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Saving Our Planet for a Better Tomorrow (758 words, 3 pages)
Now is the time to become more eco friendly to save our planet for the future of our children and mankind. Every small effort we make counts and every day that we choose to ignore the facts brings us one step closer to the end of life as we know ... Read More
Saving Our Planet and the Environment through Recycling (1104 words, 4 pages)
1) Everyone seems to want finding ways in which they can help the environment. One of the most popular trends is the quest to recycle everything, so that we will not deplete our natural resources and eventually wind up with nothing. The dictionary defines recycling as "The act of processing ... Read More
Jeremy Rifkin's Persuasion on "Saving Our Planet" (612 words, 1 pages)
Jeremy Rifkin is an immensely persuasive writer and a fine synthesizer of cutting-edge ideas. Over the years he's taken on touchy subjects like the beef industry, energy consumption, green economics, and the future of work. As the president and founder of the Foundation on Economic Trends, he's also been active ... Read More
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