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An Analysis of the 1998 Newsweek Article "The Parent Trap" (1497 words, 6 pages)
Midterm PaperBegley, S. (1998). The Parent Trap. Newsweek, Sept.7, 52-59.The article I chose was taken from Newsweek, titled, The Parent Trap. Thearticle adressed the age-old debate over nature versus nurture, highlighting theories of theauthor of a controversial book, The Nuture Assumption Why Children Turn Out theWay They Do Parents Matter ... Read More
The Sides of the Conservatives and Liberals on Gun Control in Gun Control in the U.S., a Newsweek Article by Tamara Lytle (948 words, 3 pages)
In the Newsweek article Gun Control in the U.S. Tamara Lytle explores the debate between conservatives and liberals about gun control. The author states that liberals support having strict laws, registering for gun license, and checking the backgrounds of gun buyer. Conservatives, however, believe in pursuing gun rights for people ... Read More
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