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Why Students Hate Teachers Criticism: A Critique of Garret Keizer's Essay (587 words, 2 pages)
No matter what an author believes about his writing, his success will depend on how readers and literary critics receive it. Therefore, an author must spend time proofreading his work in order to have readers understand his thesis. It should be understood by a wide audience and have some supporting ... Read More
Teachers Should Embrace Technology and Change Their Attitudes towards Instant Messaging (3194 words, 9 pages)
The mass popularity of instant messaging is generally believed, by most educators, to be destroying the writing skills, grammar, and spelling abilities of high school students today. It is becoming a regularly heard complaint from many educators who are consistently seeing text speech in their students formal writing assignments. Educators ... Read More
My Favorite Teacher (504 words, 1 pages)
The best teacher Ive ever had. Well, thats not an easy thing to write about. I have had many great teachers throughout school, but I do have a favorite teacher. His name is Mr. Young. Now, Mr. Young is not only a great teacher, but he has taught me to ... Read More
The Personal Goal of Becoming a Teacher (439 words, 2 pages)
Since my elementary school years I have always known that I wanted to become a teacher. There was something special and intriguing about my own teachers that inspired me to have this desire to teach. Acceptance into this program at Chestnut Hill will give me an opportunity to reach my ... Read More
Why I Became a Biology Teacher (501 words, 1 pages)
I think that everyone who wants to teach was first inspired by one oftheir own teachers. For me, it was Mr. Stacy, my seventh grade scienceteacher. He made the difference.'' He made the usual boring class work anddiscussions come to life, full of mystical wonder for everyone involved.I just couldn't ... Read More
Why I Chose to Become a Teacher (1902 words, 5 pages)
Everyone has their own reasons for choosing a specific profession. My reasons my sound similar to others you have read today, but they arent. I chose teaching as my profession not for the common reasons I like children, I want summers off, or any else like that. I choose teaching, ... Read More
Why I Want to be a Teacher (441 words, 2 pages)
I was born in the United States in a city called Orlando, Florida. Thisplace is very hot and humid in the summer. It is like you can feeldroplets of water in hand as you are walking outside. I lived inOrlando, Florida for two years and then moved to Texas. I ... Read More
What Triggered Catholic School Teachers' Strike (605 words, 2 pages)
For the first time since 2003, teachers at catholic high schools of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia went on strike. Now over 16,000 students remain not in school. The teachers agree that they do not have reasonable rights in their contracts. Without their fair right on the contract the teachers remain ... Read More
Comparing and Contrasting Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen and the Textbook The Americans (1178 words, 4 pages)
After reading Lies My Teacher Told Me, by James Loewen, for the firsttime, one might feel that he tends to bash American history textbooksand high school history courses. Some may feel that he has no right inclaiming that history textbooks have been spewing lies for years. Uponcompleting the book, however, ... Read More
Importance of High School Teachers Acquiring Appropriate Teaching Skills (510 words, 2 pages)
High school can be a great but challenging environment for a student just starting out or just finishing the first part of their life. In high school you meet new people that can become your best friends and will always be there, but then you have your classes that help ... Read More
Behaviors of a Teacher (813 words, 3 pages)
No matter what grade, school, state, and country someone could be in, the behavior of a teacher always has to fall in one of three types of teachers the caring teacher, the mean teacher, and the neutral teacher. Every teacher has their own way of teaching, but they also have ... Read More
The Lack of Attention of Students Due to the Lack of Passion of Teachers (1030 words, 4 pages)
Sitting in the last seat of the road of chairs behind tow girls that passed each other notes, and next to the guy that has been staring at the widow for hours without even blinking. I hold on to my seat fighting my most desperate wished to close my eyes ... Read More
My Favorite Teacher (314 words, 2 pages)
I have been in school for 10 years all of the people who have taught mehave been wonderful. However, there was one that stands out above therest and that in Mrs.O'Hara my 7th grade core teacher. Mrs.O'Hara is myfavorite teacher because she helped me so much thorough out the year,and ... Read More
Characteristics of a Successful Teacher (278 words, 1 pages)
A teacher is one of the most important parsons around the world and every teacher has to have some good qualities to teach the students such as, the ability to understanding, work hard, the ability to explain the curriculum, and enjoy. First, the teacher has to have the ability to ... Read More
My Career Goals: Why I Want to Become a Special Education Teacher (838 words, 2 pages)
One year ago I thought I knew everything I wanted for my future career and life. But, in reality the only thing I knew was that I was going to get a degree as a special education teacher and play basketball at some college, but still did not know which ... Read More
Merit Pay for Teachers: Is It Justified? (1033 words, 4 pages)
