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The Consequences of Committing a Felony (493 words, 1 pages)
He stood at the edge of the court, toeing the line that separatedeverything he had known and everything he had to learn. The crowd buzzedaround him red jersey's whooping in circles, cheering and chanting withthe crowd while white jerseys, like the one clinging to his torso,walked stiffly from their chairs ... Read More
A Personal Account of Tragic Life Incidents: Abuse, Father's Suicide, Addiction, Committing a Felony and Going to Jail, Loosing Custody of Children, and Being Fired (740 words, 2 pages)
My parents took in teenage boys who were wards of the court in the state of Utah. I was the only girl in our household. I was molested by one of my foster brothers. When I told my parents an investigation ensued as we found he preyed on my friends ... Read More
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