (872 words, 1 pages)
The RideIt was a beautiful day and definitely not forewarning of the events that would change my life. The warm Las Vegas sun was shining brightly in the blue and cloudless sky. A light breeze cooled the warm air just enough to stop the body from sweating. The breeze was ... Read More
An Introduction to the Essay on the Topic of the Missed Fly Ball (1317 words, 2 pages)
The Missed Fly BallFinal DraftIt was only a fly ball, but I missed it. I missed a fly ball in the final baseball game my 3rd grade year . It was a beautiful day, a few clouds covering the extremely blue summer sky. It was very hot. I remember this ... Read More
Life Lessons from the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (863 words, 2 pages)
GambitAs I sat down in front of my computer to begin writing this essay, the phone rang. It was my friend Chris, asking me if I wanted to go jet skiing with his family. I noticed that it was a beautiful day as I looked through the kitchen window. I ... Read More
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