In a USA TODAY article, Reg Weaver stated, If we truly want toimprove the quality of teachers in the classroom through compensation,let's pay teachers for the knowledge and skills they gain, provideincentives to teach in hard-to-staff schools, and offer salariescompetitive with other professions that require a college degree.'' Whathe is ... Read More
Why Having Incompetent Teachers Can Affect Student Performance (599 words, 2 pages)
Teachers have major effects on the way students perform throughout their schooling. In some cases students receive a bad grade that is not entirely their fault. Teachers and parents find it difficult to believe, but sometimes a bad grade results from a horrible teacher. My last year of high school, ... Read More
A Desire to Become a Great Teacher for Students with Disabilities (1687 words, 6 pages)
The idea of mainstream students with severe disabilities into the regular education classes has been difficult topic to discuss in the previous years, currently, and I believe it will always be difficult to discuss, even in the future. The question, should students with severe disabilities be allowed access to the ... Read More
How My Math Teacher Impacted My Life (480 words, 1 pages)
It was the first day of Math class in the fifth grade. I sat on a chair near the middle of the class thinking about the strict teacher the upperclassmen were talking about who was going to be my teacher for the next four years. Little did I know that ... Read More
The Long Wait for Our New Teacher (267 words, 1 pages)
I tapped my pencil aimlessly against my desk. We were all anxious, but today was finally here, everyone was excited. The desks all around me were filled with hopefuls, eyes all trained on the front. Everyone was either anxious, excited, or nervous, maybe all three. Minutes past, nothing, just the ... Read More
How an Aspect of Your Own Subjectivity Might Impact Your Role as a Teacher (500 words, 2 pages)
There are many ways a teacher can view a student in respect tosubjectivity. This being the approach of a teacher to some matter inquestion. Most of the times, what teacher perceive to be good whileaddressing students end up being replicated to them as good too. Thisbias might be social, political, ... Read More
Why I Want to Be a Professional Teacher (432 words, 2 pages)
In my efforts to search for a career I have found that the profession of teaching is my calling. I had chose to job shadow a previous teacher that I had in middle school who teaches English. Personally I would teach some sort of social studies but the experience of ... Read More
The Effects Teachers Have on Students (782 words, 1 pages)
School, the hell related activity that kids go to from the ages of three toeighteen (sometimes older if you choose to go to college) is not alwayseasy. Hard classes and tough learning habitats make it difficult to studyin. Some kids are even at a disadvantage because of the neighborhood theygrew ... Read More
What I Learnt from the Video Teacher Survival Skills (712 words, 2 pages)
After watching the video Teacher Survival Skills'' I felt a touchoverwhelmed. So much information that seems so simple but is the reasonover fifty percent of teachers quite with in the first few years. Dr.Jim Zabloski talks about five main points that will help first yearteachers survive'' and become excelling teachers. ... Read More
The Transition from Foundation Stage to Key Stage One and the Role of Teachers (6227 words, 27 pages)
Transition is the process of altering one environment to another.Children make educational transitions once they start school, progressthrough school and as they move between schools. These transitions requirechildren to adjust to new surroundings, to make sense of new rules androutines, and to interact with unfamiliar adults and peers. Some childrenmay ... Read More
Students and Teachers' Perceptions about the Causes of Poor Academic Performance in Lagos State Primary Schools (832 words, 4 pages)
What are the methods of teaching?What are the Teachers perceptions on poor academic performance?What are the Students perceptions on their environment and poor academic performance?Methods that could be used to carry out this researchSampling method Teachers and students will be taken from different primary school for interviews.By data collection A ... Read More
Parents and Teachers Working Together (788 words, 3 pages)
In a class room setting it should be comfortable for thestudent as well as the parent or guardian.The Teacher and School should invite families to join in on thelearning. This will help the child to learn better if he or she knows their family is involved in theirlearning and also ... Read More
How My English Teacher Has Changed My Life (404 words, 1 pages)
Prior to high school, I was an average student in the classroom, decentwork with decent grades. To be honest I was in fact a lazy student. Iwas very involved in sports and never really made the time to put in mystudies. I was always told that as long I was ... Read More
The Importance of Teachers and Education (751 words, 3 pages)
Even though Education and Educators have a different role to play in our lives, but one cannot achieve without the other. Education is one of the most essential elements that contribute to the general development of a person. It is the act of advancing one's knowledge, proficiency and personality by ... Read More
My Favorite Teacher (496 words, 2 pages)
A teacher is a person who teaches something whether in school or a college or anywhere else. A teacher is one who encourages students and inspires them to learn and to be positive. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Plott , one of the most outstanding teacher Ive ever known. Mrs. ... Read More
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