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The Atomic Bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Was Necessary to End World War II (792 words, 4 pages)
One bomb dropped on Nagasaki would kill more people than German air attacks on London killed during the entire war. (Chinnock 45). The fact that the atomic bombings ended the war, all of the deaths from the two bombs, and the amazing scientific breakthrough on Atomic energy are why the ... Read More
Transitional Justice: The Nuremberg Trials Post World War II (2723 words, 9 pages)
Imagine being in a car driving down the highway. Suddenly a car swerves up and around. As the car continues down the road, one can picture the swerving taillights. In this type of situation one must ask themselves if the police should be called. Generally the answer would be no ... Read More
World War II Blitz (564 words, 1 pages)
In this essay I will be talking about the blitz. World War 2 started in 1939 and lasted until 1945. This war caused a lot of sufferings as well as deaths. I will be telling you if I think the blitz spirit was a myth or if it was true. ... Read More
The Evolution of the Air Power during World War II (5887 words, 19 pages)
The evolution of air power in World War II opened many new roles for the combat pilot. As the war progressed, planes appeared fresh off the assembly line equipped with bigger, faster, and, more powerful engines. These new engine technologies allowed for bigger weapons pay loads and airplane maneuverability that ... Read More
World War II and Instability In Europe (1638 words, 4 pages)
World War II was a global war that lasted from 1941-1945 that was brought on by the instability in Europe due to World War I and conflicts with other countries in Europe and Asia. WWII was one of the most violent wars that America has ever fought due to the ... Read More
World War II (1787 words, 3 pages)
During the time of World War II millions of innocent Jews and other minorities where attacked and murdered using both savage and brutal methods. Nazis did not just attack the Jews physically, but through acts of negative psychology that, by the end of the war, destroyed not only their bodies, ... Read More
What Caused World War II? The Treaty of Versailles or Hitler? (1091 words, 4 pages)
Exactly five years after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28th, 1919. This treaty put an end to World War I. At the time of the signing, a thirty-one year old German named Adolf Hitler was in the gloom ... Read More
How Has the United States' Role as a World Leader Changed since the Post World War II Era? (962 words, 4 pages)
After World War 2, September 2, 1945, the United States was the only country that hadnt fallen but stayed together to become a world leader. World War 2 involved the axis powers and allies. The Axis included Germany, Italy and Japan. The Allies included France, Great Brittan, The United States, ... Read More
The Differences and Similarities between World War II and the Vietnam War (567 words, 2 pages)
World War II and the Vietnam War were wars, which Americans were both involved in they both had their differences as well as similarities. World War II began in 1939 and lasted until 1945. Germany invading Poland is the start of the war. The Japaneses attacked Pearl Harbor, which was ... Read More
Comparing and Contrasting the Short Story The Sniper and World War II (1723 words, 4 pages)
The Sniper I have read a short story called The Sniper. It is a story abouttwo brothers tried to kill each other without knowing the identitiesbecause of a civil war in Ireland. The story has an irony ending thatthey tried to kill each other desperately, but the one they were ... Read More
Recent Controversy regarding the Appeasement and Britain's Strategy during World War II (502 words, 1 pages)
Historians still debate this day if Appeasement was good or bad and what the outcomes could have been if it happened differently. Proof does suggest that Hitler was planning for revenge with or without Appeasement. It can be argued that appeasement was the perfect choice or that it was completely ... Read More
A History of How The World War II Started (2933 words, 4 pages)
Introduction A surprise attack on Pearl Harbor left millions of Americans heartbroken. It is one of the most significant moments in American history. In just a short amount of time, so much devastation occurred. If the Americans would have kept better tract of Japanese intelligence, the bombing of Pearl Harbor ... Read More
Foundation of the Modern America through Great Depression and World War II as Depicted in David M. Kennedy's Book Freedom from Fear (1071 words, 2 pages)
Between 1929 and 1945 the American people and their political leadership faced r two overwhelming challenges. If events had gone in other directions, our century could have been quite different. In a brilliant description of complexity in American history, Stanford University historian David M. Kennedy recreates that crucial period in ... Read More
The Alliance Between Russia and United States Became a Dispute During the During World War II (521 words, 1 pages)
Russia and the United States were allies during World War II, but that certainly did not mean that they were friends. The alliance with Russia was to fight Nazism, which at the time seemed to be the greater of the two evils. Throughout the war the United States involved Russia ... Read More
Biography of the Leaders of the Axis Forces - Germany, Japan and Italy - during World War II (2241 words, 4 pages)
The Axis Powers World War II was started by the Axis Forces, which were comprised of Germany, Italy, and Japan. They fought against the combined might of almost the entire world, and, but for a supreme combined effort on the part of America, the USSR, and Britain, almost won. During ... Read More
World War II as an Introduction to Colonization to the People of the South Pacific (2326 words, 4 pages)
