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Amazon's Kindle Singles Platform (1547 words, 4 pages)
Strapline A recently released book , called My Mother's Lover, has madeit to Amazon's best-seller list. But it's a mere 35 pages long, costs 2US dollars and doesn't have a print version. It's not a book, or anarticle, but a Kindle single. Mumbai Do you have a writing project in ... Read More
An Analysis of the Manichism in Economics by Charles Kindleberger (2306 words, 7 pages)
Manichism In EconomicsThe Manichaean character of economics. Charles Kindleberger. Abstract Economicsis said to have adopted a certain degree of dualism. None of its tenets havebeen absolute in terms of social effectiveness. To survive in an economicsystem, rules must be enforced to ensure the peace. There are times whenpluralism is good ... Read More
A Rekindled Hatred for Muslims in American Sniper, a Movie by Clint Eastwood (567 words, 2 pages)
In December, 2014, American Sniper did phenomenally well in the box office. Critics hailed it for its strong, sympathetic message for our nations finest. The story followed Chris Kyle, in a biographical depiction of a real soldier who served in Iraq. Kyle had done well for himself, coming home a ... Read More
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