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A Paper Defining Vandalism (476 words, 1 pages)
Our Definition Of Vandalism Vs. Prior to beginning our research of vandalism we began discussing our own definition of vandalism and what it meant to us. The following is what we came up with for our own description of vandalism. Vandalism is the act in which one purposefully commits an ... Read More
An Essay on the United States Gun Control (3093 words, 5 pages)
The Definition of an Issue United States Gun Control MEMORANDUM ltDategt To Senators and Congressmen ccltpro- gun control politiciangt Fromltconcerned citizengt SubjectGun Control Firearms restriction, commonly known as gun control, is a hotly debated subject in and out of the political arena. Advocacy groups propose more restrictions, tighter restraints and ... Read More
Role of Clarence Earl Gideon in Implementing the Rule of Court Appointed Lawyers (367 words, 1 pages)
Clarence Earl Gideon was charged in a Florida state court with having broken and entered a poolroom with intent to commit a misdemeanor. Appearing in court without funds and without a lawyer, Gideon asked the Florida state court to appoint counsel for him, whereupon the following troubles took place. The ... Read More
Enron Scandal and the Largest Bankruptcy in U.S. History (481 words, 1 pages)
Enron Corporation's fishy accounting practices, the siphoning of profits at Adelphia Communications Corp., allegations of tax fraud and lavish personal spending of company money at Tyco International and WorldCom Inc.'s bid to hide billions of dollars worth of expenses are just a few examples of unethical activities. Scandals and bankruptcies ... Read More
An Essay on the Types of Child Abuse (1977 words, 4 pages)
1 What is Child Abuse? By definition, child abuse is the deliberate and willful injury of a child by a caretaker hitting, beating with an object, slamming against a wall, even killing. It involves active, hostile, aggressive treatment. The key word in the definition of child abuse is deliberate. Why ... Read More
An Analysis of Abolish the Death Penalty (2947 words, 9 pages)
Abolish the Death Penalty By Mike Mahmudi E-mail mmahmudiaol.com Death Penalty The death penalty is a major issue that brings up a lot of arguments in our society. The most important question concerning the death penalty is whether it should be abolished or not. I think that the death penalty ... Read More
The Punishment of Castration on Convicted Rapists in the United States (692 words, 1 pages)
Castration for Convicted Rapists? There were 261,000 rapes and sexual assaults in the United States, in the year 2000. Seventy-two percent of those were never reported, of those reported, there is a fifty percent chance of an arrest, an eighty percent chance that the sexual offender will be prosecuted, and ... Read More
The Abuse and Neglect of Animals in the United States (1285 words, 5 pages)
Every day in the United States animals are being abandoned, abused neglected, and just treated horrible. It is very cruel how many people can even think about doing those things to innocent animals that have a brain like a toddler. What if someone abused your child, that is just as ... Read More
Challenges for African American Girls in the Juvenile Justice System (9223 words, 35 pages)
IntroductionJuvenile laws in the United States were heavily influenced by the common law of England lawyer William Blackstone (Dialogue on Youth Justice 2011). Blackstone work was read and admired by many nations including the United State. Blackstone made a distinction between infants and adults at common law. Two things were ... Read More
Should the Use of Marijuana Be Legalized? (1959 words, 7 pages)
The legalization of marijuana has been a controversial subject since it became illegal in many countries and legalized in Holland and some states in the United States such as California. Some people believe that Marijuana should be legalized for some reasons such as medical purposes, potential tax revenue (potential economic ... Read More
Dangers of Online Dating and Precautions That One Should Take (644 words, 3 pages)
While online dating may seem to be the easiest way to find a relationship it can be dangerous and there are some additional precautions one needs to take.Due to the anonymity of online dating, criminals have an easier time committing felonies.One of the risks of online dating is being robbed. ... Read More
The War on Drugs in America (1733 words, 6 pages)
In America today, drugs illegal or legal have put society in an utter state of submission by destroying the lives of those addicted. Should the war on drugs be classified as a war? To find this out you must understand the definition of war. War is a situation in which ... Read More
Abolishment of the Second amendment (2080 words, 2 pages)
Many people in the world are debating various things about Gun Control, but what they dont know is what is really means and in fact not many people even know the true definition of the 2nd Amendment either . The 2nd Amendment is defined as, A well-regulated militia, being necessary ... Read More
Getting out of Domestic Violence (1905 words, 7 pages)
AbstractGetting out of domestic violence is a hard thing to do for the victims. There are many things that hold them in the relationship. People seem to think that getting out of an abusive relationship is something that is very easy they seem to think that the person being abused ... Read More
Is Capital Punishment Justified? (776 words, 3 pages)
In 1997, my distant cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She wasa very fragile, sickly baby. As she aged, she became more and moreunhealthy. The couple was too involved with their occupations to takeany time away from work, and was forced to hire a full-time nanny tokeep Deliah ... Read More
An Argument in Favor of Convicts Entitled to Their Human Rights Once They Finished Their Time (514 words, 3 pages)
Life After Prison For centuries the United States has created a caste system to place people at the very bottom, and recently those have been felons. Black felons. Policies like Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, passed by Congress, keep citizen once convicted in a second class system. These policies deny ... Read More
