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Personal Experience with the Challenges of Attending Illinois State University (514 words, 1 pages)
Afer complenting my first two years of college in a tiny junior college in Kentucky, I enrolled in Illinois State University, confident that I would well, because I haad sone well in the past. The size of the place was a bit daunting. The first challenge was finding a parking ... Read More
Climate Changes in Illinois (1058 words, 3 pages)
Illinois a state that is mainly made up of corn fields, if youdrive from Kankakee to Chicago the only thing you'll see on your waythere is lots and lots of corn fields. Climate changes have beenoccurring all over the world you can tell by just noticing the patternsof the weather ... Read More
How Studying at the Illinois Art Institute of Schaumburg Will Help Me Achieve My Dreams (300 words, 1 pages)
While studying at the Art Institute of Schaumburg I expect to accomplish getting my bachelors in Multimedia Arts and Animation, and also getting a second bachelors degree in Game Art and Design. I am very determined on working on my creativity, and art skills to full potential so I can ... Read More
The Challenges Faced by the Village Administrators in My Hometown of Mount Prospect, Illinois and the Planning Solution (1248 words, 4 pages)
In my hometown of Mount Prospect, IL (northwest suburb of Chicago), there are several challenges that village administrators have been facing in the past decade. For example, the downtown area is rich in history dating back to the 1850s, when the train rolled through before the Villages incorporated in 1917. ... Read More
A Case Study of the Bradwell v. Illinois Court Case and the Decision of the Illinois Supreme Court to Deny Myra Bradwell’s Rights to Practice Law (342 words, 1 pages)
In Bradwell v. Illinois, the United States Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Illinois Supreme Court and denied Myra Bradwell of her right to practice law based entirely on the reason that she was a woman. In 1869, prior to the court case, Bradwell passed the Illinois law exam ... Read More
A National Convention in Chicago, Illinois Between Hubert Humphrey and Edmund Muskie on the Topic of Vietnam War and the Protesters of the War (1154 words, 4 pages)
Every election year, democrats and republicans choose a city to host their national conventions, where potential presidential candidates will discuss their political ideas in order to secure a nomination for president. On August 26-29, 1968, the democrats decided to hold their convention in Chicago, Illinois. The nominees were Hubert Humphrey ... Read More
Joliet, Illinois as a Land of Opportunity in America (727 words, 3 pages)
Throughout the 1800s, there were many stories of people leaving their homes in Europe and traveling across seas to start fresh in the United States and take their shot at new opportunities in life. Joliet, Illinois is no exception to this. Joliet was incorporated along the Illinois and Michigan Canal ... Read More
An Argument Against the Construction of the Oil Pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois due to Environmental and Health Issues (456 words, 2 pages)
A 1134-mile pipeline extending from North Dakota to Illinois is being built to transport 470,000 barrels of oil from the Bakken oil fields to refineries in Illinois. The 3.7 billion dollar investment is being built across sacred natural areas of indigenous tribes and close to populations that are prone to ... Read More
A Personal Experience With the Baptist Church in Illinois (922 words, 3 pages)
We chose the Second Baptist Church in Elgin, Illinois. I do have some background knowledge of religion I growing up with multiple religions, but now I consider myself an agnostic. Definitely, before this experience, I definitely have some preconceived notions of what religion is. To be honest I haven't had ... Read More
A Case Analysis of an Illinois Police Officer Being Shot (870 words, 4 pages)
Illinois police officer shot and he is in 'serious' conditionA police officer has been shot and he is in "serious" condition, as per a news discharge from the Carbondale, Illinois, police office. The police officer was reacting to hints of shots being discharged somewhere around 1130 pm and 1145 pm ... Read More
