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Successes and a Few Frustrations I Got from Mathematics (459 words, 1 pages)
The best subject in school to take is mathematics. It has so much to offer and so many different courses to take. As I take math through my education I have received successes, but some frustrations. I have memories of my old classes and teachers. I believe math has put ... Read More
My Experiences in Middle School (1035 words, 3 pages)
My school was my safe haven. Knowing everyone since our school was so small and having grown up with them made school my second home and made those people my second family. Classrooms and hallways were always cold, administrators never messed with them since if they did, it would break ... Read More
Lessons That Have Strengthened My Belief That Fate Is Real (522 words, 2 pages)
When you hear the word fate what does it make you think of? To different people it can be interpreted in many various ways, however the most general definition of it is the development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.One of my most ... Read More
Dealing With the Death of my Cousin (658 words, 2 pages)
My cousin Payton died when he was 13 year old in February of 2002. Otherwise healthy, Payton became critically ill with a staph infection in his heart. Payton fought hard. The sepsis from the staph infection and the impact it had on his organs was akin to a nuclear attack. ... Read More
The Cons of Grade Tracking In Educational Facilities (1191 words, 4 pages)
With so many schools focusing on test scores some have adopted an educational tracking system. Tracking is a controversial method of teaching in schools around America. Tracking is lumping students with other students in the same classes based on their test scores, or IQ score. Some educators love the idea ... Read More
The Effect of Gender on the Patterns of Classroom Interactions between Teachers and Students (4313 words, 14 pages)
Abstract-The objective of the present study is to explore to effect of gender on the patterns of classroom interactions between teachers and students in classrooms. Twenty-four classes were observed and recorded. Frequency and percentage of discourse acts produced by male and female teachers on one hand and male and female ... Read More
How My English Classes This Year Changed My Reading Habits (510 words, 2 pages)
A rollercoaster, its probably the only term that could possibly describe my experience in my 8th Grade Way Cool Language class. The funny thing is, I absolutely, positively hate rollercoasters, even though I am forced on them quite frequently. Every time a rollercoaster starts to slow, I am glad it ... Read More
How Catholic Education Has Changed My Life (481 words, 2 pages)
Before I came to St. Benedicts School, I had no existence in the Catholic world. Without a welcoming into the church, my family and I just went from church to church like nomads wandering without a true home. It wasnt until we came back to Buffalo over a tragedy in ... Read More
My Goals (554 words, 2 pages)
Every little girls dream is to get married and stay home to make a family, but Ive always known I wanted something different. Of course someday I want a husband and a family, but right now, Im ready to go to college and gain enough knowledge for an excellent career. ... Read More
My Experiences as a Junior Volunteer at Fairview Ridges Hospita (1032 words, 3 pages)
Volunteering at Fairview Ridges Hospital is a wonderful experience. Providing aid to others I deeply care about and my surrounds is something I really enjoy doing. I have always wanted to volunteer at the hospital ever since I found out that about the program in 8th grade Even though I ... Read More
My Positive Influences (652 words, 2 pages)
When asking my mother her meaning of positive influence she retorted It is someone who encourages you to do your best, encourage you to except new challenges, and help guide you in the right directionpath. Is that the true meaning of positive influence? Can a positive influence be and anonymous ... Read More
My Life Challenges and Experiences (375 words, 2 pages)
Life consists of experiences, challenges, and achievements all of whichare building blocks that inherently create ones like paths to success.Mabe there Is lots of differnt challanges to everyone but I have a fewthis year In Nineth grade(Freshmen) but along with those challang's Ihave soluotions to solve thoes.After my 8th grade ... Read More
My Summer Cruise in Jamaica (512 words, 1 pages)
I went on a cruise during the 2012 summer with my family, before I started this year, the 8th grade. It was one of the greatest times of my life a time that I will NEVER forget. So lets get to the story now shall we? During the 2012 summer ... Read More
Goals for Eighth Grade (644 words, 2 pages)
Everyone on Earth has at least more than two goals. To be exact 100humans around the world have goals in their everyday life, without goalsthere's no point of trying or working hard. There are three importantgoals in my life right now and to accomplish this I must try my best. ... Read More
The Three Goals in My Life (644 words, 2 pages)
Everyone on Earth has at least more than two goals. To be exact 100humans around the world have goals in their everyday life, without goalsthere's no point of trying or working hard. There are three important goalsin my life right now and to accomplish this I must try my best. ... Read More
