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Why the Jews Were Persecuted in Germany During Adolf Hitler's Rule (310 words, 1 pages)
IF HITLER ASKED YOU TO ELECTROCUTE A STRANGER, WOULD YOU? Firstly, lets take a moment to look as Adolf Hitler. To some, he was a great leader, but to others he was a murdered. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party, and was to dictator of Germany. He ordered ... Read More
A Look at the Reasons Why the Jews Were the Target of the Holocaust (555 words, 1 pages)
Why the Jews?People frequently ask why the Jews were the target of the Holocaust or why the Holocaust happened. The first is an easy question to answer. Jews were the targets of the Holocaust because Hitler hated Jews and blamed them for all of the problems in the world. He ... Read More
The Reasons Why the Jews Are People with Multitude of Dilemmas (1153 words, 7 pages)
The Jews are a people with a multitude of dilemmas. From theIsraelite tribes to the prosperous modern day Israel , bigotrytowards the Jews has been greatly evident. The Jewish race hasacted as Escape Goat for many crisis throughout history includingthe black plaque which swept across Europe in the 14th century.The ... Read More
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