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Reflecting on Chemistry Class (398 words, 2 pages)
I am majoring in nursing this year as a junior I have chemistry. I am very fascinated by my chemistry professor because she is always so clear in her explanations, and i could always understand what she is trying to get at. Mrs. Stanczyk is one of the coolest teachers ... Read More
Formal and Partial Changes in Chemistry (395 words, 2 pages)
The concepts of formal charge and partial charge are useful to chemists when dealing with Lewis structures. Formal charge is the difference between valence electrons and the number of electrons assigned to an atom that shows if an atom is positive or negative. Partial charge is the affinity for electrons ... Read More
Technology of Bio-Chemistry (38642 words, 30 pages)
1.1.3 Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Bio-analytical ChemistryAmong all mass spectrometry applications, the bio-analytical applications have been paid the most attention to in the past decade. A biological sample usually contains several categories of molecules, including DNARNA, protein, lipids and other small molecules. After the development of genome research, people ... Read More
Chemistry Laboratory Experiment for Density (225 words, 1 pages)
The purpose of this lab was to find the density of different objects byfinding their mass and volumes. I believe that, if the mass increases,then the density will increase. To investigate this hypothesis, my groupused a triple beam balance, a graduated cylinder, and a . We hadfive samples. These included ... Read More
An Introduction to Biochemistry and an Experiment on the Optimum Temperature of Enzymes (1046 words, 4 pages)
Introduction to Biochemistry and EnzymesGlucose00Glucose is a hexose shaped 6 carbon sugar, it is a basic unit of carbohydrate and is needed by cells for respiration. Respiration happens within animals and plants, as it is the release of energy for all life processes. Glucose is the substrate of respiration which ... Read More
A Biochemistry Experiment to Determine the Effect of Changing the Rate of Reaction in Increasing the Concentration of Enzyme Catalyse (2378 words, 8 pages)
Biochemistry and Enzymes1. See diagram attached of the chemical structure of glucose. See diagram attached of how two glucose molecules join together.AmyloseSee diagram attached.Glycogen See diagram attached.Cellulose See diagram attached. Glucose is a type of sugar that is found within the bloodstream, it is transported through the bloodstream supplying energy ... Read More
The Study on the Interactions Between the Chemical Components of the Earth Through Geochemistry (348 words, 2 pages)
Earth science involves the study of the earth's physical components.These components include water, land, air and all the processes thatinfluence them. Essentially, Earth scientists tend to study the physicalspheres of the earth. A logical system is created by the interaction ofthese physical components of the earth. Through geochemistry, earthscientists can ... Read More
The Chemistry of Making Advertisements (422 words, 1 pages)
When it comes to using physics and the kinematic terms in an advertising campaign, I would think that the consumer would become the object that would be used in the equations. Kinematics focuses on the motion of an object, and the relationship between the position, velocity, and acceleration. Position is ... Read More
An Overview the Application of Group Theory in Chemistry (1980 words, 9 pages)
A Review of Group Theory in Chemistry and its ApplicationsIntroductionGroup theory is a central topic in the discipline of abstract algebra, however, its application is also critical to many problems and areas of chemistry. Group theory offers a systematic method for classifying crystal structure, determining spectroscopic properties, and understanding molecular ... Read More
The Chemistry in the Ozone Layer and Scientific Assessment of the Earth’s Stratosphere (372 words, 3 pages)
The ozone layer is a stratum in the earths stratosphere at an altitude of about 10 kilometers with a high concentration of ozone gas (World Meteorological Organization, 2010). This layer absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiation reaching the earth from the sun. Chlorofluorocarbons are organic compounds that contain carbon and ... Read More
The Importance and Application of Green Chemistry (1865 words, 8 pages)
OBJECTIVES To assist students to enhance their analytical and research skills and to help them in bolstering creativity and innovativeness.To make students aware about the Green Chemistry, its basic principles and its application especially in environmental context.To make students environmentally conscious and to make them aware about the urgency and ... Read More
The Application of Chemistry in Limiting Environmental Hazards (1865 words, 7 pages)
IntroductionWhat comes in your mind when you hear the word chemistry? Do you visualize the laboratory or does your mind starts picturizing all sorts of symbols and chemical reactions? Many of us feel that chemistry is only about balancing and naming organic compounds but if we just spare some hours ... Read More
Replacing Polluting Technologies in Chemistry: Green and Clean, an Article by Jennifer Weeks (407 words, 2 pages)
Analysis Essay Global warming and climate changing have been the most discussed topics for the past decade. Unprecedented high temperatures as well as the increase in pollution urge the scientists to find a way to fix the problem fasts. Scientists and researchers from many different aspects of science had been ... Read More
Finding the Correct Reaction in an Experiment on Altering the Chemistry of Baking Soda Using Stoichiometry and Balancing Equation (748 words, 4 pages)
PurposeThe goal of this lab is for students to experimentally and scientifically determine which of the three reactions is correct. The goal would be completed by chemically alter the chemistry of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). Students will need to use stoichiometry to determine which reaction is actually occurring inside the ... Read More
An Overview of Chemistry and Its Importance to Our Everyday Life (666 words, 3 pages)
Our whole universe is made up of matter which is continuously altering their forms and growing into other forms of energy. We use chemistry from the very begging of our lives until its very end, the toothpaste we use to clean our teeth is made up of abrasives, fluoride, and ... Read More
