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Child Violence and Parents’ Responsibility (1042 words, 2 pages)
Over the past couple of years, child violence has been a major topic in American society. The continual school shootings represent a crisis in the raising of American children. This problem must be addressed with the utmost of urgency and in the most straightforward fashion. The resolution to this problem ... Read More
A Comparison of The Rake: A Few Scenes from My Childhood by David Mamets and Jing-Mei Woo: Two Kids by Amy Tans (520 words, 1 pages)
In David Mamets essay The Rake A Few Scenes from My Childhood and Amy Tans story Jing-Mei Woo Two Kinds, the authors describe their personal experiences. The essay and story are based upon the authors childhood memories. There are many similarities and differences in Mamets and Tans works. Both authors ... Read More
Essay on Family History as an Inspiration for Becoming a Nurse (561 words, 1 pages)
What inspire me most to become a nurse is my family history. Growing up I only got to see one of my grandparents whom I lost at 14 years of age. When I was young, I used to ask why many of my friends have grandparents and I only have ... Read More
Parents to Blame for Childhood Obesity (889 words, 3 pages)
Over the past few weeks, I have read some articles about who should beblamed for obesity. In Weintraub, Daniel's articleThe Battle AgainstFast Food Begins in the Home'' he points out that parents are the onlyone need to take responsibility for child's obesity, because the parentslet their child eat fast food ... Read More
Curbing Teenage Pregnancy (701 words, 2 pages)
Pretend you are a parent of a teenager who's teenage friend just foundout she was pregnant. Would you be concerned that it might happen toyour own child? Everyone should be concerned about teen pregnancy it isstill a problem in today's society that can cause some serious issues.The Center for Disease ... Read More
How Technology Has Impacted Children’s Lifestyles (1704 words, 7 pages)
"A lot of children spend more than 40 hrs per week using some type ofmedia" (Anderson Bushman) children use the computer at school and at hometo do their school work. With today's society everything is computerized.They also use computer to play games and play video games on TV usingconsoles. Due ... Read More
The Responsibilities and Accountability of Parents for Their Children’s Illegal Actions (1517 words, 5 pages)
In Philadelphia, a disturbing new trend has emerged. Flash mobs. Teens have amassed by connecting over social media and other technology. The actions start out benign, but quickly turn criminal, as the bored teens seek stimulation, often in the form of mass robberies of convenience stores or assault on tourists. ... Read More
Abortion as an Immoral Act of Murder According to the Pro-Life Argument (758 words, 3 pages)
Abortionis a violation against the principles of life which ultimately deprives an unborn child of the right and privilege to grow to full maturity and be birthed. With the exception of rape and medical complications, abortionis a means of averting parenting responsibilities. The key person to be considered in this ... Read More
The White-African American Achievement Gap in the Research Literature of Robinson, Keith, and Angel L. Harris (934 words, 4 pages)
The review of research literature conducted by Robinson, Keith, and Angel L. Harris identifies various factors that seem to contribute to the White-African American achievement gap. Racial differences in parenting practices seem to account for a significant portion of White-African American achievement gap even after controlling for socioeconomic status. This ... Read More
Who Is Responsible for Child Obesity? The Issue of Consumer Manipulation (878 words, 3 pages)
Who is Responsible for Obesity? There is a constant ongoing battle on whether the responsibility for child obesity is the parents or the fast food corporations. For example, Daniel Weintraubs article in the Sacramento Bee, The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home Daniel claims that it is the ... Read More
The Concepts of Multidimensional, Multidirectional, Individual Variability and Plasticity in Describing Intelligence in Adulthood (424 words, 2 pages)
The term multidimensional, multidirectional, individual variability and plasticity may be the most accurate way to describe intelligence in adulthood. For example, multidimensional is characteristic of theories of intelligence that identify several types of intellectual abilities. Adult thinking is different for every adult because of the different kinds of mental activities ... Read More
How Exercising Helps You in Your Life (560 words, 2 pages)
Physical activity has been a fundamental part of my upbringing for as long as I can remember. I started karate when I was 3 years old, and being active has been a lifestyle ever since. Karate was three times a week, for three hours a night. I also played soccer, ... Read More
The Definition and Effects of Parent Liability (895 words, 3 pages)
Parent Liability is when the parent has the obligation to pay for damages that have been caused by the child whether they are negligent, intentional or criminal acts. Parent liability does not usually kick in until the child is usually eight or ten and ends when the child becomes the ... Read More
Stress and Its Effects on Parenting Style (1556 words, 6 pages)
Parents juggle a lot of responsibilities between their kids, house, finances and work. With all of these responsibilities that parents have with everyday life, they are bound to be stressed out. Sometimes, when parents are stressed or overdone, they tend to take out their frustrations on their children. So this ... Read More
The Five Standards of Teaching that Help with Correct Child Development (669 words, 2 pages)
Imagine yourself having your first child with full support of your husband. What is the first action that comes to thought when the nurse hands you your newborn? Do you sit in silence or do you tell your baby Welcome to the world, my darling!? Chances are you try to ... Read More
