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The Plot Summary of George Orwell's Animal Farm (936 words, 1 pages)
Book Report Animal Farm Name of book Animal Farm Author George OrwellPublished by Penguin Group-1946-139 pages SettingThe setting for this entire book is the Manor Farm, in England. The animals hold a meeting where the white boar, the Major, talks about how there would soon be a rebellion against the ... Read More
An Analysis of the Plot and Characters of Julius Caesar, Shakespeare's Masterpiece (1405 words, 2 pages)
Julius Caesars tragic issues Julius Caesar is a picture perfect example of a true tragedy. From its characters to its elements, everything in the play fits the definition of what a tragedy is and the nature of the people involved. The two characters foiling each other throughout the play are ... Read More
The Plot Summary of Shakespeare's Comedy Much Ado about Nothing (541 words, 1 pages)
Much Ado About Nothing (1598) A comedy and love story by William Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing is a story about Claudio, a rich, young and beautiful man and Hero, a young, beautiful and inexperienced rich girl. They are about to get married. But each paradise has a snake and ... Read More
The Plot of Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (919 words, 2 pages)
The Plot The story opens with two traveling laborers, named George Milton and Lennie Small, on their way to a job loading barley at a California ranch. It is Friday evening, and they spend the night along the Salinas River before arriving at their new place of work, a ranch, ... Read More
The Plot Summary and the Point of View in John Updike's A&P (666 words, 1 pages)
Point of View on AP John Updikes AP is written entirely from the perspective of nineteen year old Sammy, a grocery clerk. Updike has created an atmosphere of striking opposites warring with one another throughout the entire story. Sammy is bored and excited at the same time. He has worked ... Read More
The Plot Summary of the Novel I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (4308 words, 6 pages)
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Esther and Jacob Blau drive their sixteen-year-old daughter Deborah to a mental hospital for treatment after a failed suicide attempt. Deborah, suffering from schizophrenia, retreats into a world of her own making, the Kingdom of Yr, when the real world proves too frightening ... Read More
The Plot Summary and Major Characters of The Catcher in the Rye (680 words, 2 pages)
The Plot The story begins when the storyteller ( Holden Coulfiled ) tells us he was kicked out of school, but he is afraid to tell his parents . He leaves the college and go to his town (where his parents live)- New York. He rents a room in a ... Read More
The Plot Summary of The Watsons Go to Birmingham (326 words, 1 pages)
The Watsons Go To Birmingham - 1963 This story is narrated by Kenny Watson. Throughout the story he talks about the troubles that go on during the school year with him and his brother and his brother's friends. His father and mother are very good to him and his family ... Read More
A Paper on the Plot of Guy de Maupassant's The Necklace (820 words, 2 pages)
Guy de Maupassants short story The Necklace is not simply about an article of jewelry. The title reveals an intricate element to the storys theme symbolism. Plot and character are also important elements to examine for determining the storys theme. The use of three elements plot, character, and symbolism helps ... Read More
The Plot Summary of The Tale of Three Trees (373 words, 1 pages)
Synopsis of The Tale of Three Trees Setting Takes place during a time before the birth of Christ, during the birth of Christ, and during the crucifixion of Christ. Characters The first tree Wishes to hold wonderful treasure. Becomes a food box for animals. Holds Jesus Christ as a baby. ... Read More
The Plot Summary of Homer's Epic The Illiad (410 words, 1 pages)
Homer's timeless classic comes alive in a tale of passion, anger, and pride. It begins nine years into the Trojan war when the Achaeans sack a town near Troy. They capture two women, Chryseis and Briseis, as prizes for Agamemnon, the Achaean leader, and Achilles, the greatest greek warrior. When ... Read More
A Review of the Plot and the Trial Ending Scene in To Kill a Mockingbird, a Film by Robert Mulligan (1125 words, 2 pages)
The movie To Kill A Mockingbird is based on the novel by Harper Lee. The movie was directed by Robert Mulligan and produced by Alan J. Pakula. The main characters were Gregory Peck (Atticus Finch), Phillip Alford (Jem), Mary Badham (Scout), John Megna (Dill), Brock Peters (Tom Robinson), Collin Wilcox ... Read More
The Plot, Main Themes, Genre, and Main Character of George Orwell's Novel 1984 and Its Relation to the Issue of Texts, Cultures, and Values (1892 words, 3 pages)
George Orwell 1984 1. Outline what the story is about George Orwells 1984 is a book about Winston Smith, a low-ranking member of The Party which rules the nation of Oceania. The Party watches him everywhere through devices, which are seemingly a combination of televisions, spewing mind-numbing propaganda twenty-four hours ... Read More
The Correlation between the Plot and the Changing of the Seasons in Autumn in New York, a Romantic Drama Film by Joan Chen (918 words, 2 pages)
Autumn in New York Autumn in New York is a moving love story that stars Richard Gere as Wil, and Wynona Ryder as Charlotte. Wil, a typical womanizer, is introduced to Charlotte, a unique young woman, by her grandmother, whom he had known for many years, and the two are ... Read More
A Review of the Plot and Characters of How to Be Good, a Novel by Nick Hornby (1336 words, 3 pages)
Author Nick Hornby was born in Redhill, Surrey, England, in 1957. He graduated from Cambridge University and taught English to foreign students while reviewing for magazines including Time Out and the Literary Review. His first book, a series of critical essays on American novelists, was published in 1992. In the ... Read More