My Personal Experience with Failure and Success (558 words, 1 pages)
Failure is the root of success I must admit, had to suck it up and getover it. Yes, these are words that came from my mind. Seeing that I havepersonal experience with failure, just as well as success. I have failedmultiple times, im only human. However, my success is way ... Read More
My First Award in School (1231 words, 4 pages)
Looking back at the arduous period when I acquired my first award in 8th grade at Middle School, this contentment moment was the precious memory that I cherished the most. Obviously, I was blissful about the dedication and the achievement I had attained in the first year. For procuring the ... Read More
Moving to Virginia (336 words, 1 pages)
Moving always sucks, whether it is the leaving, being somewhere new that youre not used to, or the packing. When my dad told us we were moving to Virginia, I about cried. Everything seemed so horrible in the beginning, but then something completely unexpected happened.The first thing that got me ... Read More
Personal Statement (456 words, 1 pages)
I go to ELCO high school.I moved to Elco my 8th grade year and before I moved to Elco i went to lebanon middle school and went to harding elementry.Somethings you might want to know is I have a brother named Jonathan.I also have a very large family family who ... Read More
Education in America (978 words, 6 pages)
The way the United State looks at education has really changed. Education had gone from a one room classroom to a build with many classrooms. It has also got from one teacher teaching the one room classroom to many teachers for the different levels of teaching that needs to be ... Read More
Why I Chose to Become a Teacher (1902 words, 5 pages)
Everyone has their own reasons for choosing a specific profession. My reasons my sound similar to others you have read today, but they arent. I chose teaching as my profession not for the common reasons I like children, I want summers off, or any else like that. I choose teaching, ... Read More
The Success of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in Music Industry (972 words, 3 pages)
Screaming fans, full arenas, many awards, hit singles all over the world are just many of the successes Selena got to experience. Selena Quintanilla faced many obstacles, such as jealousy and trouble with a language, but at the end she became a successful award-winning singer. Selena had that inner superstar ... Read More
A Movie Reflection on Witness (502 words, 2 pages)
Movie Reflection WitnessAfter watching the movie Witness, I have learned how the Amish community lives on a day to day basis. Their practices and their living conditions are much different than the way we live in the modern world today.The Amish live a conservative lifestyle that is different from most ... Read More
The American Education for 1st Generation Students in the 8th Grade (1590 words, 5 pages)
The social studies class starts with a topic from American history. Ms. Bondi begins the lesson by asking students about what war is and if it should be used as a last resort in a calm, but commanding tone. One of the students, who is of Mexican descent, answers the ... Read More
The Hero That I Will Always Look up To (828 words, 3 pages)
The smartest person I know has been in my life since the beginning. He taught me everything I know. From driving a car, tying a tie, reading a book and being a man. Without my dad, I wouldnt even be writing this essay today. He has dedicated his life to ... Read More
A Report on My Experience of Learning at the Saturday Scholars (505 words, 2 pages)
Theres a program on campus offered every Saturday for eight weeks called Saturday Scholars. I recently became a mentor in this program and its been an interesting, but fun learning experience. The program is designed to keep students from Intercity Albany schools interested in a particular subject. The goal is ... Read More
An Argument Against Random Locker Checks in Schools (474 words, 2 pages)
Should schools be able to do random locker checks? It is a heated argument and many are foragainst it. If your principle came up to you randomly to search your locker, how would you feel? This person would go through all of your personal belongings. Random locker checks should not ... Read More
My Perseverance Through the Difficulties in my Education and Life (624 words, 2 pages)
Weather 72, or 88. 44 or 68. We will not let exam results decide our fate. Spoken Words artist Suli Breaks seamlessly illustrates the tug of war game that is my life. Somehow weve come to believe that were only as good as the number that defines us. The prevalence ... Read More
The Progression of Alternative-Rock (1512 words, 4 pages)
The Progression of Alternative-RockAlternative rock is a genre that has been evolving for decades. While this genre of music has been changing long before I was even born, I want to discuss the more current transformation that alternative rock has taken over the past few years. With this transformation came ... Read More
The Significance of Track and Field in My Life (1146 words, 3 pages)
Track and field to your average outsider may be seen as boring or a waste of time. No one really wants to sit around in the hot sun on the most uncomfortable bleachers watching random people run to a line as fast as possible. Trust and believe, most people will ... Read More
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