A History of Chemistry and Its Elements (1363 words, 3 pages)
Chemistry is a branch of physical science pertaining to theproperties and composition of matter, and the interactions betweensubstances. All matter is made up of elements, and elements are substancesthat are made up entirely of one atom that is in the simplest form ofmatter because it cannot be broken down by ... Read More
A Lab Project Report on the Aldol-Dehydration Chemistry Using Unknown Aldehydes and Ketones (1288 words, 6 pages)
Project 11 Aldol-Dehydration Chemistry Using Unknown Aldehydes KetonesExperimental ProcedureProject 11.1 Preparation Characterization of Aldol-Dehydration ProductThe assigned unknowns used in this experiment were aldehyde 3 and ketone B 0.8mL and 0.2mL, respectively. The unknowns were combined in a 25mL Erlenmeyer flask with 4mL 95 ethanol and 3mL 2M sodium hydroxide. The ... Read More
An Analysis of The Complex Chemistry of Love (2060 words, 7 pages)
For centuries and still today, love is one of the most discussed topics around the world. Many of us have felt powerfully attracted and attached to love that at some point, we spend our whole lives searching for someone to complete us and attain a level of happiness that society ... Read More
The Importance of Chemistry in Photography (1117 words, 4 pages)
I do not have a straight career path or any idea what I want to do as a job later in life, but I do have many hobbies and many different passions thatif I were lucky enoughcould become my job in life. One of those passions happens to be photography. ... Read More
A Discussion on the Idea of Building Team Chemistry within the Field of Sport Psychology (1659 words, 6 pages)
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. Michael JordanIntroduction Humans are social creatures or so goes the age-old adage that attempts to explain why human beings group together. However, the adage only goes so far, and does not explain why it can be so hard for humans to ... Read More
A Chemistry Lab Report: Recrystallization of an Unknown Soluble Compound (356 words, 1 pages)
Title of Experiment Recrystallization of an UnknownObjectives The purpose of this experiment is to determine the chemical identityof an Unknown soluble compound in the most accurate methods possible.However we will first have to separate it from two other solutes throughfiltration and recrystallization. The best method of classification isdetermination by melting ... Read More
An Analysis of China’s Pollution in Atmospheric Chemistry: China’s Choking Cocktail by Marrku Kulmala (560 words, 3 pages)
Article Analysis 4Source Kulmala, Markku. "Atmospheric Chemistry Chinas Choking Cocktail." NaturePublishing Group, 21 Oct. 2015. Web. 02 Nov. 2015.In an article from the website Nature News and Comment named Atmospheric Chemistry Chinas Choking Cocktail, Markku Kulmala expresses her belief about pollution, that the cleaning of city air, in areas ... Read More
The Contributions of Joseph Priestly in the Field of Chemistry (885 words, 4 pages)
Have you ever questioned the air you breathe every second? Have you ever given any thought to where the information comes from that we learn in science class? There are over 100 elements on the periodic table and yet the general public truly understands so few of them if any. ... Read More
A Contrast between the Panoptic Structure and a Chemistry Class (1228 words, 5 pages)
In a civilization comprised of millions of human beings, how do we maintain law and order? Yes, there are laws, rules, and regulations that are written for society to follow, but the question that stands out in my mind is, "who makes the rules and what makes us obey them?" ... Read More
An Examination of Go-Pills and Its Background, Chemistry, and Application (969 words, 3 pages)
I. Thesisa. Go-Pills are a critical instrument utilized by the United States Air Force to improve human efficiency in completing a mission, carefully managed by chemical principles. b. This is only a working thesis and may be altered during or after the writing of this paper.II. Backgrounda. Dextroamphetamine, also known ... Read More
The Graph Theory: History, Overview and Use in Chemistry (2498 words, 10 pages)
Mathematics is truly the epitome of defining a versatile subject in academia. To define its properties would be limiting its potential, however to investigate its presence in different fields of study would be to emphasize mathematics applicability and pertinence in both what can be simply by the naked eye and ... Read More
The History and Science of Nuclear Chemistry (1787 words, 6 pages)
Nuclear Chemistry IntroductionSince the ancient times, humans tried to influence the world around them. Some attempts were more successful than others. For example, ancient alchemists attempted but utterly failed to turn different substances into gold. However, their failures played an important role in the evolution of modern science and the ... Read More
A Biography and Achievements of the German Scientist Fritz Haber in the Field of Chemistry (643 words, 4 pages)
Chemistry-Scientist ProjectFritz HaberFritz Haber was born in December 9th, 1864 in Breslau, Germany (now Wroclaw, Poland). While his father was a successful importer of dyes and pigments, Haber was reluctant to follow in his fathers footsteps. He, however, was intrigued with chemistry by doing many chemical experiments during his high ... Read More
An Analysis of the Cannabis and Biochemistry in The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan (1020 words, 5 pages)
Today in the modern world many of us are unaware of what led humanity to reach the apex, it was agriculture, we went from nomads to farmers, the birth of civilization. The coevolution of plants and humans began around 10,000 years ago with the rise of agriculture (Pollan, 2001). Along ... Read More
The Antioxidant Impact of the Consumption of Mangosteen Supplement on the Chemistry of a Participant’s Blood (632 words, 3 pages)
The purpose of the study is to examine the antioxidant effects ofMangosteen. Mangosteen contains Xanthones, which are known to showantioxidant properties (Kondo 8788-8792). The aim of the study was to testwhether or not the consumption of a Xanthone-rich formula would affect thechemistry of participant's blood. If antioxidant levels-measured usingOxygen radical ... Read More
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