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A Biography of Theodore Roosevelt an American politician, author, naturalist, soldier, explorer, and historian who served as the 26th President of the United States. (1550 words, 3 pages)
Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt could be considered the best president of the United States because of his efforts made in 1904 to 1909 during his full term of being president. Not only did he help the country while president, but he also was a commander of the first U.S. Volunteer ... Read More
Biography of Eleanor Roosevelt, an American Politician, Diplomat, and Activist (392 words, 1 pages)
Eleanor Roosevelt was a very important woman in our history. She overcame her problems with her husband to help end the Great Depression. She not only worked against the depression but she was a pioneer in the fight for womens rights. She also helped people by writing her daily column ... Read More
A Short Biography of Caleb Blood Smith, an American Politician (268 words, 1 pages)
1864 Caleb Blood Smith dies Caleb Blood Smith, the Secretary of the Interior in 1861 and 1862, dies in Indianapolis. The brave yet cowarlly man played a major role in managing relations with Native Americans during the war. Smith was born in Boston in 1808 and raised in Cincinnati. Educated ... Read More
A Biography and Life Work of John Calhoun, an American Politician (604 words, 1 pages)
JOHN CALHOUN John Caldwell Calhoun was born in 1782 in South Carolina. Calhoun was born near Abbeville District, South Carolina, and was an honors graduate at Yale College in 1804. He practiced law in Abbeville District until his election to the South Carolina legislature in 1808. He was a major ... Read More
A Biography of Martin Van Buren, an American Politician (601 words, 2 pages)
Fast Fact Martin Van Buren was the first Chief Executive born under the United States flag. Biography Only about 5 feet, 6 inches tall, but trim and erect, Martin Van Buren dressed fastidiously. His impeccable appearance belied his amiability--and his humble background. Of Dutch descent, he was born in 1782, ... Read More
An Analysis of the Hall of Fame for Andrew Jackson, an American Politician (1301 words, 2 pages)
Like any hall of fame, its inductees are the best in whatever they do, from baseball or football to something like being President. If you are a member of any hall of fame (including the one for the Presidents), it means that you have done something special or have a ... Read More
A Biography and Life Work of John Tyler, an American Politician (704 words, 2 pages)
John Tyler was born in Charles City county, Va., on March 29, 1790. A member of the tobacco-planting aristocracy of Tidewater Virginia, he was the son of John Tyler, governor of Virginia from 1808 to 1811, and Mary Armistead. Bent on a political career, he attended the College of William ... Read More
A Biography of Aaron Burr, an American Politician (453 words, 1 pages)
Burr, Aaron (1756-1836), third vice president of the United States (1801-5).Burr was born in Newark, New Jersey, on February 6, 1756, and educated at the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University), of which his father had been president. He joined the Continental Army in 1775 and rose to the ... Read More
A Biography of Betty Friedan, an American Politician (1032 words, 2 pages)
3.) Betty was born at the beginning of the decade of change, coincidentally one year after the 19th Amendment was passed, giving women the right to vote. The twenties were years of carefree living. Women were cutting their hair, shortening hemlines, and driving, now that the automobile was available. Her ... Read More
The Life of Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy as an American Politician From Massachusetts (893 words, 4 pages)
Robert Francis ("Bobby") KennedyRobert F. Kennedy was born in 1925 in Brookline Massachusetts , andwas raised with traditional family values. He was a true patriot, with astrong sense of nationalism. While Attending Harvard University, he sawthat his country needed his help, so he put his undergraduate studies onhold to serve ... Read More
A Biography of Charles Carrol an American Politician (800 words, 1 pages)
INTRODUCTION AND THESISCharles Carrol was born of Irish descent on September 20, 1737 in Annapolis, Maryland. Catholics in Maryland were denied basic educational and political freedoms. So from the age of eight, Carrol was educated at St. Omer, a Jesuit school in England. He spent the next six years studying ... Read More
A Biography of Richard Lugar an American Politician and Member of the Republican Party (2247 words, 3 pages)
Policy Profile of Senator Richard Lugar The following report will attempt to provide a brief, yet concise policy profile of Indiana Republican Senator Richard Lugar. Beginning with a short biographical review, the profile will proceed and concentrate on Senator Lugar's major areas of public policy concern Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, and ... Read More