The Pros and Cons of the Plea Bargaining System in Relation to Politics (3239 words, 11 pages)
IntroductionThe fundamental concept of leadership, an essential component of societal nature, can be applied within every career field, however decision based leadership in courtrooms across America is becoming a controversial and pressing issue. The judicial branch of the United States government has long been a bureaucratic entity largely controlled by ... Read More
A Comparison of A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (1007 words, 2 pages)
In discoveries lies the potential for transformation and change, as they provoke existential questions, challenging society's prevalent paradigms. Bryson's 2003 non-fiction account A Short History of Nearly Everything and Shelley's 1818 Romantic Frankenstein explores how the catalysts of our paradoxically noble and felonious nature frame discovery's value while further uncovering ... Read More
A Comparison Between the Uniform Reporting System and the National Incident-Based Reporting System (1257 words, 5 pages)
IntroductionAccording to U.S Department of Justice (2013), there are two critical sources of crime related data used to examine the scope and nature of offenses in the US. Among them are the Uniform Reporting System (UCR) and the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). The sources require properly collected, organized, and ... Read More
The Insanity Plea in the Court as an Outdated Defense for Criminals (3317 words, 11 pages)
The term insanity is denoted as a mental disorder characterized by symptoms, such as delusions or hallucinations, that indicate impaired contact with reality (Insanity). This coincides with the insanity plea, which denotes when a person accused of a crime can acknowledge that they committed a crime, but argue that they ... Read More
The Social Impact of the Stanford Rape Case (1984 words, 5 pages)
Sexual assault is serious. The Stanford rape case has opened some peoples eyes and say their opinions about it. The rape occurred at Stanford University in California on January17, 2015. A 20 year old student, Brock Turner who was a talented swimmer had sexually assaulted an unconscious woman behind a ... Read More
The Growing Issue of Mental Health Crisis in the United States and the Insanity Defense for the Criminally Accused (3255 words, 10 pages)
Every day a crime is committed in the United States by citizens who may or may not deserve jail time for their actions. Every day in the United States, the mental health crisis is growing. There are times when these two issues overlap and there is controversy on how to ... Read More
The Need for Revision of the Current Drug Policy to Decriminalize Drug Use (1131 words, 4 pages)
Legalizing DrugsWhile the drug policy has had some success preventing the use of drugs, it has done more harm than good. Arresting people with minor drug charges has disadvantages for the economy. People who are addicted to drugs also do not receive adequate rehabilitation while in prison. Finally, criminalizing drugs ... Read More
Comparing the Differences in Laws Between the State of Nevada, Texas, and California (879 words, 3 pages)
The differences between State of Nevada, Texas, and California, is that the State of Texas is one of the toughest States to punish someone under the Three strikes law, different from Nevada in Texas the only person that can be sentenced to life sentence is a person who commits capital ... Read More
Video Games and How They Affect the Children to Become Violent (691 words, 3 pages)
This semester I would like to pursue the topic of video games and how they affect the children that play them. There are stories in the news about the massive school shootings and the theories about why the children decided to take dangerous matters into their own hands. Its a ... Read More
Human Desires and Marijuana in The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World, a Book by Michael Pollan (596 words, 2 pages)
Its a big grey beast that is standing in the room. We cant ignore it and it is not going anywhere soon. I am of course, talking about the elephant in the room. Marijuana is a hot topic being discussed all around the world, making more splashes today then it ... Read More
An Account of Observations Made While Attending Court Proceedings at the Rochester Hall of Justice (854 words, 3 pages)
Criminal Justice PaperFor my paper I chose to attend court at the Rochester Hall of Justice. I observed court proceedings in family court, city court, and felony court. I went to the Rochester Hall of Justice on Wednesday, September 28th from 915am to 1215pm. From 915am to 1015am I observed ... Read More
An Account of the Observations Made While Attending Trials at the Rochester Hall of Justice (999 words, 4 pages)
Site Paper 1For this site paper I chose to attend the Rochester Hall of Justice and spent time on the city court, felony crimes, and family court floors. I attended this on Wednesday September 28th, 2016. From 915am to 1015am I observed the Rochester City Court with Judge Ellen M. ... Read More
An Analysis of the Cases of Rodney King and the New York Blackout (677 words, 3 pages)
Rodney King's case New York blackout essay There are many incidents that occurred in the United States, whichled to disastrous consequences. The Rodney King's case and the New Yorkblackout in 1977 are two incidents that have had catastrophic consequences.There are also many things everyone can learn from reading or experiencingthese ... Read More
The Challenges of Employment After Serving Prison Term as an African American in the United States (1971 words, 8 pages)
John Jones, an African American male at 41, was locked up due to an assault charge. When he was released from jail, he faced a hurdle that the box on the online job applications that told employers he had a felony conviction in his past. (Tanzina) Despite all this, he ... Read More
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