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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Who Is Hero Essay Example

When defining the term of “hero” in an academic paper, you ought to pay attention to a large array of distinct factors. For instance, you may either write a paper about a personal hero, or you may talk about a tragic hero in one of your essays. Regardless of the situation, you ought to follow the subject with precision. In this article, in addition to talking about what it means to be a hero, we’ll also discuss some of the essential features that any hero should possess. This way, you’ll be aware of every single aspect that needs to be included in your essay. No two people are completely alike. Therefore, two different people may have a different understanding of the same notion. Nevertheless, when it comes to the definition of the term of “hero,” virtually any individual will express the same idea. A hero is someone who possesses outstanding qualities such as bravery, strength or determination. In addition to that, a hero never refuses to help or, when necessary, even rescue someone from a difficult situation. Other features that heroes generally possess are wit, altruism, compassion or empathy, in addition to a lot of other positive characteristics. Nevertheless, the way in which people define a hero has evolved throughout the years. For example, during the dark ages, when people heard the word 'hero,' they thought of a warrior or a knight. In those times, heroism involved being courageous and powerful. In the Middle Ages, a hero was very good at fighting with a sword. However, as time progressed and humanity evolved, people’s understanding of heroism has become very different. A hero is someone who possesses a superpower in our days. This is how heroes are generally portrayed in novels or movies. Nowadays, a hero is someone who can destroy a whole building with just one punch, who has an astonishing level of perception, who has superhuman visual and auditive capabilities and who never fails to rescue people from evil threats. We’re talking about movie and comic book characters like Spiderman, Batman or Wonder Woman. Superheroes have greatly influenced our brains. Today, we don’t regard someone like Robin Hood as a hero anymore. For the most part, this change in our perception of heroes originates in modern inventions as well as the ever-growing popularity of mass media and social networks. While in Antiquity or in the Middle Ages any regular person could become a hero, nowadays no one is considered a hero unless they possess magical abilities or superpowers. This is because a lot of people no longer have faith in their own strength and skills, which is a pretty sad thing. Nowadays, people have the tendency of thinking that only someone with superhuman power, such as Superman, has what it takes to rescue humanity from disasters and evil villains. In my opinion, it is very wrong to think this way! People ought to acknowledge the fact that heroism is a quality that can be found in each and every one of us. With these right characteristics and determination, everyone can be a hero. This statement may be regarded as far-fetched, but it is actually true. If we really want to, we can all be courageous, compassionate and sympathetic to the issues other people face. I’d like to conclude by saying that for me, the best possible example of a hero is none other than my own father. He is a really good person who does everything in his power to keep my mother and me safe. No matter the situation is, he always makes us feel loved and protected. I sincerely believe that this represents the essential features that any true hero ought to have. Everyone has their own people whom they regard as heroes. We all understand the term of “hero” in a different way. From my perspective, we can all be regarded as heroes, at least by those we do nice things for. To become a true hero, everything you need to do is to truly struggle to become a better person. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our hero definition essay example. If you need any extra help with your assignment, feel free to order an essay from us!