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Public Transportation for Students (859 words, 3 pages)
SJSU students run into several problems with transportation, and day by day this issue is getting worse. In the article The bus, A Modern Panacea the author, Lester Detroit, states that our local Valley Transit Authority (VTA) system offers the cure-all solution by promoting a public transit culture that can ... Read More
Transportation in the US (990 words, 5 pages)
A major factor underlying this transformation of freight transport is represented by the changes in the scale, in the composition, and in the structure of the American and global economies. The demand for transportation services has grown in response to the generally brisk performance of the US and global economies ... Read More
The Value of Modern Transportation (531 words, 1 pages)
There are many useful things in our lives that we use every single day.Everything we have today we do not truly need to survive like an iphoneor flat screen TV. But there is one thing that improves modern society.Transportation--- Cars, trucks, boats, planes, busses, motorcycles,bikes, and even skateboards all help ... Read More
Transportation at ASSCO (1424 words, 4 pages)
I am writing today in concern of the transportation available to students at Assumption College. I am currently a first year student. This letter serves to address different aspects of transportation at Assumption College currently and how things could be changed. Transportation for first year students is lacking and if ... Read More
The Lack of Transportation for Campus Students and the Possible Solution of Shuttle Buses (518 words, 1 pages)
A complaint that I most often hear and sympathize with is about the lack of transportation and the walking one must do to get from point A to point B. I think the PSU needs to look in to practical ways from making transportation easier for on and off campus ... Read More
The Far-Reaching Social Consequences of Transportation (1280 words, 2 pages)
Introduction I am going to discuss how transportation has caused the decentralization of cities and what the social consequences have been. First the definition of decentralization is to bring about the redistribution of urban population and industry to suburban areas. Decentralization can be viewed as a direct result of increases ... Read More
The Issue of Safety in Airplane Transportation (390 words, 1 pages)
Transportation has advanced over the years from ferries to railroads to automotives to airplanes. Man is constantly moving, and man tries to find faster ways to get from point A to point B. The problem that comes with using faster and cheaper transportation is that its most likely not as ... Read More
A Report on Transportation within Urban Areas (1949 words, 3 pages)
Recently I went on an adventure around Europe and visited three major cities Paris Amsterdam and Berlin. Throughout my travels I used many different forms of transport to get around including trains, buses, cars, ferries, and my own two feet. It was such a central theme to my adventure that ... Read More
Advantages of Using a Public Transportation (536 words, 1 pages)
Many people who are looking for a way to save money can look no further than where they sit everyday. People who live in rural or suburban areas often have the option of public transportation, at least for the daily commute to work. There are many advantages of using public ... Read More
An Analysis of the Structure, Conduct and Performance Approach of the Public Transportation Industry (1766 words, 3 pages)
In this paper, I will analyze the structure, conduct, and performance approach of the Public Transportation Industry in general and then concentrate on the local (regional) aspect and talk about SEPTA. Before I go in-depth, I will briefly tell you what I am planning to achieve in my discussion. For ... Read More
An Analysis of the Development of Urban Transportation (3041 words, 4 pages)
Urban Transportation The development of urban transportation has not changed with the cities cities have changed with transportation. In the early years of transportation it was the mass transit of horse and buggies or electric rail cars that shaped cities. Then as the automobile became affordable to the public, personal ... Read More
An Analysis of the Issues Surrounding the Transportation System in United States (1109 words, 2 pages)
Hitting Transportation Issues Head-On The U.S. transportation system, which has long been a key to the success of our American economy, is a source of problems that could be partially solved by technology. Integrated technologies and appropriate policies could revolutionize the American transportation system so that its value to the ... Read More
Why Magnetically Levitated Trains are the Transportation of the Future and the Different Kinds of Maglevs (704 words, 1 pages)
Gregory Zizza Science Project Essay Maglevs Maglevs Magnetically levitated trains (maglevs) may be the transportation of the future because of their many advantages on modern transportation we use today. Maglevs are trains that run on magnets in a certain way so that they are equally levitated. They are a lot ... Read More
An Overview of Segway Scooter as a New Technologically Advanced Way of Transportation (505 words, 1 pages)
The Segway Scooter is a technologically advanced way of transportation. It uses the principles of the human body and applies them to a mechanical tool that works much like the human body and allows us to use machines in replace of our legs as a form of transportation. The scooter ... Read More
The Role of the National Transportation Safety Board in Aviation Safety (2467 words, 5 pages)
The Role of the National Transportation Safety Board in Aviation Safety Principles of Transportation Overview The movement of millions of passengers over distances thought impossible decades ago is symbolic of the modern air transportation era that is characterized by speed, comfort and personal convenience. The commerce of aviation, both the ... Read More