The Setting, the Character, and the Plot of William Trevor's Short Story Of the Cloth (950 words, 3 pages)
Of the Cloth is a contemporary work of short fiction set in the remote Irish community of Ennismolach County during the early summer of the year, nineteen hundred and ninety seven. The greater part of the story takes place in a small, stone rectory nestled among the green valleys and ... Read More
The Plot and Summary of Rules of the Road by Joan Boer (928 words, 3 pages)
Title Rules of the Road Author Joan Boer Type Fiction Publication date 1998 Number of pages 200 Plot Summary This book is written by Joan Boer, who has written many teen fiction books such as Squashed. This book starts out at a shoe store in Chicago. Where there is a ... Read More
A Comparison of the Plot, Themes, and Characterization of The Old Man and the Sea and True Grit (984 words, 2 pages)
Comparative Essay Between The Old Man and the Sea and True Grit The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway, a simply written novel of an old mans singular struggle, while trying to catch a fish, against forces of the sea overpowering him and True Grit, by Charles Portis, ... Read More
The Plot, Characters, and Theme of The Scarlet Letter, a Novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne (3045 words, 5 pages)
The story opens with Hester Prynne standing silently on the scaffold in the middle of a town square in 18th century Boston. Hester, holding her small child in her arms, is publicly on trial for adultery. The town people, especially the women, are not happy that Hester has been sentenced ... Read More
A Review of the Plot, Actor Performance, Soundtrack, and the Humor of Office Space, a Comedy Film by Mike Judge (518 words, 1 pages)
Mike Judge, who made his name in TV animation, which was first with the rather dumb Beavis and Butt-head series and then later with the funny King of the Hill, has turned his attention to live action. The result is Office Space, a hilarious and entertaining comedy of the 9 ... Read More
The Main Characters and the Plot in A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J.Gaines (754 words, 2 pages)
Sec 1- Jefferson This is the main character in this book. He is a black man and is a good guy. He gets falsely sentenced to death by electric chair. He's just the kind of person that's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mr. Wiggins He is a ... Read More
An Analysis of the Plot in Macbeth by William Shakespeare (2187 words, 4 pages)
The Plot Macbeth consists of five major acts, each with a variation of scenes. The story tells of one man's quest for dominance in the Scottish monarchy structure, and how his future becomes a twisted paradox that brings him nothing but trouble. In the first act, Macbeth is visited by ... Read More
The Issue of Desire and How It Moves the Plot of the Victorian Novels Jane Eyre and The Mill on the Floss (1911 words, 3 pages)
In this paper I would like to explore the issue of desire and how it moves the plot of two works from nineteenth century Victorian Literature by George Elliot and Charlotte Bronte called The Mill on the Floss and Jane Eyre. The ideal of desire offers conflicts in both novels. ... Read More
An Analysis of the Plot and Setting of the Story "Dead Poets Society" (280 words, 1 pages)
The time in which Dead Poets Society is set, late 1959, provides a significant context for understanding the behaviour of its characters. Post-World War II American lifestyle differed greatly from the previous decades. The war was far behind, the economy was booming, and new technology made life easier. It was ... Read More
A Brief Synopsis of the Plot of the Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson (886 words, 2 pages)
Author Robert Louis Stevenson Type of Novel Fiction Brief Synopsis of Plot The novel is about a boy named David who has no guardian. His family is very wealthy, but he does not know that. So he is set of to another city to find his uncle who has inherited ... Read More
A Comparison of the Plot Changes in William Shakespeare and Dicaprio's Plays (433 words, 1 pages)
Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare vs. DiCaprio Films are made with the directors different personal opinions based on the original source. In the movie version of Romeo and Juliet (1996, Leonardo DiCaprio), the above illustrates this perfectly. For this essay, I will discuss some of the contrasts between the original ... Read More
An Analysis of the Importance of the House in the Development of the Plot in The Yellow Wallpaper (509 words, 1 pages)
Escaping the Yellow Wallpaper In "The Yellow Wallpaper", the narrator's condition is much like that of the house. The narrator, as well as the house she is being kept in, is being isolated. As she is left in that room, her condition deteriorates. Being left in that room, her condition ... Read More
An Analysis of the Plot Developments in the Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin (574 words, 1 pages)
Until Death Due Us Part Setting exists on every from of fiction, representing elements of time, place and social context throughout the work. These elements can create particular moods, character qualities, or features of theme. Throughout Kate Chopins story The Story of an Hour differing amounts and types of setting ... Read More
An Analysis of the Plot in the Cat's Eye (386 words, 1 pages)
Plot Overview Cats Eye Elaine Risley, an artist, returns to her home town of Toronto for a showing of her art work. Elaine's visit triggers memories of her childhood with all the urgency of a bad rash. Dominating her reflections are her childhood "friends," three girls who wreak havoc on ... Read More
A Brief Summary of the Plot in Macbeth by William Shakespeare (203 words, 1 pages)
Plot The Courageous good hearted Macbeth takes advice from 3 witches, and from then on Macbeth turns evil killing his closest friend and king. With the help from his evil paranoid wife Lady Macbeth they both go insane. Characters Macbeth Starts out good ends up bad. Lady Macbeth Seems innocent ... Read More
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