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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to Write a Human Trafficking Essay Guide with Example

Human trafficking is a violation of human rights. It involves stripping the victim of their rights and their dignity. The victims are sold off for sexual exploitation, forced labor, organ harvest, among many other despicable activities. The victims of human trafficking are often women and children. When faced with this topic, the writer needs to address the root of the problem and the area in which human trafficking is most intense, so it was easy to identify the cause. Human trafficking essay is usually an exploratory essay that needs the writer to provide information.

How to Start Writing

Many people are aware of human trafficking. Therefore, the writer needs to write an excellent hook to pull the readers in. One way to do it is to use some statistics or numbers and point out the area in which human trafficking is taking place. Then, you follow it with a good thesis statement.

Introduction Paragraph Example:

Human trafficking is a barbaric violation of human rights that one can view as a form of slavery. Victims of such depraved acts are forced into intense labor, harvested for organs, or sold for sexual services. Because legal and cheap labors are easy to come by, many victims of human trafficking are often women, girls, and children. However, it does not mean that men get spared. Although the practice of human trafficking dates back to ancient time under the term "slavery," there are now "modern slavery" which is illegal in all states. The reason human trafficking is so hated is the fact that human traffickers literally strip the rights and dignities of the victim. Even though human trafficking is hated, it is still practiced in some parts of the globe such as Thailand, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine, to name a few.

How to Write the Body Paragraphs

Here is where the writer needs to elaborate on the topic. It can be the causes of human trafficking, its impacts, and even remedies. Make sure that the points are clear that and everything you talk about gets proper discussion.

Body Paragraphs Example:

Human trafficking usually takes the form of sexual exploitations, intense and forced labor, and even organ trafficking. Unfortunately, despite the fact that human trafficking is illegal, millions of dollars were made from this industry. This is because the demand for cheap labors is still high in many areas of the world. The demands for organs and sex workers are even higher, compared to cheap labors. Illegally harvested organs get sold on the black market, and women are being sold off to work as prostitutes in many countries. It is difficult for governments to control such illegal trades. Even after the transaction is complete, the money often gets laundered. The developing countries and third-world countries where the population suffers from poverty and illiteracy are particularly vulnerable. These factors made them easy prey for the human traffickers as they often promise wealth, which the people lack. Corrupt governments also play a role in this, as they would often let human traffickers slip away in exchange for money or other favors. Moreover, they also help in forging fake documents, among other assistance that contributes to the success of the human trafficking. Human trafficking victims rarely come to the trafficker on their own volition. Most of the time, they get lured by the alluring promises of decent and well-paid jobs. Human traffickers are cunning, and they use deception and false promises to pull the victims in. Some of the most common promises are the promise of a better life, well-paid job with a good working environment. To the poor, it seems like salvation, a promise of a new and happy life elsewhere, an opportunity not to miss. Unfortunately, all of those promises turn into dust the moment the victim is out of sight. Then, the victims are often made to realize what is happening in the form of physical abuse, sexual assault, or other harsh treatments. Defenseless, the victims always surrender. The next option for the victim is to seek help from the authority. However, that is unlikely. Even if they run into the border patrols or any other authorities, they can be corrupt officials depending on where they live. Most of the time, corrupt officials often let the traffickers carry on their business in exchange for money or even sexual favors. Therefore, the victims will be helpless once they get captured.
Sometimes, the parents are forced to sell their children to pay off their debts. This is quite a common practice in developing countries, especially in Afghanistan or the Dalit communities of India. However, there are cases that children are sold to pay for drugs. That is why one can usually find drug trades together with human trafficking. Children and women, who are victims of human trafficking, are subject to mental, physical, and sexual harassments. The children are often molested and tortured. In some cases, it is reported that children suffered genital mutilation, which prevents them from being parents. Other unfortunate children suffered emotional traumas that left a permanent scar on their mind. These are only a couple of instances of the cruelty that the human trafficking victims have to suffer. The human trafficking industry grows because of the state's inability or unwillingness to tackle the problem at its root. The people who are the victims of human trafficking are most often people who live in poverty. Not many rich people would be tempted by the promise that the human traffickers make, although such an occurrence is not rare. There is a saying, "Desperate time calls for desperate measures." When there are mouths to feed, lives at stake, and no one to depend on, people are willing to take chances. Some are even willing to sell their freedom away just to feed themselves. Although some governments purposely deprive their own citizens of some of their human rights to some degree, other governments just cannot afford the luxury of granting full rights. This is because of economic, or even political issues. To counter this problem, the United Nations periodically sent their own special rapporteur to monitor human right issues and provide feedback to the government. Plus, there are NGOs all over the world that provide various forms of assistance to people living in poverty, and there are those that join efforts with the government to combat human trafficking. Their efforts alone will not be enough to eradicate human trafficking entirely. The people should be careful of who they talk to, and be extra vigilant for any suspicious activities. Then, they need to report such activity to the police or any authorities nearby. Together, the eradication of human trafficking is possible, since this is not a war that the government should fight alone.

How to Write the Concluding Paragraph

In an explanatory essay, the writer needs to provide a summary of the whole explanation. In this case, the writer needs to review the main points that were discussed earlier throughout the text. Then, the writer needs to write a suggestion for the issue at hand. A proper conclusion should, however, challenge the reader to evaluate the writer's suggestions and opinions on the topic.

Concluding Paragraph Example:

To conclude, human trafficking is a very active illegal business in the world that generates millions of dollars. Human trafficking takes the form of sexual exploitation of women and children, forced labor, organ harvest, and other molestation. This kind of illegal business thrives because of poverty and corruption, both of which compel the people to seek other sources of income. Those who managed to escape the grasp of the human traffickers reported that they suffered physical injuries. One extreme example is genital mutilation. Some suffered permanent mental damage, while some other die before they are free again. This is downright cruel and should not be allowed to exist. Therefore, many states are working hard to eradicate corruption, poverty, and ultimately, human trafficking. The government is not only one who is fighting this battle. Several NGOs are working hard to eliminate poverty and human trafficking by raising awareness of this illegal business. Some even provide aids or employment to the people as well. The people also play a role in this war to eradicate human trafficking by being vigilant of any suspicious activity and reporting it to the authorities. Together, a state can solve the problem of human trafficking at its root and could potentially erase human trafficking permanently.