An Analysis of the Case of William “Sam” Wardlow versus the State of Illinois (673 words, 2 pages)
Illinois v. WardlowThe flight-or-flight response is a psychological reaction that happens when one senses an impending attack, harm, or in this case, being caught guilty of possessing an illegal fire-arm. At around 1215 p.m on September 9, 1995, in a neighborhood known for narcotics and other illegal activity, Officer Nolan ... Read More
The Geologic History of the Illinois Basin (2368 words, 9 pages)
The Illinois state is located in the central lowland province and is part of a vast Paleozoic depositional and structural basin known as the Illinois Basin. The Illinois Basin underlies most of the state of Illinois and extends into Indiana and Kentucky. The typical topography of Illinois includes flat planes ... Read More
A Critique of Fixing Illinois, a Book by James D. Nowlan (1201 words, 4 pages)
Illinois is in disarray. The economy, education system, and health care policy in particular have gone downhill, so to speak, over the last couple decades. Granted, the United States went into a Great Recession in 2008, but the actions taken by the Illinois Legislature have been insufficient in attempts to ... Read More
A Personal Story on the Topic of Joining the Illinois School (557 words, 2 pages)
Why Illinois?The University of Illinois is known worldwide as being one of the most prestigious and challenging engineering and business universities. It has produced a multitude of incredibly successful entrepreneurs, brilliant engineers, and a handful of Nobel Prize winners. Students from all over the world aspire to come to this ... Read More
A Discussion on the Issue of Slow and Unstable Internet Service in Northern Illinois University That Prevents the Students From Doing Their Online Homework (3974 words, 16 pages)
Students from all around campus have said that the internet service from Northern Illinois University is terrible in speed and stability. Students often use the internet at Northern Illinois University therefore need the speeds to be fast and efficient. Without the fast speed and stability, students cannot do online homework ... Read More
Schools in Illinois Should Allow Open Campus Lunch Because it Gives Students the Oportunity of Choice, Makes Them Feel Like Adults, and GIves Them a Break From Stress (586 words, 3 pages)
Many schools in the heart of Illinois face the same problem they do not allow open campus lunch! If you asked any normal high schooler if they like being stuck in a building 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, they do not enjoy it they feel antsy and ... Read More
A Look at Racism and Prejudice in University of Illinois Against Dr. Phyllis Wise the Chancellor (1344 words, 4 pages)
Rotary Club Speech - Denying a Snow Day Imagine if yesterday Dr. Dance kept schools operating on normal posted schedule. The roads were covered with ice and all other counties in Maryland were closed. How would you have thought of Dr. Dance? You would probably have felt angered and distressed, ... Read More
An Analysis of The Two Gentlemen of Verona Presented by Illinois Shakespeare Festival (1298 words, 2 pages)
The Two Gentlemen of VeronaShakespeare Bulletin ReviewPresented by ILLINOIS SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL at WESTHOFF THEATRE, Normal. IL. July 3-August 5, 1994. Directed by Calvin MacLean. Set and lighting by Kent Goetz. Costumes by Dan Wilhelm. Sound and music by Rick Peeples. Choreography by Connie de Veer. Fights by John Sipes. With ... Read More
The Death Penalty in Illinois Should Be Legalized (2842 words, 4 pages)
John H. Whitehead Professor Roth English 128 Whitehead 1 1 December, 1999 A Moratorium on The Death Penalty Should Be Enacted In Illinois Due to the recent releases of newly exonerated Death Row inmates, individuals and organizations are calling for a moratorium- a cooling off period for state executions. The ... Read More
The Difference between the California Legislation and Illinois Legislation on the Use of Guns (492 words, 1 pages)
Caleb FairleyJudicial Proc.903001. California law restricts the use of guns by seeing to it that the guns are safer, and by being safer they are registered by the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice tests the guns to make sure that they meet all safety needs and that the ... Read More
