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A Comparison of a Standard CRT Monitor With a Flat-Panel LCD (571 words, 1 pages)
Display type - At last, a real choice on the desktop a standard CRT (cathode-ray tube) monitor or a flat-panel LCD (liquid-crystal display). LCD prices have fallen dramatically, while the cost of CRT monitors has declined gradually. You'll still pay a lot more for an LCD--models larger than 15 inches ... Read More
An Introduction to the Liquid Crystal Display LCD (726 words, 2 pages)
LCD MONITORLiquid Crystal Display (LCD) stands for Liquid Crystal Display. Liquid crystals are transparent substances exhibiting both sold and liquid matter properties. Light passing through liquid crystal follows the alignment of the molecules that make them up. Applying electricity changes their molecular alignment thus changing the way light passes through ... Read More
An Lab Experiment on Different Sources to Control an LCD Module (376 words, 1 pages)
Introduction In this lab we learned how to use two different sources to control an LCD module. The two sources were both hooked to the LCD at the same time. An enable line was used to choose which source the LCD received the information from. Design Description Our first step ... Read More
The Advantages and Benefits of Low Carbohydrate Diets (LCD) (760 words, 4 pages)
Low carbohydrate diets (LCD) is a diet plan that restrict the intake of carbohydrate and replace with protein rich foods. According to researchers, low carbohydrate diet not necessarily replace the carbohydrate with protein or fat, but rather reduce the starch and sugar intake into 50-150 gd from normal 225-325 gd ... Read More
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