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Quitting a Job and Ending Business Relationships on Good Terms (592 words, 2 pages)
When Employees Leave Why Building Your Brand Isn't Over YetWe've all heard how important first impressions are, and consequently how important the onboarding process is to reinforcing an employee's choice to work for you. However, not a lot of attention is given to the employee that is leaving, and it's ... Read More
Introduction to the Course of Industrial Business Relationships and Networks (3367 words, 7 pages)
"Industrial Business Relationships and Networks" - The well sounded name of this course. But what does it mean at all? What was the purpose of the course and what kind of knowledge could we collect during the class? In times of Globalization and a world without borders it is rather ... Read More
The Importance of Culture in International Business Relationships (1516 words, 2 pages)
Culture exists in every society. It is the specific learned norms based on attitudes, values and beliefs. Culture is often based on long standing traditions that have been passed from elders to the younger generation. It can be evolved through societal and religious influences. Changing culture, though difficult, can be ... Read More
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