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Personal Privacy in Social Media (308 words, 1 pages)
Personal privacy in a social media era is becoming much more difficult to maintain. This concern with privacy can have both positive and negative implications. For some individuals being socially available is acceptable, encouraged and required for their professions. However, for most of the public at large this type of ... Read More
Cyber Law Legislation and Concerns for Personal Privacy (1458 words, 5 pages)
Ever since the birth of the internet in the late 20thcentury, there have been concerns with how the Constitution would apply to this new vast network of seemingly unlimited information. However, it now seems that it cannot cover everything and there must be new legislation implemented. The internet can pose ... Read More
The Issue of Personal Privacy on the Internet (719 words, 2 pages)
All around us today information is gathered about how we shop, what we buy, our likes, and our dislikes. Every time we pay for groceries with a check cashing card, fill out a survey, or subscribe to a magazine, we are giving personal information to the marketers. They use this ... Read More
An Introduction to the High Technology and the Invasion of the Personal Privacy (1851 words, 3 pages)
Introduction We all recognize ethical behaviour, however unfortunately not all of us follow this behaviour. Ethics begin with respect for our selves and for others. Basically, good ethics requires that a person exercise morals in their everyday living. This makes it unethical to send a computer virus to infect other ... Read More
The Controversy over the Methods of Drug Testing in Sports in the Context of Personal Privacy (1619 words, 3 pages)
From workplace to school, from professional sports to the armed forces, the advent of drug-testing procedures has stirred debate and controversy. The issue of drug testing in athletics seems to be the most prevalent debate. An incident that really brought drug testing into the spotlight is the track and field ... Read More
How Cookies Are Presenting a Real Threat to Personal Privacy (353 words, 2 pages)
Cookies now constitute a real threat to personal privacy, but they are perfectly legal. A cookie is a tiny file that a Web sites place on the users hard drive when the user accesses the web page. Each cookie has a specific identification number. The cookie can gather personal information ... Read More
TEMPEST Technology and Its Impact on Personal Privacy and Secrecy (860 words, 2 pages)
TEMPEST Technology The Next Step in the Evolution of Technology and the End of Personal Secrecy and Privacy in our Homes and Work PlacesMany people have no idea what TEMPEST technology is and yet, this could be the next biggest tool for espionage and spying on people since the microchip ... Read More
An Argument in Favor of Choosing and Preserving National Security over Personal Privacy (509 words, 3 pages)
There are issues with Americans nowadays on privacy due to national security. Privacy is very important but not illegal when invaded by government personell. Americans have issues with invasion of privacy but we also have a range of crimes that happen due to privacy, so everyday we have a conflict ... Read More
Police Body Cameras and Whether It is Invasive to Personal Privacy in The Lost Language of Privacy, a Column by David Brooks for the New York Times (932 words, 3 pages)
David Brooks The Lost Language of Privacy, sheds light on police body cameras and the debate on whether body cameras are invasive in ones personal privacy. Though David Brooks agrees that body cams benefit the justice system from wrongful convictions, he states that body cams damage police-civilian relations and to ... Read More
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