Did the State of Illinois Violate the Equal Protection Clause in the Case of Peter Stanley? (521 words, 1 pages)
Stanley v. Illinois92 S.Ct. 1208 (1972)Nature of Case The plaintiff is Peter Stanley. He said that his rights to equal protection of the law under the 14th Amendment have been violated. He believes that the Illinois law that makes children of unwed fathers wards of the state upon death of ... Read More
An Analysis of Carbondale and Edwardsville of the Southern Illinois University Press (573 words, 1 pages)
Neely, Mark E. Jr. Insanity File. The Case of Mary Todd Lincoln 1986 reprintSouthern Illinois University Press Carbondale and EdwardsvilleFrom Abraham Lincoln's first engagement to Mary Todd Lincoln in 1840 the couple seemed destined for controversy. Yet deep tragedy would find that the life of Abraham Lincoln, as well as ... Read More
An Article About a Forum of Politicians and Citizens on Illinois Talking on Capital Punishment (3988 words, 16 pages)
Author Clarke, Kevin. Source U.S. Catholic v. 65 no10 (Oct. 2000) p. 27 ISSN 0041-7548 Number BRDG00052997 Copyright The magazine publisher is the copyrightholder of this article and it is reproduced with permission. Further reproduction of thisarticle in violation of the copyright is prohibiteA GROUP OF DISTINGUISHED ILLINOIS CITIZENS, including ... Read More
A Moratorium of the Death Penalty Should Be Enacted in Illinois (2842 words, 14 pages)
John H. WhiteheadProfessor RothEnglish 128 Whitehead 11 December, 1999A Moratorium on The Death Penalty Should Be Enacted In IllinoisDue to the recent releases of newly exonerated Death Row inmates, individuals and organizations are calling for a moratorium- a cooling off period for state executions. The cases of just a few ... Read More
A Moratorium on the Death Penalty Should Be Enacted in Illinois (2850 words, 9 pages)
Due to the recent releases of newly exonerated Death Row inmates, individuals and organizations are calling for a moratorium- a cooling off period for state executions. The cases of just a few inmates makes it apparent that this would be a necessary step to save innocent lives. After 17 years ... Read More
An Overview of the Juvenile Law and the Terminology of Delinquency in the State of Illinois in United States of America (1454 words, 2 pages)
The Original law of the Illinois juvenile court defined a delinquent as a child under the age of sixteen years who has violated any laws of the state, or any city or village ordinance. Under the common law, children between the ages of 7 and 16 years of could be ... Read More
An Overview of Why Should Moratorium on Death Penalty be Enacted in the State of Illinois (2842 words, 14 pages)
John H. WhiteheadProfessor RothEnglish 128 Whitehead 11 December, 1999 A Moratorium on The Death Penalty Should Be Enacted In Illinois Due to the recent releases of newly exonerated Death Row inmates, individuals and organizations are calling for a moratorium- a cooling off period for state executions. The cases of just ... Read More
An Analysis of the Excavation For the New ACES Library on the University of Illinois Campus (2316 words, 9 pages)
After several months of planning and design, excavation for the new ACES libraryon the University of Illinois campus began in May 1999. The project is sponsoredand will be owned by the Board of Trustees for the University of Illinois. Sixseparate contractors are working together under one general contractor. Theproject, which ... Read More
An Analysis of the Topic of Edward Brunner and Southern Illinois University (1903 words, 14 pages)
Edward Brunner, Southern Illinois UniversityWhen American poetry shook itself free ofthe conventions it had inherited from the English tradition at the end of the nineteenthcentury, its young poets tended to re-invent the poetic from one of three differentangles some took a vernacular approach which championed the cause of plain speech ... Read More
A History of the Construction of the Illinois & Michigan Canal that Helped Develop Chicago (1262 words, 2 pages)
Didnt expect no town-Early Chicago Settler Mark BeaubienThe IM Canal is universally considered the driving force behind the huge surge of growth that turned the tiny hamlet on the banks of Lake Michigan named Chicago, in to a huge metropolis and bustling center of trade.Ever since Joliet first crossed the ... Read More
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