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The Role of Restaurants in Preventing the Obesity Epidemic in Kids (264 words, 1 pages)
By taking this initial step, I think the restaurant industry is doing enough to address the obesity epidemic in kids. Everyone knows obesity is a serious health problems, it can cause many complications such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and high blood sugar. The government has done a lot through the ... Read More
Obesity and BMI (4211 words, 7 pages)
ObesityFor obesity, we use BMI, which is defined in terms of kilograms and meters squared. Obesity cuts in when your BMI is at 30. 40 or above is morbidly obese. There are these charts, sometimes used by GPs, fitness centres etc. as you get older, you tend to put on ... Read More
The Importance of Fasting to Prevent Obesity (583 words, 3 pages)
America is suffering from a terrible disease and its called obesity. This disease is spreading as quickly as the Black Plague in the medieval times. Many victims of this disease do not even know how it is happening to them, only to see their weight climb upward. Obesity is not ... Read More
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