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Question Examples for a Geography Class (1578 words, 8 pages)
What is meant by geodetic datum? (1 mark)Geodetic datums (1) were created to define the size and shape of the Earth and the origin and orientation of the coordinate systems used to map the planet. Hundreds of different datums have been used to frame position descriptions since the first estimates ... Read More
A Geography of Algonquin Park (1379 words, 3 pages)
CHAPTER ONE TRIP OVERVIEW AND NAVIGATION Submitted by Rich Grover INTRODUCTION Algonquin Park is the oldest and most famous provincial park in Ontario and one of the largest in Canada. It stretches across 7,725 kilometers of wild and beautiful lakes and forests, bogs and rivers, cliffs and beaches. This is ... Read More
The Elections in the USA in 2000: Geography as the Key of Clinton's Success (1006 words, 2 pages)
Michelle Tilly Political Science 101 Thursday December 6, 2001 The Election of 2000 Bill Clinton, as a president was a major paradox in and of himself. People loved him, yet they hated him. Americans, as a whole loved the prosperity, and capitalist growth that was brought by Clintons years in ... Read More
Geography and Culture of South Africa (404 words, 1 pages)
Location and characteristics Hemisphere - Southern Hemisphere Continent - Africa Latitude 25' 43' South Longitude 28'11' East Climate mostly semiarid subtropical along east coast sunny days, cool nights Customs One of the most important rituals is the ceremony of manhood. Men between the ages of 18 and 22 are sent ... Read More
The Importance of Egypt's Geography in Egyptian's Way of Living (198 words, 1 pages)
Throughout history, geography played a huge important part in the development of numerous civilizations. During ancient times many early civilizations settled along side river valleys because of the great rewards that were found in the rivers. Such successful civilizations included the ancient Egyptians who settled around the great Nile River, ... Read More
Critical Discussion on Geography in a Global World (792 words, 2 pages)
Geography still matters in a global world, Critically discuss. Globalization exist because of the local processes. In reality we need to understand the physical arrangements of places around the world. We also need to understand the social process and economic processes of different places and the affect it had on ... Read More
Conflict, Geography and Gender Roles in Elinore Pruitt Stewart's Letters of a Woman Homesteader (1260 words, 2 pages)
Letters of a Woman Homesteader In Letters of a Woman Homesteader, there are several ideas and themes that are present. Mixed among them are conflict, geography and gender roles but deep within the letters and a word of Elinore Pruitt Stewart, no other theme is more prevalent than that of ... Read More
The Geography and History of Namibia (893 words, 2 pages)
Namibia is a country on the southwestern tip of Africa. The geography of Namibia has shaped its course through history. Characterized by two deserts, it was assumed Namibia had little to offer. Despite its low population when Germany took it as a colony in the early 1900s, it still bitterly ... Read More
The Impact of Religion and Geography in the Formation of Regions (1195 words, 2 pages)
Throughout history religion and geography have played a major role in the process in which regions have been formed. The New England and the Chesapeake regions were both settled by a large number of people of the English origin. By 1700 the regions had developed into two very different societies. ... Read More
Geography and Livelihood of Oregon (338 words, 2 pages)
Oregon is a beautiful state.Oregon's motto is She Flies With Her Own Wings.This reaport will tell you many things about Oregon. Oregon's boarders are Washington to the north,Californianand and Nevada are to the east,and the Pacific Ocean is to the west.Oregon's rank is the 3rd size among the 50 states.The ... Read More
Geography of Japan (1638 words, 5 pages)
Japan, located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Asian Continent, is a nation composed of almost 7,000 islands, many are small. The four main islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. Japan has the seventh largest population in the world. With approximately 125 million inhabitants, the only ... Read More
The Geography of California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas (788 words, 2 pages)
Geography Regions of Interest In my research of the different settlement regions of the U.S. and Canada, I decided to look at the political side of five separate regions (states). The reason I have chosen the states of California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas is that I have personally ... Read More
An Overview of the Country of Japan, Government, Geography, Climate, and Economy (918 words, 2 pages)
Japan is a modern, thriving democracy, yet it retained a long and esteemed imperial tradition. Japan is a rich country, ranking first among major industrial nations in per capita gross national product, but many of its people are crowded into inadequate housing lacking such basic facilities such as indoor plumbing. ... Read More
A Geography of Neptune (442 words, 1 pages)
Neptunes surface is very different than most of the planets surfaces. Neptune has a rocky inner core, which is completely surrounded by water. Its atmosphere is made up of seventy-four percent hydrogen, twenty-five percent helium, and one-percent methane. The Climate Neptune has a very frigid climate. The water surrounding Neptunes ... Read More
The Characteristics, Geography, Politics, and History of the New York State (1914 words, 3 pages)
New York State was named after the English Duke of York who later became King James II of England, The nickname Empire State came from George Washington, who boldly claimed New York would become the seat of a new empire. New York is located in the northeastern part of the ... Read More