The Greatest Achievements and Faults of Aaron Burr, an American Politician (772 words, 2 pages)
Aaron Burr (1756-1836) Aaron Burr was the third vice-president of the United States (1801-1805), and he was thought to be one of the greatest students ever to graduate from Princeton in the eighteenth century. Woodrow Wilson said he had "genius enough to have made him immortal, and unschooled passion enough ... Read More
A Biography of Joseph McCarthy, an American Politician (810 words, 2 pages)
Who was Joseph McCarthy?Joseph R. McCarthy was born in 1908 on a family farm in Wisconsin. He went to a country school and decided he was done with his education at the young age of 14. After that, he explained to his family that he was finished with his studies ... Read More
A Biography of Thomas Jefferson, an American Politician (531 words, 3 pages)
Essay on Jefferson Jefferson had destroyed political traditions. From his contradictions and defecting his priciples, Jefferson destroyed the political precedent and is a exemplatory hypocrite, which can be seen throughout his administration. Jefferson was an admired statesman who was grappling unsuccessfully with the moral issue of slavery. Thomas Jefferson, the ... Read More
An Overview of the Personality of Alexander Hamilton, an American Politician (809 words, 2 pages)
Alexander Hamilton, a federalist none the least, but also a great man and American Citizen. If you are looking for a hard working open minded student, then heres your man for the position. To top if all of, he is a great american political leader.This is George Washinton, President of ... Read More
A Biography of Thomas Jefferson, an American Politician (1184 words, 3 pages)
Introduction Thomas Jefferson spent most of his career in public office and made his greatest contributions to his country in the field of politics. He loved liberty in every form, and he worked for freedom of speech, press, religion, and other civil liberties. Jefferson was the 3rd president of the ... Read More
A Look at the Life of Millard Fillmore an American Politician (1263 words, 2 pages)
Millard Fillmore was born in a frontier cabin in Cayuga county, New York, on Jan. 7, 1800. He was the second child and the first of five sons of Nathaniel and Phoebe Millard Fillmore. The family was miserably poor, and Fillmore was almost entirely self-educated. Deeply wanting an education, Millard ... Read More
A Biography and Life Work of Joseph Raymond McCarthy, an American Politician (2483 words, 5 pages)
Joseph Raymond McCarthy was born on a farm in Appleton, Wisconsin on November 14th, 1908. His parents were devout Roman Catholics and McCarthy was the fifth on nine children. After attending the local elementary school, he left school at 14 and worked as a chicken farmer. McCarthy later managed a ... Read More
A Biography of Albert Gore Junior, an American Politician (1057 words, 2 pages)
As this election 2000 is coming, each candidate is working very hard. They are doing debates, electoral campaigns all over the country in order to get more popular votes and therefore get the electoral votes they need to be the next president of the United States. In all of the ... Read More
A Biography of Richard Joseph Daley an American Politician (1258 words, 2 pages)
Richard Joseph Daley, the grandson of Irish immigrants, was born in the Bridgeport area of Chicago on May 15, 1902. He was graduated from De La Salle Institute in 1918 and worked in the stockyards for several years before studying law. While studying, he worked as a clerk in the ... Read More
A Biography of Eugene Victor Debs, an American Politician (1472 words, 5 pages)
A Life History of James (Jamaie) Decartes an American Politician (1937 words, 2 pages)
World War I left many families dead, creating large numbers of orphans. Jamaie (later to become James) Decartes was one of those orphans. His father died in the trenches in France, and his mother was stolen away, never to be seen again. James was 14 when this happened, he hid ... Read More
A Biography of Stephen A. Douglas an American Politician (261 words, 1 pages)
American Studies Assignment-Stephen A. DouglasMy name is Stephen A. (Arnold) Douglas (born April 23,1813- died June3, 1861). I have been given the nickname "The Little Giant" representing my fiery conviction, prowess, and self-reliance. I believe that the country's destined direction lies west. I myself worked and put myself through school ... Read More
A Biography of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton an American Politician (791 words, 4 pages)
Hillary Diane Rodham was born on October 26th, 1947 in a suburb outside of Chicago to a middle class family. Her parents, Hugh E. Rodham and Dorothy Howell Rodham, were republican. While she attended college at the Wellesley college in the state of Massachusetts, Hillary in fact became the President ... Read More
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