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Tanning Salons May Pose Higher Risk of Getting Skin Cancers (2681 words, 9 pages)
INTRODUCTION Catch the Audiences Attn. The rate of skin cancer in the United States population has doubled over the last 20 years. In the U.S. this year about 65,000 Americans are expected to develop skin cancer. One in seven of todays children is expected to develop some form of skin ... Read More
An Essay on the Ban on Teenagers from Tanning Salons (1009 words, 1 pages)
Ban teenagers from tanning salonsFive percent of the business at San Diego's Hollywood Tans was from teenagers. The number of teenagers going to tanning salons is on the rise. The annual revenue brought in by teenagers using the salons has reached five billion dollars (California 1). Although it helps the ... Read More
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