An Analysis of the Geography of New Zealand (1126 words, 2 pages)
The Geography of New Zealand The well-known country of New Zealand is a small, resourceful nation located 1,000 miles off Australia's south east coast. New Zealand has an impressive economy that continues to grow, a physical landscape that attracts people from around the globe, and although small, New Zealand is ... Read More
A Geography of Nicaragua (1018 words, 2 pages)
Nicaragua The area of Nicaragua is 50,193 sq. mi. The Nicaraguan highlands, with a elevation about 2000 ft, cross Nicaragua from the northwest to the southeast. Several mountain ranges, the highest of which, the Cordillera Isabelia, reaches an elevation of more than 6890 ft, cut the highlands from east to ... Read More
A Report on the History, Geography, Population, Economy and Politics of France, a Nation in Western Europe (949 words, 2 pages)
France is an independent nation in Western Europe and the center of a large overseas administration. It is the third-largest European nation after Russia and Ukraine. In ancient times France was part of the Celtic territory known as Gaul or Gallia. Its present name is derived from the Latin Francia, ... Read More
A Geography of Taiwan (3148 words, 5 pages)
Taiwan, an island, is separated from the mainland of South China by the 100-mile-wide Taiwan Strait in the Pacific Ocean and is the seat of the Republic of China government (ROC). The capital of Taiwan is Taipei and other major cities include Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taichong, and Chilung. The languages spoken ... Read More
A Geography of Africa (1675 words, 3 pages)
Introduction to the Country. Africa is a wonderful place to visit, especially Algeria. The country Algeria is located in the northern region of the continent. Algeria has a lot of history connected to its roots and it goes all the way back to its connection with France. After more than ... Read More
A Geography of Atlantic Ocean (842 words, 2 pages)
Large groups of islands scattered throughout the Atlantic Ocean. These islands were vastly greater than Libya and Asia Minor combined. One island in particular was considered to be the land of the gods, the source of power in the ancient world. On this island the willows sway in the summer ... Read More
A Geography of England (342 words, 1 pages)
Why was England the first country to industrialize? There are many reasons as to why England was the first of the European nation-states to industrialize. First off there were conditions that already existed in England prior to the Industrial Revolution, that help to explain why England was first to industrialize. ... Read More
The Varying Opinions of Geography (1592 words, 2 pages)
When first looking at this question anyone would be forgiven for thinking that it would be quite easy to define geography based on our second level education but after researching geography I found that this was far from the truth. When I went in search of a precise definition, I ... Read More
A Discussion on Geography According to Different Points of View (398 words, 1 pages)
Webster's dictionary defines geography as "a science that deals with the description, distribution, and interaction of the diverse physical, biological, and cultural features of the earth's surface". In history, geography plays an essential factor in development and changing the course of history. India is a land of lofty mountains and ... Read More
The Effects of the Changes in Transport Technology and Their Application on the Geography of Tourism (1507 words, 2 pages)
In many books transportation is defined as 'the means to reach the destination and also the means of movement at the destination.' (Cooper et al. 1998) The innovation of the transportation had not only a dramatic effect on the lives of many people, but also on the development of the ... Read More
A Short Overview of the Geography and History of Sudan (434 words, 2 pages)
Sudan is the largest country in Africa, and is one of the poorest. It is located in the northeastern part of the continent. It is mainly made up of two regional groups an Arab African group in the north and the Nilotes in the south. It's major ethnic groups of ... Read More
The Main Facts about Guyana: Its Economics, History, Geography and Government (1142 words, 4 pages)
Guyana is a country located on the northern coast of South America. It is bounded on the north by the Atlantic Ocean and on the east by Suriname. On the south side Guyana is bordered by Brazil, and on the west side is Brazil and Venezuela. Guyana achieved its independence ... Read More
A Geography of Ireland (916 words, 2 pages)
Ireland lies in the Atlantic Ocean, just west of the United Kingdom. It is a lushes island filled with miles of green rolling hills. It was conquered by the Celts, the dominate ethnic group in Ireland, in approximately 600 BC. Later, in 432 AD, St. Patrick arrived on the island ... Read More
An Analysis of the Influence of Peru's Geography in the Fight For Its Independence (2193 words, 3 pages)
The nation now known as Peru has a long history, which begins before the arrival of the Europeans to the New World. The geography of the land, as always, played a major role in the development of the new nation. The indigenous peoples molded their existence according to the land, ... Read More
An Analysis of the Importance of Geography and Weather in Theme, Character, and Plot Development in The Great Gatsby (955 words, 2 pages)
The geography and weather in The Great Gatsby contribute greatly to theme, character, and plot development. There is an important relationship between the geography and the characters social values. The themes and characters can be dictated by geographical locations because the themes are embedded into the environments surrounding the characters. ... Read More
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