The Positive and Negative Effects of the Social Environment in Adolescence (747 words, 3 pages)
Adolescence is a time when humans begin the process of figuring out who they are and what they want to be. The quest for individuality is a major focus at a time when significant and often uncomfortable changes are taking place. During this time, relationships with parents, siblings, and peers ... Read More
The Factors Attributing to the Involvement and Deviance of People in Sports (442 words, 2 pages)
Sporting activities have widespread involvement by different people, the young, elderly, and different sexes. Many factors attribute to involvement in sports like physical benefits and enjoyment. The involvement by different people leads to the necessity of having ethical guidelines that conform to sporting deviance. It is ethical and important to ... Read More
The Exploration of the Various Controversial Social Issues in Societies in the Play “Fancies” by August Wilson (1096 words, 5 pages)
Dramatic literature sheds light on controversial issues in societies and opens up a dialogue to tackle such issues. In the play Fancies (1985) by August Wilson, themes of racism and inequality are the main conflict driving the play. The play explores the lives of two African American friends and their ... Read More
Refusal to Censor in Libraries (1278 words, 5 pages)
Refusal to CensorThe American Library Code of Ethics aptly sums up what it means to be a librarian providing service and information to the public and ensuring that citizens always have freedom of access to information and ideas. The second principle of this code clearly states We uphold the principles ... Read More
A Study on the Dynamic Patterns and Prediction of Alcohol and Marijuana Initiation (754 words, 3 pages)
Alcohol and Marijuana are the most popular substances among adolescents in the United States. To prevent our youth from ever using marijuana or using alcohol too early, we must find out the exact age they are most likely to be initiated to it. Alcohol and Marijuana are often considered as ... Read More
The Many Factors That Cause Youth Violence (648 words, 2 pages)
Culture SocietyTerrorist, go back to your Islamic land. Then he punched me, right in the shoulder. Many people faced these problems, just like me. People repeatedly calling each other names and hitting each other. Youth violence affects me because I was personally bullied because of my race. I can stop ... Read More
Parental Responsibilities on the Regulation of Internet Contents and Usage for the Children (2641 words, 10 pages)
Parental Responsibilities to Children and the InternetIn the height of the digital age, people of all ages are constantly interacting with one another using new technologies and the power of the Internet. Teachers now create curriculums that focus on teaching students how to use and utilize the Internet for a ... Read More
An Analysis of Noah Berlatsky’s Article Beyoncé, Sex Terrorist: A Menace for Conservatives and Liberals Alike (610 words, 2 pages)
Modern InfluenceThe many ways that pop culture has been identified over the years can be described as degrading and dark, compared to earlier years. One of the main focuses that gets most peoples attention is the portrayal of sex and roles of a female and male bodies. In the article ... Read More
The Concept of Parent Responsibility in the Play, Oedipus the King, Sam Sheperd: The Seven Plays, and the Marriage of Bette and Boo (1952 words, 6 pages)
The words "Unhappy Families" invariably imply that, at the very least,there is some dissatisfaction with a relationship. This relationshiptypically consists of a married couple and their children, albeit manyvariations of this combination exist. In any permutation of such units ofsocial order, there is a high chance that trauma occurs. Occasionally,rebellious ... Read More
The Challenges of Sex, Drugs, Obesity, and Violence Kids Today Face (782 words, 3 pages)
In the article "changes in our students" mentions some of the challenges kids face today. The article itself is broken down into 4 different categories Sex, Drugs, Obesity, and Violence with more emphasis on crime. Indeed these categories are also filled with statistics of the youth of American students. Lets ... Read More
The Good and Bad in Children Watching Television (1117 words, 4 pages)
Television is harmful to children because of violent TV shows and movies. Violent TV shows can result in bad behavior in children. On the other hand, television for children is not harmful because TV shows can be educational. Educational programs teach good morals for children. Children watching television could be ... Read More
A Personal Account of the Loss of Faith Similar to Langston Hughes’s in the Short Narrative Salvation (894 words, 3 pages)
In the short narrative, Salvation written by Langston Hughes, Langston tells a story about how he was saved at the age of thirteen, but his saving was all a rouse to appease everyone around him that waited for him to see Christ. This event later made Langston lose his belief ... Read More
A Discussion on How Video Games Influence Violence (1835 words, 6 pages)
Imagine the world where violence was something we rarely experienced. Today violence has become an extremely common factor in our world. Violent video games have played a huge role in the cause of violent behavior. Many issues and questions concern the problem of violence in society. One major issue is ... Read More
Crime in the Literary Works of Charles Dickens (563 words, 1 pages)
Charles Dickens gave a lot of attention to crime because crime was an inescapable social problem at the time. Today crime is just as much of a problem. When a child is born they are born innocent and their minds are a blank slate - they are born with no ... Read More
An Analysis of the Children Act of 1989 (1447 words, 2 pages)
In this essay, I refer to the words Power and Duty. The word power in legal terms is the ability to do or act, which implies a choice. Duty is an obligation something that law binds me to do. This essay is written in answer to a case study, which ... Read More
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