An Analysis and Explanation of Global Transportation Enterprise FedEx (4238 words, 10 pages)
Abstract FedEx Corporation began as an express air delivery company in 1973, it has successfully transformed itself into an integrated transportation and logistics service provider. A major part of FedEx Corporation success is directly attributed to its committed use of Electronic Commerce. Electronic Commerce has not only facilitated its business ... Read More
The T.T.C. Takes Advantage of Our Necessity to Public Transportation (827 words, 2 pages)
The T.T.C, as we all depend on, is supposed to be a great means of transportation provided by the government. Everybody relies on the T.T.C because it transport millions of people everyday. Students, especially, are very dependent on the public transportation, since majority of student cannot drive yet. We especially ... Read More
A History of Different Ways of Transportation (684 words, 2 pages)
Transportation affects every aspect of our lives and daily routine, including where we live, work, play, shop, go to school, etc. It has a profound impact on residential patterns, industrial growth, and physical and social mobility. Roads, highways, freeways and mass transit systems do not spring up out of thin ... Read More
Role and Importance of Transportation in Ancient Egyptians' Lives (1023 words, 2 pages)
Transportation has been a part of everyday culture since the beginning of time. In many societies transportation was used for travel, expeditions, trade, and religious purposes. In ancient Egypt the Nile was crucial to the lives of the Egyptians. Since roads were difficult to build in Egypt due to the ... Read More
Skis Were Used for Work and Transportation before Becoming a Popular Ice Sport (858 words, 2 pages)
Skiing is an extremely popular sport these days. Skiing sights and resorts are becoming tremendously popular in places all over the world. I have only tried skiing a few times, and I plan to take lessons next year. Many people are starting to take interest in this sport, (including me). ... Read More
Sodium Potassium Transportation through Plasma Membrane (864 words, 2 pages)
Due to the nature of amphotericity and the conformation of plasma membrane, large or ionic molecules can not permeate through plasma membrane freely. To help with those transportations, protein involved transports are adopted. One of which is active transport, that uses energy to move substrates against electrochemical gradient. Among many ... Read More
Urban Transportation Developing Rapidly in Asia (3140 words, 6 pages)
CHALLENGES FACING URBAN TRANSPORT IN ASIA Abstract- One of the greatest challenges facing the new millennium is to effect a well integrated and environmentally acceptable solution for urban transportation. In spite of many decades of studies, involving research and experiments, success has often been elusive and more importantly, there is ... Read More
The Importance of Public Transportation (438 words, 1 pages)
If someone goes on a hill or a high place and has a look at what is going on, down on the vast area, he will see a lot of curved lines that are like snakes, creeping in each other and there are some tiny objects that are moving like ... Read More
An Analysis of Modernization of Transportation in Urban Areas in America (787 words, 2 pages)
The industrial era of America helped to bring about modernization of transportation in urban areas. Many factors contributed to the rise of the modern city, including economics, politics, and technology. The ancient cities of Europe were very small in size and had a relatively small population. With the emergence of ... Read More
A Overview of Job in Logistics Transportation Business (462 words, 1 pages)
One job that deals with math a lot is being in the logistics transportation business. Basically you find trucks to move goods from one place to another. Someone probably would wonder where the math part of this job comes in. well they are at least three ways. One is, establishing ... Read More
An Overview of Transportation (296 words, 1 pages)
ryjzjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjThe ways of transportation are varied, and the plane holds a bigger place in United States than in other countries. United States have a dominant place in the world air transport the biggest number of passengers, planes, the biggest airports. Networks are denser east of the fact of a density ... Read More
An Analysis of Transportation in the 19th Century (577 words, 1 pages)
Transportation in the 19th Century During the first half of the 19th century, improvements in transportation developed rather quickly. Roads, steamboats, canals, and railroads all had a positive effect on the American economy. They also provided for a more diverse United States by allowing more products to be sold in ... Read More
An Introduction to the History of Transportation in America (640 words, 1 pages)
Air or Land? In today's society traveling is apart of every American's life. Driving and flying are the two most used modes of transportation. Although driving is a regular routine for most people, it is not the safest means of transportation. Flying is the safest and best means of transportation ... Read More
A Discussion of the Importance of the Development of American Transportation (957 words, 2 pages)
Early American Transportation As the United States formed with the writing of the constitution, a bond was formed that connected every state. Now there needed to be a physical connection within the states, connecting the states, and pushing into the frontier. The first transportation routs even before there was major ... Read More
An Essay on the Freedom of Transportation with a Driver's License (713 words, 1 pages)
What will someone do if they want to go to the mall or the movies, but they have no transportation? They ask their parents, they are busy working. Then they ask their older brother or sister, they do not want to be seen with the younger sibling. Then one asks ... Read More
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