World War II came without warning or invitation for the people of the South Pacific and brought issues that few understood. The war became a period of excitement, hardship, and at the same time, of material abundance. Their islands, the place they called their homes, were abruptly exposed and used ... Read More
Japan: Before, During and After the World War II (2369 words, 7 pages)
JAPANESE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT POST WORLD WAR II World War II left many powerful nations in smoke and rubble. The deconstruction of many countries gave them the chance to rebuild their cities and economies. No country took more advantage of this opportunity than Japan. Japan was a huge militaristic power in ... Read More
How Japanese Americans were treated during World War II goes against American Constitution (2005 words, 3 pages)
Jesse Tawil History Term Paper In the United during the Second World War the Asian population, the Japanese in particular, were unfairly and unjustly treated by the American population due to the influence of the American government. The internment of the Japanese Americans during World War II is a disgrace ... Read More
Some Future Generations' Take on Prominent Figures of the World War II (606 words, 1 pages)
Leaders of World War II In the ancient world, the only way a person could become famous through out the world was to be some sort of king, master warlord, or a descendent of a holy entity. Monarchies, that last lasted long enough, kept the memories of their former leaders ... Read More
An Analysis of World War II Events in The Movie "Enemy at the Gates" (1194 words, 2 pages)
"Autumn, 1942 - Europe lies crushed beneath the Nazi jackboot. The German army is at the height of its power. Hitler's armies are charging through the heart of the Soviet Union towards the oil fields of Asia. One last obstacle remains a city on the Volga river where the fate ... Read More
Biography of Mussolini, Leader of the Italian Fascist Party and Later Prime Minister Italy during World War II (565 words, 1 pages)
World History Biography of Mussolini Mussolini taught briefly and lived in Switzerland for two years to avoid military service. He achieved national fame for his opposition to the Libyan War and became editor of the Socialist daily Avanti in 1913. Soon after World War I began, Mussolini abruptly turned nationalist ... Read More
An Essay Depicting the Jewish Sufferings in World War II (1485 words, 3 pages)
I am here representing one of the 22 organisations that stand as one, in the fight for Jewish compensation as a result of their treatment, prior and during World War Two, throughout the reign of the National Socialists. It has bee seven years your honour since we all heard that ... Read More
The Horrors of Nazi Germany in World War II (3134 words, 5 pages)
NAZI In December 1929, the German government faced a total financial crisis, facing a short fall of 1.5 billion marks in anticipated revenues. It occurred then that the world would lie in darkness, where deaths would override births dramatically, and where the lives of those of a different race, those ... Read More
A Biography on J. Robert Oppenheimer and Andrei Sakharov in Nuclear Physics during World War II and the Cold War (1013 words, 2 pages)
Oppenheimer and Sakharov and the Cold War J. Robert Oppenheimer and Andrei Sakharov are both considered leaders of nuclear physics during the World War II and the Cold War. The two men had astonishingly similar lives, achievements and views on nuclear weapons. Andrei Sahkarov (1921-1989), a Soviet nuclear physicist, is ... Read More
Reserve Police Battalion 101 in the World War II (1570 words, 2 pages)
Ordinary Men Analysis The men of Reserve Police Battalion 101 were just ordinary men, from a variety of backgrounds, education, and age. It would appear that they were not selected by any force other than random chance. Their backgrounds and upbringing, however, did little to prepare these men for the ... Read More
The Crucial Role of the US in the Outcome of the World War II (3853 words, 5 pages)
World War II was fought across more land and involved more men than any other war in the history of human civilization. Never before or since has there been a war of such vast importance and of such a large scale. The United States had an absolutely crucial role in ... Read More
A Short Essay on the Atrocities of World War II (328 words, 1 pages)
WW II was one of the worst wars ever known to mankind. The Jewish people were rounded up and murdered like cattle. Hitler and his men started many brutal concentration camps. At Ravensbruck Jewish people would either work them selves to death or be killed by either gas chambers or ... Read More
The Role of the Work at Bletchley Park in World War II (1241 words, 2 pages)
Question 1 Study source A. what can you learn about the work at Bletchley Park? We can see from the source that everyone was put into separate departments, 'we were very, very departmentalised'. The double 'very' emphasises how severely it was done. We can also learn that their work was ... Read More
An Analysis of Strategic Bombings during World War II (4459 words, 7 pages)
Strategic Bombing During World War 2 "World War 2 was a war fought in two distinct phases. The first was the last war of a new generation. The second was emphatically the first of a new era" . "The British strategic bomber campaign was of doubtful cost effectiveness" . Bomber ... Read More
Advances in Technology during World War II, the Atomic Bomb and Consequences from It (1671 words, 3 pages)
During World War Two, many types of technology were being invented and advanced. Most types of technology are often discovered by or at least first utilized by the government and military, and there is no time in which this is more evident then in wartime. All countries want to be ... Read More
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