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Being A Teacher in Teach for America (694 words, 2 pages)
Why do you seek to join Teach For America?What would you hope to accomplish as a corps member?How would you determine your success as a corps member?It is in the classroom where many students find their safe haven anddevelop strong characters, personal accountability, and leadershipskills. Despite teaching under various conditions, ... Read More
The True Value in Being a Teacher (731 words, 1 pages)
Students who are preparing for graduation and expecting a degree in Elementary Education should have an accurate idea on what is meant to be a teacher. Of course, it all depends on what perspective you are looking in. Most students who are engaging in becoming a teacher have specific ideas ... Read More
Being a Teacher a Life of Fulfillment (2964 words, 5 pages)
Being an Early year's teacher is not only a career, but a vocation. For many teachers it is their life, they do not just appear in the classroom at nine each morning and finish at three in the afternoon. Hours of planning and preparation have been completed before teachers can ... Read More
A Personal Opinion on What Being a Teacher Means (576 words, 1 pages)
After the longest semester of my college career, and endless hours of Learning and Teaching homework, I think Ive come up with my limited and juvenile definition of being a teacher. Although the fact still remains, that I will not become a teacher, I believe that a teacher is a ... Read More
Difficulties of Being a Teacher (750 words, 2 pages)
I don't know the thing which I am going to talk about had happened some place else or not, but it truly occurred in Taiwan. One day, I arrived home and I was sitting on a chair, suddenly, something got my attention. It was a breaking news titled with "student ... Read More
A Creative Essay of Being a Teacher (376 words, 1 pages)
I am a teacher like a salmon returning home from the ocean. With me I carry an over powering instinct to return to the waters where I was born no matter what the cost. I will struggle with predators, obstacles, and above all, the current of the river. I must ... Read More
An Overview of Being a Teacher (418 words, 1 pages)
Consider how likely you would be to agree if one offers you the opportunity to better your health and your physique while at the same time getting rid of the everyday stresses. I once read that for college students, minor hassles, rather than major life events tend to maintain stress ... Read More
The Creative Writing, Being a Teacher (3982 words, 7 pages)
I decided that I wanted to be a teacher when I was at the age of thirteen. I decided this because I always wanted to know what was on the other side of being a student, what it was like to be the teacher teaching, not the student learning. But ... Read More
True Meaning of Being a Teacher (246 words, 1 pages)
In my opinion everyone is in fact a teacher in his or her own right. A teacher is anyone that teaches another an important lesson, a person that shapes anothers life. A teacher is someone who helps a person to get on the right path, who is there to lead ... Read More
The Importance and Reward of Being a Teacher (483 words, 2 pages)
From an early age my chosen profession has been teaching.My enthusiasm has been supported by my work experience placements at localfirst schools. Both these experiences taught me a lot, especially about theneeds and characters of young children. On a daily basis I worked with thosechildren who needed extra time and ... Read More
A Writer's Journey to Being a Teacher In The Early Days (506 words, 1 pages)
After reading the second chapter, I found out many answers to some of the questions that I had. One of the topics that both the first and second chapter mentioned was, how easy it was to become a teacher in earlier days. Since I enjoy history and was particularly interested ... Read More
Parallelism Between Undergoing Psychoanalytical Therapy and Being a Teacher (1374 words, 3 pages)
Title "Being a Teacher and Doing Therapy a MUST?"Psychoanalytical therapy is the classic and best-known modality of therapya patient, a psychologist and a couch. Founded by Sigmund Freud,psychoanalytical therapy (also known as "talk therapy") is aimed at helpingpeople overcome problems. It has grown popular throughout the last decadesand the number ... Read More
My Experience of Volunteering at the Central Florida Leadership Academy: What I Learnt About Being a Teacher (644 words, 2 pages)
Final ReflectionThis past semester and school year I volunteered at the Central Florida Leadership Academy. This is a charter school about 20 minutes away towards down town Orlando. The school contained both middle school and high school students. I chose to complete my service with a high school math teacher ... Read More
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